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Therapeutic Dream Travel – Dream Journey and Simulations of Reality

Therapeutic dream travel means that you are sent to a simulation level with your consciousness within a dream. The architects of the matrix use their matrix planet to rehabilitate and re-educate its inhabitants. For this purpose they have installed, among other things, a training level in which one must solve tasks to their satisfaction….

In my dream I was in a strange city. It was a Saturday and there was a lot going on in this city. I had just bought something to eat at a street shop and was observing the hustle and bustle in the immediate vicinity. Many people passed me, cars were driving, the weather was pleasantly warm.

Suddenly two teenagers stood in front of me, maybe just 14 years old. They said they really needed some money to buy something to eat. They reached into their pockets and took out three vials and showed them to me.


“We would also sell you these vials…”

“What’s in them?”, I asked curiously.

“Each of these vials contain a substance, once you ingest a little of it, you will get a super ability.”

I took these vials in my hand. They were different colors, one blue, the other red and yellow.

“Well, the deal is on,” I replied, already curious to try them out later.

I then gave them some money and they left happily. Well, I thought, maybe they had taken me for a ride, but even if they had, at least they would be able to buy some food. So I didn’t give it any more thought, but I was eager to test the contents soon.

About half an hour later, the two youths reappeared. They stood in front of me and said that they had changed their minds and would like to have the vials back. They waved the money in front of me and wanted to give it back.

“I’ll be happy to give you the vials back, but not until Monday. You’re welcome to meet here then.”

I said this because I was curious about the effects of these substances after all and wanted to have tried them at least once before they got their vials back.

Apparently they did not agree and wanted them back immediately.

When they noticed that I hesitated, they disappeared again. Shortly after, they returned with three men who looked more like thugs than their fathers.

They grabbed me and took me with them. After a short walk, they took me to a house and led me to a room. There they sat me down on a chair and began to talk:

“We want those vials back. We’ll keep you a prisoner here until you give them to us. You should never have known about these substances and we don’t know how to handle you knowing about them.”

Somehow I had the feeling that they were considering liquidating this witness, who was me, if necessary. After all, I now possessed knowledge of these substances.

“Why don’t you just take the vials away from me and let me go again or throw me out the window…?”, I inquired curiously.

“The problem is that you have to pass these vials voluntarily. They have no effect if you steal them or take them away from someone. Therefore, you have to give them to us voluntarily, that is, believing that you want to give them back to us.”

Somehow I understood now, they certainly wouldn’t kill me either, because then I couldn’t give them back to them and the substances would be lost forever. But what would happen if I gave them back to them? Then I would no longer be of any value and would only be a useless usurper of the information I had received through the youths. But what was worrisome was that they would apparently never let me go again if I kept the vials. How could I possibly solve this problem? Should I just run and escape at an appropriate moment?

At that moment, as I watched myself think these thoughts, I suddenly remembered that I had gone through this dream many times before! Over and over again I had experienced this whole dream and each time had not been able to resolve it satisfactorily. Either I died, got into an accident on the escape, quarreled with the men around, was shot or something else. It had not been possible for me to find a solution until now, and after each miserable ending to this dream, I was sent right back to the beginning so I could solve it.

I went over in my mind the many times I had tried to master this reality simulation – at least as far as I could remember. In doing so, I remembered that the blue vial had given me the ability to extremely slow down the simulation so that everyone around me could barely move.

So I planned to try the blue substance to slow down the men and then escape…. But then I remembered that I had already tried this in another simulation and failed miserably. It was really hopeless.

I thought about the fact that I might have already solved the whole thing if I had simply given the vials back to the two boys from the beginning. Probably then the correct behavior would have been fulfilled and the reality simulation would have ended, but since I had missed that chance, I thought about how I could still bring the existing version to a good conclusion. So I simply took a sip from the blue vial….

Immediately, the people around me slowed down and I was the only one who could still move normally. I jumped up and started running!

The further I got away from the men, the more normally they could move again. So I managed to build up a distance of about 50 meters, so to speak as a head start for my escape, but I already felt how the men could move more normally again and took up the pursuit.

So I ran through the house and looked for the exit to be able to disappear in the crowd outside….

The simulation ended and restarted.

It was a Saturday and there was a lot going on in this town. I had just bought something to eat at a stall and was watching the hustle and bustle in the immediate vicinity. Many people passed me, cars were driving, the weather was pleasantly warm…

~. ~

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