Dreamnight: I met two extraterrestrial Races tonight

“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (dream spying).

In the night I awoke, because someone was trying to pull on my astral body. It must have been between 4 and 5 in the morning. Obviously someone had managed to find it’s way to me and wanted to pull me strongly, just to say hello I think. I felt that the person was still in my room and was watching me. It was definitely a woman. Either it was someone, who had finally visited me successfully or it was Sonya, my mentor and dream teacher, who just waited for me to move away from my body to go with her…

Anyway, I decided to focus on the visitor and join her for tonight. It went very quickly, because after about 5-10 minutes of concentration I felt a strong pressure between my eyebrows, then a strange flirt or an electrical vibrating. Then I shot out of my body completely unexpectedly and hunted through a tunnel. As I ran through it, I felt Sonya behind me, and she wanted to show me something…

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Just a few seconds later, I was in front of a very old house. In front of me there were two very human like beings, but they were not human beings, they were extraterrestrials. They even wore normal human clothes, hair, face, arms, and legs. Anyone who had encountered them in the city would have no doubt that he was dealing with normal people. The odd thing, however, was that they only appeared as twins or quadrupeds. Their teeth, were not like those of humans. They were brownish and not juxtaposed, but rather only isolated and much larger than ours. They greeted me with great interest, and two of them stood in front of me and eyed me curiously. I looked around and asked myself where I was at all. Was I still on earth? The surroundings at least looked very similar to these on earth: streets, houses, citizenry, bushes… everything seemed as in a normal city. So how could extraterrestrials live here without attracting anybody?

“We are so happy that you come to visit us! We are always very happy when someone is interested in us…” one of the aliens said.

“Who are you? Would you like to tell me something about you? Where are we here?” I asked him a lot of questions.

“We live here! This is our living environment. Though very few people come here to welcome us. Our species always comes in pairs and sometimes as quadruplets. We never come alone in the world, just as you usually do. We are also transformers. We can turn into almost everything and watch what we can still do!”

At that moment, he disappeared in front of my eyes and popped up a few meters farther to the left of me and laughed completely amused.

“Wow!” I said, “You can teleport, or what have you done?”

“No, we cannot. We can only move very fast. Look!”

Then he presented his speed a few more times and I was amazed. Above all, it was interesting, when his twin joined him in running around really fast. They changed the positions in a perfect timing without speaking about it. Their movements seemed so nimble and unpredictable that I was sure that they practiced this or talked about it, because it was much too synchronous and coherent

“How could you manage to move so excellently without crashing into the other one and why does it look so perfect?” I wanted to know.

However, they did not answer my question. Shortly thereafter another couple came to us and they looked at me immediately, completely interested and with longing in their eyes. I felt like I was in a zoo, but the bars were missing. They walked around me, touching me gently, looking at me from the top to the bottom. Somehow, I was surrounded by eight of these beings…

Slowly a queasy feeling rose in me. I was sure, that these extraterrestrial beings were very attached. They were so rarely visited and therefore also very curious on a fresh visit. My impression was, that they would not let me go so fast… Something inside me told me unmistakably that the longer I stay in this place, the more difficult it will get to leave. The beings got used to me, every single minute a bit more and the longer I would stay the worse it could get.

“It was very nice to meet you,” I said, “but unfortunately I have to go on.”

“Oh no, stay here,” they said almost simultaneously. “You’re so interesting and we’re so rarely visited. We can still show you many things…”

“Oh, yes, I’m glad … I’m looking forward to that. But today I have to leave. I’ll come back soon and then you can show me everything from your world” I lied.

They looked at me a little disappointed as I slowly moved away from them and waved. They grinned and said goodbye to me. I walked quickly down the road. I somehow had the feeling, something was different. My clarity was no longer there and I just wanted to go home now. Also, I seemed to be somewhat dazed. So I ran on, hoping to find a sign somewhere, so I could see where I was and how far the road was still going. Perhaps there is a train or a bus station, which I could use.

As I progressed, there was a slight paranoia in me. Were the beings still there? Perhaps they were following me? So sometimes I looked around, but there was no one to be seen. I felt like I was walking for hours, but then I finally arrived at a kind of underpass. Across the road, there was a factory-like and covered passage, under which you could walk. Slowly I began to wonder. There was simply no sign that would give me clues to a place. It seemed like there were none at all. Then I stopped and looked around suspiciously. Something was not quite right here! I turned around, looking for a clue and the mistrust grew.

Suddenly I could see two scheming figures beside me! They tried to hide from me, but then I told them to show up. At that moment, the two extraterrestrials materialized and stood out of nowhere in front of me again!

“You have followed me all the time!” I said to them. “You both, somehow, suggested to me to perceive all this and make me believe I was on my way home …”

They looked a little to the ground and pressed around like they would be sorry. Then I realized, how they were able to show me such a spectacular performance earlier. They had spoken telepathically with each other and with the help of this ability, they were able to convince me that I was on my way home. Since that moment I was also lacking in clarity about my condition. I felt kind of caught by them. How can I get out of this? They could make me believe everything with their telepathic abilities…

Suddenly a kind of swirl caught me… Sonya had pulled me formally on the collar out of this misery. The clarity came back abruptly!

“Oh, good, I’m out of there again. They were more affectionate than a herd of wolves… “I joked.

We laughed.

“Then you are ready for the next encounter with a second race of extraterrestrials…”, Sonya said, and before I really could agree, we were already high in the sky and in the next moment we were in an empty space.

I looked around and saw, that it was a half-dark rectangular room with a whitewashed wall. Behind us there was a door and the only spectacle in this room was the left wall. It consisted of a slightly curved section of a huge diving bell. There was also a Bulleye, and for itself it had a diameter of about two meters. I went a little closer and saw that there was water behind it. It looked greenish.

Suddenly, two extraterrestrials appeared behind this bulleye. They had light brown color with dark brown spots on the body. Their colour reminded me of biscuits, which are sometimes found in restaurants for tea or coffee, these are also light brown with dark brown chocolate pieces.

I had to laugh because they immediately reminded me of these biscuits. In addition, they possessed quite large round heads with a pronounced skull. Their eyes were very similar to those of humans, the nose was very small as well as the mouth. I could not recognize ears at first and they were completely hairless and naked. The two of them seemed to be the father and the son – as I could see, because they were strikingly different in their size. Suddenly, they waved both and that was such a sweet moment that I had to laugh again. Somehow they were very sympathetic to me and radiated also extremely loving and harmless. They immediately grew to my heart. I waved back nicely. Then they waved once again, looked at each other, and then swam away. Slowly I awoke in my bed. This was once again an exciting trip…


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