‘Inner Knowledge and Philosophy’ is a category to ask interesting questions, to analyze and to answer them – also considering the Dissociation. At the same time, it also reflects inner knowledge, which I was able to recognize through my journeys into the psyche and, on the whole, also applies to every living being.

Flies are quite unobtrusive and for most people perhaps even very boring or disturbing contemporaries, but in my world quite interesting creatures. They have a different perception of time than we do have, and for them it is like we are slowed. Anyone who wants to catch a fly, with the bare hand, will usually fail, because for the fly the gripping hand comes very slowly. But if you are still lucky and you catch a fly, than it was either, because she was just careless or you calculated her escape flight and hoped that she would fly into your hands..

At night, when flies are sleeping, they pull their front legs toward them and lay their head on it. This is much more relaxing than hanging the head in the neck all the time. Sometimes they sleep longer than usual, perhaps even until 9 am. Of course it also depends on where they are, if they are in an apartment, or how long the housekeeper stayed up in the evening. The flies that are in my office, like to sleep until 9 o’clock in the morning. Sometimes they also need their time to wake up. They prefer to look out of the window while they sit on the window pane.

Flies are very intelligent and have a strong sense of smell. If you find them in your living room, it is not because they love living rooms, but because they know that this is the room were you eat. They can smell the scent of your food even days after you already ate, and if the window is opened, the little animals perceive this scent nearly 50-100 m wide. If a fly wants to eat some meat, then it follows the scent that leads it right where it is and enters the room in which you ate or where you are eating right now. So if you do not want flies in your living room, you should not eat there.

They are very grateful for the food that is “served” to them. If you try to chase them away with your hand, they take this as an invitation to play. Then they come back again and again and sit on your hand, arm, leg, shoulder or sometimes, if it is a very cheeky fly, they sit down in the middle of your face. This is a challenge that they announce with their behavior and they now want to be caught.


They are, in most cases, the fastest, and have a great pleasure in not being caught. In that moment they are very attentive and thus extremely difficult to catch. Only by calculating their probable trajectory they can be caught with a rapid hand movement. Flies consider flyswatter as less pleasant, but sometimes also these are part of their game. But their most striking attribute, besides the art of flying, is surely the great wonder of nature: the facet’s eye. This eye seems to consist of many individual eyes with which they can perceive things. They are not only able to capture the image of a perceived reality, but also the picture of several realities at the same time. This means that the facet eye allows the perception of several alternative realities.

They are not always so meticulously observed, as their focus is preferably on the opportunities that are offering food, but they always know several possibilities are open to them. They also have a strong empathic instinct, which they gladly use to thank you for the food they got. They like to use this in connection with their facet eye in order to analyze people in their current situation. They immediately feel whether a person feels good or not. For example, if you are having negative thoughts, they come and fly to you to annoy you, in the hope that you understand that you should stop with your thinking or that your imaginations and thoughts at this moment is very unfavorable and can lead to decisions that you might regret later. In such a case their message is often: “Life is a game. Stop following this track you are on. Enjoy what you have and do not be selfish. Choose another option.”

In the following, I noticed through my technique of the Dissociation, which helps me to” see” things that others can not “see”, that flies sometimes get taken over by your own higher self or by your unconsciousness. One time I saw a fly, that was trying to show me a phone number on an old key phone. Unfortunately I was not really concentrated from the beginning and could thus only remember the last four numbers. I had recognized it way too late what her purpose has been.

However, since this act seems to be very demanding for a fly, I came to the conclusion that it was taken over shortly by my unconsciousness. I would like to point out that flies are very easy to program and their bodies can be taken over. Perhaps this is why the so-called demon Beelzebub is also referred to be the master of the flies. I can imagine that this shady man had once found this out. While in the Old Testament Beelzebub was called “Lord of the Flies,” which meant nothing else but the fact that he knew of the additional function of the flies, it had been converted into “Lord of the Dunghill” in the New Testament. This was very consciously, because someone wanted to conceal the fact that the animal world is much more intelligent than everyone thinks, and also to distract from the fact, that is really easy to program flies.

Flies are therefore a very intelligent species and it is not always the size of a creature that decides on intelligence. Otherwise elephants would have to be more intelligent than humans. So a fly can be more intelligent than a shark or an orangutan. The easy-to-program possibility must not be a critique, because it can also be attributed to other properties. To their next generation, flies not only tell how they can classify fragrances, but also how to localize them and their direct trace. Only when the kids are able to identify a scent in the air from meters away and follow her to the source, they have successfully completed their learning test.

I know this article may sound pretty crazy, but this has shown me the Art of Dissociation. Whoever learns this art will “see” exactly what I have seen. I have already checked this with some of my students. Also, I used blind tests here, which means, I did not inform the students before, what they can recognize, and yet they came to the same conclusion. In addition, I wrote to people, who were able to dissociate something, and were able to “see” almost exactly what I saw in many points. For this reason, it is always an exciting and worthwhile but sometimes also a very amusing and startling challenge to deal with dissociation. But beware: people with an unstable psyche should use gentler techniques. Dissociation is one of the most effective and direct techniques I know and can sometimes causes a complete change of personality.


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