Astral Journey: The Greeting

Another night with strange happenings… As soon as I laid down, listened to the wind outside and slowly dissociated, it was already starting again… Suddenly I felt the presence of three people in my bedroom. They were very small and they were continually wiping through the room. One came and pulled on my leg. Then the next followed and pulled on my arm, half hanging from the bed. At all events, it is advantageous to let a foot or an arm hang over the edge of the bed – it is like an invitation or an invitation to be pulled out of the body. The three smaller people looked very similar to the many goblins who were standing by my bed several months ago, where they pulled me out of my body and brought me to a sort of hall or airport and then quickly put me in a cockpit, so that I could see my true home for the first time…

This time they pulled at my astral body and after 20 seconds I stood free from my body in the room. Immediately, I looked around and looked for the “goblins,” but I saw none. They had disappeared without a trace! But I wondered what they had done to help me again? Who had sent them to help me? With these unanswered questions, I went through the bedroom door and wanted to stabilize. But as I stepped over the threshold, it flashed brightly before my eyes and I stood in the middle of a large meadow.

Not far from me I recognized several houses and many people who were traveling. At first sight I could certainly see fifty or sixty people who seemed to stroll around the neighborhood. But these people were not necessarily of interest, but rather the incredible stability and clarity that this reality possessed! The whole environment was as sharp and clear as my everyday life. It was a high-level lucid dream!

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Suddenly, three people came towards me, two men and one woman. I looked directly into their faces and they were so clearly recognizable that I would recognize them on the street at any time. One of the men, with dark brown hair falling just over his ears and a side crest, reached out to me:

“Welcome to our reality!”

I was hesitant to hold my hand.

“How do you know I’m a dreamer …?” I began with my question.

Normally someone is not recognized as a dreamer in other realities. Usually a dreamer is ignored – just as we are not in our everyday world also able to pick out among all the people who run through the inner city, the one who is a dreamer and thus only a temporary visitor of our world.

“We recognize every dreamer who enters our world. They have a different glow, and therefore we can recognize them,” replied the man who had greeted me.

“It is an honor for us that you came.”

“Thank you for the kind welcome,” I said. “Are there many people coming into your reality?”

“Only a few of your reality… but we are always happy to hear from others what they are experiencing and what they are doing.”

I nodded, smiling, and looked at the other two people. The woman, who was standing on the left, seemed to want to hide a little. She always slipped out of my scrutinizing gaze. It was hard to fix it.

“This reality here is much more stable and stronger than many other dream realities that I have visited so far,” I added.

“That’s true. Shall we take you around a little?” he offered.

Then they showed me this small town, which somehow looked like a village. No house was bigger than two floors. Also the houses were not built close together, but there was always 10-30 meters between each house. There was no lack of space here. There were also no roads and paths, but only meadows. Interestingly, the meadows did not end at all, they seemed as if they were completely untouched by all the feet of the inhabitants. The meadow enjoyed a dazzling health, juicy green, no vacant spots with exposed soil or withered spots.

“Just look around, here many visitors come by. It’s already a small meeting place,” the other man said, smiling at me.

The woman still held herself in the background. She tried really convulsively not to attract attention. When I looked to her, she turned away or looked uninterested at the ground. Then they showed me the houses that were all around here, and many people who were walking past us nodded to me smiling. It seemed as if everyone would recognize me and know that I was only visiting.

“Am I the only visitor here right now so they recognize me immediately?” I asked.

“No, there are a lot of visitors here, but your aura is really noticable – I want to say…”

They took me around for a while and while I was still amazed at this clarity, that was very noticeable compared to other lucid dream experiences, I thought of my body… I tried to build a connection to my body to be able to influence it. This energy, which I clearly felt and took up in this reality, I wanted to use to influence my body at the DNA level. It was a small experiment.

So while I was still being routed and conversed, a part of me went and hunted back the way I had come to contact my body. It certainly took almost a minute before I could feel it and the contact was established. But all that happened was that I woke up in my bed.

That was not how I planned it! You should simply ignore your body when you are hovering around in other realities. It is not, that I was not aware of that rule or fact, but I also let myself be carried away for small experiments…


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