“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (dream spying).

“This is the device we were talking about,” the engineer said.

Participating in the acting are several people. Among them were two women who had no plan at all, but were given the task to perform certain activities. They were simply instrumentalized and made their job as a small gear in the huge gearbox…

In addition, the engineer was there, who gave the introduction, a scientist in a white smock, and last but not least me… as a security checker. At the entrance there was a guard, who explained the further instructions:

“Simply enter the elevator, enter the code instead of the floor number, and the cab will transport you to the coordinates set in the computer. Keep in mind that you can only travel to the past and back with this device. Traveling to the future is not possible.”

Obviously, all those people were informed that this harmless looking elevator was actually a time machine. It did not have to be explained to them and no one had to be convinced about all this.


“Where are we going to be transported?”

One of the women said. The two women, also in white coats, who, due to their appearance and age somehow looked like someone in from a cleaning aid, were commissioned to make the next trip.

“You will be simply transported to the coordinates. Then you get off and execute your order. After you have completed it, go back to the elevator, enter the code again, and then return to it. Here get the code.”

He handed them a note on which the code had been written down. I was curious and wanted to know the code. Somehow I thought about using this elevator to leave my presence. Somehow I thought about using the elevator to leave my present. The political situation was too turbulent to me, the country’s plans for the future to be unfavorable and undesirable, and besides, there was nothing that could have held me in the present. So I thought about a possible way to use the elevator to just run away. One of the women, she was rather fat and certainly over 50 years old, also received the note with the code on it. She nodded bravely and her eyes fell on the elevator that just arrived and the doors opened. She took a step towards the elevator.

“What does the security expert say to the whole thing?” The engineer asked me.

I nodded to him in a friendly way and said: “The device seems to be safe and the passenger transport seems to be at least safe by the elevator itself…”

How should I proceed now to simply climb into this elevator and disappear…? I thought feverishly. There were some unsafe components that I had to test first. I needed the code… So I took the piece of paper with the code in my hand. The woman looked at me irritably. She did not know what I was up to. Then I went into the elevator with her and looked at the code: clearly written there was 2735. I tried to remember the code.

“You need to know that a user of this elevator first enters and then enter the code instead of the floor number…”

I typed in the code. I hoped that I could travel away with the woman together in the elevator. Now I had the attention of all of tehe people. They did not understand what I was doing, only the engineer remained calm. They seemed to suspect or to realize that I wanted to use the elevator to disappear. But the elevator did not respond! The doors did not close.

I continued: “Look, the elevator does not respond to my code input, even though I have the correct code and entered it. This is because the computer does not have the data of my DNA. Only, those who entered their DNA into the computer, were able to use the elevator and its time-travel function. So you do not have to worry about any abuse. The system is protected not only by the code, but also by the computer. So if you are in the elevator, and there are more people present than those whose DNA was registered and unlocked, you can not activate the device.”

The faces relaxed and it was clear to them that I had just shown them, So that they could recognize that unauthorized people are not able to use the system. We stepped out of the elevator again. We talked for a few minutes and went outside the door. The woman who stood with me in the elevator looked at me: “I just thought you wanted to use the time machine for yourself!” She said to me and lit a cigarette.

“No, I did not,” I lied.

“What do you want to do in the past? A normal person could not do that much. He would travel into the past without knowing the entered coordinates. Besides, he does not know where the trip really goes. There is only one kind of person for whom such a trip would be attractive.”

She looked at me curiously: “And what kind of person?”

“It would have to be someone who lost his beloved partner. He could travel to the past and start a new life with her.”

She was moved to tears at the moment and nodded.

“But also he would not know, where the trip is going to, because it is difficult to figure out, which coordinates were entered. So he would simply travel into the unknown…”

Then I woke up. Again an interesting dream. I wondered what the code meant. Let’s see if these numbers appear in my everyday life.


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Dreamnight: The elevator with the time machine