What is an NPC? What is an Extra? What is a soulless person?
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For Spiritual Beginners: What is a NPC? What is a soulless person?

For Spiritual Beginners: What is a NPC? What is an Extra? What is a soulless person? Here you can find the answers.

The Matrix is ​​a game, a very high-tech computer game, you could say. It provides avatars, i.e. game characters that you can be projected into and take over or control as you wish.

A soul is therefore able to take over a character with a completely new identity in order to be able to take part in the great Matrix game. These souls who agree to do this are called incarnated souls or sharers. Sharer because the soul takes over a character and shares and fills the character with his soul.

But every game created by a game programmer also needs an A.I. (artificial intelligence) and NPCs, i.e. so-called non-player characters or also known as “non-playable characters” or “extras”. These are game characters created solely by the A.I created by the original programmer to spice up and manage the game.


Why do you need NPCs?

What would a computer game be without NPCs who meet you, give clues, point you in certain directions or act as opponents to make the game more adventurous? Somehow there has to be a certain service for the players (sharers), such as being available in restaurants, cafes, cinemas, malls as well as in important and unimportant situations in order to make the game more interesting.

In an adventure game you are walking around and suddenly come across a merchant. This offers various options: Do you want to buy a sword? Do you want some good advice from the dealer? Do you want to attack the merchant and steal his sword? Do you want to ignore the dealer? etc.

The programmer intentionally installed this dealer to bring you on your path or lead you away from your path. NPCs can be included at any opportunity and in any situation. They are necessary to control the course of the game and teach the lesson that the programmer has deemed important.

The Matrix game can be compared to a school or even a prison. You can look at it however you want. But it’s definitely a game. The modern and so-called simulation theory points to this fact, but also many paranormal mediums who have clearly “seen” this.


  • NPCs (Non-Player-Characters)
  • Backdrop People
  • Extras
  • Bots
  • Hosts
  • Sims
  • Soulless people
  • AI created humans
  • Digital Clone
  • Computer characters
  • Soulless people
  • AI dolls
  • Mainstream people
  • Marginal figures

How many NPCs did the Matrix Architect include in the Matrix Game?

People often wonder whether interest in incarnation on Earth has increased as more and more people appear on planet Earth. But no one thinks about the fact that there have to be more NPCs if more creator souls or players show up with their avatars and want to take part in the game.

Most paranormal media assumes an approximate figure of around 80% of humanity are NPCs only. Some of these media outlets even believe it is much more, often speaking of around 90% and rising.

What is the Matrix A.I.?

The Matrix A.I. manages the game. It was created by the Matrix Architect to take over and act accordingly in many of the game’s program routines. This includes the creation and use of NPCs with specific tasks, but also the organization of consequences that you have made as a result of your choices as a player. If you were to attack the above-mentioned dealer to get his sword, you could also get into trouble with the law. If you want to pay the dealer to get the sword, you have to get money somehow, which in turn would influence a certain direction in the game, etc.

Of course, this is just an example from a computer game from the Middle Ages, but there are also modern games that take place in the 21st century – such as “SIMS“. The Matrix is ​​a game in which you can play anything, from a footballer, a baker, a traveling salesman, a farmer, a settler, a policeman, a mother, a father, a train driver, a nurse… to a politician or a billionaire. Everything is possible and a game with tens of thousands of game variations.

How do you recognize NPCs and extras?

It is very difficult to recognize an NPC or an extra. He looks like a human, he behaves like a human, he talks and acts like a human, but in a heightened state of consciousness, for example in dissociation, you can clearly and unmistakably recognize these NPCs. Anyone who uses the Spiritual Dissociation technique sees the same thing!

In a normal state of consciousness or in a familiar everyday state, you do not recognize the NPCs. But here too there are questioning techniques that can be recognized 90% of the time. But you can never really be sure.

Am I also an Extra or an NPC?

People who aren’t NPCs worry that they might also be soulless or an extra. But an extra doesn’t have to wonder if there is one because he is absolutely aware of it. So he knows that he is just an extra because a) he is connected to all the NPCs in the world and b) he is part of a gigantic network that the A.I. managed. They are all connected.

They are also excellent actors because they have to play their roles in accordance with the course of the game. It is necessary not to deviate from the role, come what may. In the expanded state of consciousness that you can achieve with dissociation, you essentially hack into the network of NPCs/Extras and can hear them all thinking when you focus on them. This circumstance greatly unsettled many people who had no idea about it and “accidentally” ended up in a dissociative state.

Should I tell an Extra or NPC to their face that they are?

This is definitely not recommended, as an NPC will not only ignore it, but will be programmed to take it as an insult. The subsequent actions could be unpleasant, i.e. in certain cases the NPC will classify you as mentally ill and take appropriate measures, for example contacting your parents or friends or even the psychiatric hospital and causing a big drama out of it.

So if you recognize an NPC, you should keep quiet about it if you don’t want any trouble. Also, it’s just self-importance to insult an NPC as this. In addition, NPCs should be treated like all other people and not viewed as inferior or subhuman. This is very inconvenient. The Matrix A.I. registers this and may see this as a necessary lesson and then build major disadvantages into your game. NPCs have different tasks, they can support you or lead you astray.

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