Astral Travelling: The Star Field Technique

Many of my readers requested to talk about the best basic technique for astral travelling, and so I would like to describe the best technique in the following that I also use every time…

Of course, I have several techniques that I use and, in my opinion, and which are suited best for a person of the Western world. There are also some preparatory techniques which are performed in the waking state in order to use them in a basic technique, which then directly targets an astral journey. However, since I was asked for the basic technique, I leave the preliminary techniques aside for the time being. In order not to deal with the subject of the preliminary techniques too quickly, I want to mention that these sometimes contain the “fall practice” in order to feel the feeling of falling. This can then be adjusted in the main technique and thus address the astral body or change its sleeping habits somewhat, so that the personal success rate increases or you simply read my book with many techniques and experiences all around being out of your body and lucid dreams or you can also visit one of my workshops to this topic. Now, regardless of the reasons for learning and practicing the astral travelling, I will now describe my star field technique as soon as I go to bed:

1. The best time to practice is, when you’re not completely tired, and still quite awake. Like that, you will be much more attentive. It is also important to clarify the intention you have when you go to bed. If you are tired in the night and therefore go to bed to just sleep, but then also plan about concentrating on an astral journey, it will rarely succeed. That is why the intention is very important, for what reason you really go to bed.


2. You lie relaxed in the bed, please make clear, that nothing annoys you or is making you feel uncomfortable. The legs and thighs do not touch and the arms are not attached to the body. Best of all, the arms are slightly angled in the elbow.

3. If you have trouble relaxing your body, proceed as followed: First bent your toes forward as far as you can, and count to 10. As soon as you put the toes back into the starting position, or the normal position, you will feel a much better relaxation. The same is then carried out with the legs, which means you strech them as much as possible and count till 10. Afterwards they are relaxed again and you will feal that they will relax better than before. Then you lift the basin and hold it 20-30 seconds just above the mattress in the air. Afterwards, hold yourself up on your heels to lift your back from the mattress. Do the same wih your head and your neck. Also a short, complementary stomach massage can have a very relaxing effect. With this additional relaxation technique you can bring your body faster and better into a relaxation.

4. Now close your eyes and begin counting from your feet: 100, 99, 98, 97 … – down to 90, and always think that the feet are relaxing while you are counting. The next 10 numbers are dedicated to the legs. The next 10 the pelvis, the back, the abdominal region, the arms, the shoulders, chest area and finally the neck and head. At the head you should end with the number 0.

5. After the relaxation phase is completed, the attention is completely deflected from the body. The body will now go to sleep alone, but you should be as alert and clear as possible. Now you focus on the darkness with your eyes closed. Try to concentrate on the closed eyelids, even if this is not really true, because as soon as you close your eyes, you perceive everything with the pineal gland. In the following you should see thousands of small dots before your eyes – direct your complete attention on doing so.

6. Imagine that all these light points in front of your eyes are stars in the sky and that you yourself sit in a spaceship and fly through them. The dots (light points) drive you towards one another and you continue to move forward, like if you had to penetrate several layers to get to the light. You can easily try to feel the feeling you would have while moving through the mentioned layers. The better one can imagine, the more advantageous it is. The light that can appear here is that of the astral body. It surrounds the physical body and this can be perceived as a light silhouette.

7. While flying through the universe, it is important to think as less as possible. The full concentration is placed on the penetration of the layers or the space flight. If you see flashes before your eyes, this is already the light of the astral body, which is perceived in a fraction of a second. It is absolutely unimportant which phase or stage you have reached, wether the stiffness of the body or the vibrations, but it is more important to forget the body and the physical environment temporarily. Through this technique, you are sometimes catapulted to a certain level in a particular state. Everything else is then automatically generated. In any case, a phase shift will occur, and the change from the physical to the astral body will suddenly and abruptly follow. Many will instantly jump into a lucid dream or be a short while in their astral body. It is a very simple but highly effective technique. For me one of the best and it can even be combined with other techniques or pre-techniques.

The star- field technique is not only suitable for reaching an out-of-body experience but can also be used to get directly into lucid dreaming. It is the best jumping board for both of these amazing and awareness-expanding abilities. When you read this, you can hardly imagine that you have to do all this to achieve an astral journey, or at least a partial detachment from the physical body, but I have achieved the best results with the technique.

At the same time, it also causes a step-by-step departure from the physical environment and it is always very important that you do this. Anyone who manages to hide or forget the physical environment has already reached half the target. If you want, you can also use Ohropax to make it easier. It can be practiced both at night and in the afternoon. A darkened room is already very important, so that you have the impression of darkness when the eyes are closed.

In addition, you can also practice a pre-technique on the PC screen: There is the screen saver “Starfield” from Windows. In my opinion this reminds very much to the technique described here, thus makes the personal imaginaton facilitating easier.

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