Retrieving: The dead Girl called Sarah

Retrieving, astral travelling, Inception, or lucid dreaming means “rescue” situation. In your astral body, you can pass into the intermediate zone or the lower astral plane and save lost people who are there and are not aware of their condition or youpenetrate into the dreams of another still living people to help or to manipulate their subconscious mind in a positive way. For reasons of privacy, no names or places are mentioned here.

I was just in a strange city near a school building. There I suddenly heard my inner voice, as it told me that I should go around the school and go to the underground car park there.

“What can I do there?”

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“There is someone who needs your help…”

That made me curious and I followed the call. When I discovered the underground car park, I went inside and it was completely dark. There were several bicycles at a corner, and I also recognized the silhouettes of some cars. No one was down here. Probably it was not school time right now or the underground parking was not used.

I went a little further and then discovered a little girl, maybe eight or nine years old, standing in front of her bike. She wore a light blue dress, at least that was my guess at this darkness down here. At first glance it seemed to me as if she was trying to repair her bike. She stood in front of it and she looked irritated at the rear wheel and the chain. It was very dark and everything you could see below were just outlines. Nowhere did a light burn. The only light seemed to come in through the somewhat farther entrance.

This was not enough for the girl with her bike. Her name seemed to be Sarah, at least that was my first intuition, but I do not know if the name was correct. A girl who was standing down in an underground car park, alone and lost… that gave me the feeling that this girl was already dead and did not know she had lost her body at all. Perhaps Sarah was crossed on the way to school, or something else had happened that had cost her life. It could be that after the accident she had entered the underground car park down here and had desperately tried to pick up her bike and go home. I concluded that she might have wondered because she could not use the bike.

When someone is dead, that person reaches through the objects. There must have been deceased who had got up in the morning and had been trying to make a coffee all day long in the kitchen. I approached slowly and wanted to address Sarah directly, but then I thought her parents had forbidden her to talk to strangers who just spoke to her. I had to think of something, so she would not be suspicious and fled. So I went to some bicycle standing on a wall. I felt the tire pressure, pretending it was my bike and cursing loudly, claiming it had a record. A secret look from the side told me that she had just looked over curiously, because we were now in the same situation. We both had a defective bike with which we would have liked to drive …

“I can’t believe that! Who’s going to do that? “I shouted.

I wanted to point out that there were actually people who just let the air out of the wheel or that destroyed them with a knife.

“Who broke my bike?”

“They were some spinners here from school. Full of the stupid!”

She had come a little closer, but she was still a little distant. She probably wanted to see how I react to her statement.

“You’re absolutely right! They must have been real idiots. And what am I doing now?”

“My bike is also broken. I do not know if it’s too hard or if I can not see anything in the dark,” she said.

“Oh really? Then let me have a look. Maybe we can fix it together.”

She was glad to have found an ally and I just walked around the wheel. Then I looked at the wheel and did as if I were inspecting it with an expert look… but actually it was unnecessary, because for me the case was already clear. She was dead and she would never be able to use this wheel on her bike again in this reality.

We stood there for a while and I told her that she could forget the bike. She could not use that anymore.

“That does not matter. I can not use my bike either,” I told her when she looked at me sadly. Well, ‘my’ bike did not even belong to me.

Some time later we stood together in front of the underground car park. I wondered how I could tell her that she could not go home again. But while we were standing there talking a little more, she seemed to understand that she no longer had a physical body. Not directly, but she felt through my indirect clues that something had happened that had changed her life completely. Nothing would ever be the same as it once was.

“What’s going through your head now?” I asked her.

“My mother.”

“What about your mother?”

“She… she had a skill with which she could let me see things. She always showed me the same thing and I was always very frightened. It was a secret, she’d always said, and I should not tell anyone.”

I became curious. I was interested in how a mother showed her child the same again and again and forbade her to betray it to anyone.

“Do you think you can show it to me?” I asked cautiously.

“I think I can not do it like my mother.”

“What do you mean? What has she ever done?”

“She has always stood behind me and then placed her palms on my temples. Then suddenly I could see it, “she told me, lifting her hands up and holding them almost against each other.

“I do not think I can do that…”

“Yes, I think so! You can do it now, too. Something in your life has now changed and you now have the same ability as your mother had. Besides, it would be good to see it, because then we might be able to understand what your mother always showed you.”

Despite my confidence, which I told her, I had absolutely no idea what her mother always did with her. I hoped very easily and let myself be guided by my inner flair.

“I feel like you’re a good person. And that’s why I’m going to show you what she’s always shown me…” she said suddenly, quite resolutely. “You know, I’ve never understood what she’s ever shown me. I always had nightmares of it.”

Now she came close to me. I turned to her with my back and went to my knees. I could feel her hands on my temples. At first nothing happened but then it began to bubble in my head and I was dizzy. In the next moment, however, the dizziness disappeared, and I flew across mountains and valleys. I flew to a great mountain at a very high speed. The closer I approached, the more I recognized that there was a plateau in the mountain, a flat surface, as might be known from a balcony built into the roof of a house.

The plateau might have an area of more than one 500 sqm and I recognized a house front with windows. What an interesting place to stay, I thought, and then I was so close to the windows that I could see someone standing there. The person looked like a man, but at the same time he possessed some characteristics that contradicted him. He wore longer, slightly curly hair that fell to the shoulders, eyes, nose and mouth, but his skin was snow-white! When I had flown up to him a few yards, I saw that his eyes were silver without a pupil or iris. Then I was withdrawn in the next moment and came back to my place next to Sarah.

“Wow, what was that?”

“Did you see him?”

“Yes, but he was kind of creepy!”

” Yes!” she cried aloud. “He always scared me! Why did my mother showed you that? What should that be?”

“I have no idea! It seems to be a man who seems to be locked up in the rock or he is a being that did not come from our planet.

A moment later I awoke in my bed. I hope Sarah is doing well.


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