Dreamnight: 20 Lucid Dreams in one Night

Tonight I once again experimented on a new technique and was amazed by the effect. It is quite unorthodox, I would like to say, and also not necessarily youth-free. The good thing about it, is that the technique connects the ego and the dream self and uses the sexual energy to become lucid within a dream…

Maybe I will describe this technique in another article. Until then, I refer of course to my previous techniques. Just type in”technique” in the search bar and you will find it. In the last few months, I have developed two new techniques to create lucid dreams or out of body experiences. Both are unorthodox and quite unusual.

One of the techniques is the “sex technique” and the other one the “reverse technique”. In this night I managed to experience about 20 lucid dreams. Of course this is only estimated, but I think I really had about twenty lucid dreams. I remember only half of it, I have to admit, which means the forgotten sequences have almost completely dissapeared.

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The recollected dreams, however, are very clear, varied, and played in several alternative realities and epigrams. But in turn… the first lucid dream carried me into an earlier life. There I was a soldier in Vietnam and was driving with two or three soldiers in a jeep that belonged to my troop. The streets were muddy, light brown, unstable and slippery. It was raining lightly.

We drove quite freely, and the mud sprinkled only against the windshield. It was a strange feeling that we all had. I do not want to say that it was just a shit-feeling against everything, but this is quite true.

I think this feeling helped us not to be too aware of the situation we were in. Similar to the condition when you smoke a joint. Everything seems easy, humorous, unimportant, as in a play in which one is partaking, you only see the present, the past and the morning are completely without a meaning.

So we were dribling over some muddy streets in Vietnam and we talked about the wonderful Vienna. We had one thing in common, because we were dreaming of coming to Vienna once in our lives. We all wanted to see this beautiful city. We imagined the pretty houses, the stately buildings of aristocracy, and the beautiful women in their wide dresses.

We were simple soldiers who did not think much, and for us this dream was our contribution to cultural thought. Apart from that, we knew only how to execute commands, to disassemble and assemble weapons, to wait until the next meal, to drive the jeep and talk about women. Then I changed my perception and was suddenly in a different place!

There, I looked around. I was in a kind of workshop, and I felt a bit like Master Gepetto, who was just assembling his Pinocchio. On the wall there were some drawings on which violins were to be seen. On a large workbench there were unfinished violins laying around.

Then I slowly realized! In this reality I was a simple violin maker in Vienna! Then I realized that the totality of self did not distribute its self indiscriminately in the many alternative realities, but that it always had system. How could it be otherwise? If I were in the position of the whole, I would not have handled it differently.

I stood up and walked around the workshop. At the same time I took one of the unfinished violin-bells and it felt wonderful! I just felt the structure, I smelled the fresh wood and the smell of glue in the air.

Then I went to the window and looked out. It was a small window and it gave me only a small view, but I saw a cobbled street and a carriage. Then I remembered another experience I had once experienced, in which I awoke on a curb. There I also saw a cobblestone street and some coaches.

At that time I had wondered what I could have done there, and I suspected that it was a memory of my life in England to the turn of the century.

In the meantime, I have gained the conviction that the reincarnation is quite different from the Buddhist or Indian teachings. In my experience so far, I have a life around the turn of the century as an English landowner or lord near London, then a life as a violin maker in Vienna at about the same time. But this synchronicity points to a structure of distribution, which is not taught in the general theory of reincarnation, which I now call spontaneous.

For a long time I did not stay there and moved on to another reality, where I ran with a woman through the streets. It was already dark and we were both just horny. We wanted to go to in a motel, because it was too cold outside to make out. We were young, maybe at the beginning of 20, and the way home was too long for us. She was my fiance and we knew that her parents lived nearby. So we had to be careful that we did not cross them right now. This would at least have brought us out of this interesting mood.

So we ran blindly into one of the guest houses. Inside the guest house it seemed very rustic, very German. Was I still in Vienna, only at another time? My fiancée also wore a long dress, and I thought I had noticed a hat on her. In any case, there were only a few people sitting at the tables in the guesthouse, and the host was talking to someone and looked distracted.

We ran secretly up a flight of stairs and entered another room, which was no larger than a bunk. There we kissed and stroked. But the landlord probably had noticed us, because after a while he called us from the stairs and wanted to know what we were doing up there. This was a bit embarrassing and we left the small room again. We claimed that we had searched the toilets – without considering why we both had to go to the toilet at the same time. He said the toilets are on the ground floor and there were only private rooms up there. So we walked down the stairs again. As I walked with her towards the exit, I noticed one of the tables that stood there. I remembered sitting there with her parents. That had been a crazy acquaintance.

At the same moment, I swung into another reality, exactly in this reality where I sat with my fiance and her mom. The mother did not know at the time that I had a relationship with her daughter. The funny thing about it was that I had eaten there in the restaurant and she randomly sat down because no other place was free. It had been a big table, with perhaps six or eight people. So we greeted each other as strangers, although I knew exactly who she was. But I said nothing, because I just wanted to wait, what would happen next.

After about ten minutes, her husband came through the door. So they had arranged to eat together. He greeted her with a nod and sat down. Her husband wore a dark blue uniform. I believed that he was a major general. I was not quite sure. Such high levels of service were rarely seen in the civilian public.

While I had found a place with her back to the main room, the woman sat at the head of the table and he left her on the bench. So he was diagonally seen very well in my field of vision and I pointed my ears. In their conversation, I then perceived words of speech that amazed me! He spoke somehow of a “portal” and a “other planet”.

That surprised me very much! Apparently, this general had access to a secret project that was able to visit strange planets. While I was listening, I wrestled with myself. I wondered whether I should question the general. After all, he was certainly under military secrecy and had told his wife about it. Now I had also heard of it and perhaps I could persuade him with this pressure to give me the unique opportunity to see this portal. Besides, I had the trump in my hand that I would be the future fiance of her daughter and was thus no stranger – even if they knew nothing about that yet.

So I spoke to him and explained that I had listened to everything – even if this was not quite true. The two looked at me irritated and surprised. At first they wanted to deny it but then I told them what I had to say. They looked at me suspiciously and were not sure what to do next.

At this point, this sequence broke off and I ended up in another reality. Everything had a very futuristic character. I was in a sort of meeting room, and an elderly authority, to the left of me, introduced me to two men sitting at a table.

Unfortunately, I am not sure if this elderly person had been this general again, but it could fit well with the charisma. The question is, of course, whether I was still in the same reality, or was it a different one in which the general played only a different role, but is from the smae totality of the self? This remained opaque.

“These are Ken Hitler and Matuschak,” said the superior, and then introduced them to me. They greeted me. What I found very irritating was that Ken Hitler was wearing a kind of protective suit in a striking yellow color. It looked like a car gear that was obviously a protection for something. In particular, legs and chest area were protected.

As I looked down at myself, I wore the same clothes, only in red. We came into a double fight shortly thereafter. We fought only for a short time, since I was superior to him, and he lost his left leg and was fainting.

Then I took him to another room, where a strange apparatus hung on the wall. I laid him on a stretcher, which then tipped him vertically, so that he hung almost weightlessly on the wall, and then it transported him to a place where another leg hung and this got connected to his body again. It was a very opaque and confusing apparatus, so I can not describe it better, but it was very futuristic.

When Ken stood on the ground and rejoiced at his new leg, he thanked me and was surprised that I had left him alive. Then the superior came back to us and said that we had an assignment to do. We left the house and went outside. There snow and mud were waiting for us. It was deep winter. But my motorcycle stood there too. It had the same color as my protective suit, and moreover, wheels three times as wide as the conventional ones.

Ken and Matuschak stood around me and marveled at the bike. When I then said “engine on!” And the engine jumped by itself, they were completely surprised.

“Wow! What a cart! “Ken shouted, stroking his tank lovingly and with shining eyes.

We laughed and then I sat on it and drove off. The two others jumped into a car and followed me. The tires were dealing pretty well with the slippery snow. I tested their driving, because from my perspective it was my first ride with the device. Shortly thereafter, I switched to another reality … But I have already described the most exciting things that happened.

I think it’s interesting, that the scenes after Vietnam probably all took place in Vienna. The name Hitler was formerly quite common in Austria, and after the war and denazification the families had renamed themselves with this name. Vienna was also a world metropolis of the aristocracy and closely connected with Slovakian territories. The names Hitler and Matuschak (phon.) are quite interesting in this context. The subsequent futuristic sequence, however, was somewhat out of line and may have played somewhere else.

The violin maker, on the other hand, is difficult to determine in his determination of his lifetime and the historical number. Even today, there are cobblestone streets, carriages and traditional violin makers – as I noticed today in the research. From the feeling, I would say that this was before the first world war, but I can not say this with certainty.

I searched the general’s uniform once, because the dark blue color seemed to me illogical. Our uniforms are green or in camouflage colors. Maybe there are some American uniforms who are are dark blue. German uniforms, on the other hand, were gray. Interestingly enough, I had to admit that in the KuK monarchy, dark-gray gala uniforms had been typical of the First World War, which I might have easily seen like a drak blue colourin the darkness and twilight of the restaurant. I also think I remember something gold-colored, but I am no longer sure, and the KuK uniforms were decorated with a gold belt.

However, I am not necessarily the type that primarily takes care of the clothes of others. My focus is on other things.

In any case, I recognized while googling, that you can not always say if these uniforms are dark green or dark blue. Maybe there are even both uniforms. I have not researched that. Nevertheless, the question remains open, why there was this connection to Vienna. After all, I have never, until now, been there (only in Salzburg and Innsbruck) and so far I have not had any deep ambitions. This does not mean that I would not like to see this city. Perhaps there would be a Déjà-vu… Who knows?

I also knew the fiancée from my present reality in another role. She looked different, but I recognized her “emotional signature” again, which means her “psychological address”, which always goes beyond physical form. The story with the general and the portal, on the other hand, reminds me of the excellent series “Stargate“. This is certainly only science fiction, but if you look at it with a stimulated pineal gland, you will experience its (dark) blue miracle. You just have to look closer…

And everyone who wonders about why I do not create the things I want to see and play the creator in the classical lucid dream, has to know that I have already created so many things and so I do like it way more nowadays to use the “Passive Lucidity”. Thus, I extend the dream experience and leave the guidance of my totality of self or higher self. This is the way we communicate with each other. It sends me dreams, memories… and I just look at it and act like it’s avatar…

~. ~

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