Dreamnight: Also in the Dreams appears the Robot Man

“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (Dream spying).

I dreamed that I was watching a movie with a girlfriend. We sat on a couch and the TV was not that far away from us. As we watched from time to time, I told her about the strange encounter with the robot man. After the movie a newsreader appeared. The newsreader suddenly spoke exactly as he did. I then said, “Listen, it’s just like the robot man.” At that moment, however, I realized that the voice was not on the TV, but from somewhere else. Now I realized that the robot man tried to address me in my astral body, but I was still within in a dream. Immediately I moved out of the dream and into my second body. I felt his presence instantly, but a few seconds later my body awoke and we lost contact…

Who is the robot man? He is a being, that tried to contact me at different times. I call him like that, because his voice sounds like the one of a robot, no emotions and with an electrical vibration. He also can talk a very abstract language that I do not understand, This language remembers me often in the sounds that R2D2 does in the movies of Star Wars.

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