“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (dream spying).

In today’s dreamnight, I was almost exclusively on out-of-body journeys. Among these, I was also in other realities that were certainly not our planet Earth. The following experiences took place between 6.00 am and 8.30 am: At the beginning I always detached myself from my body, at least partly. The arms and legs wagged in the air as if they were simple flags at the flagpole. Sometimes they crossed or fluttered, but as soon as I thought about it, they came back “back” and joined with my physical limbs. This game certainly ran for the 15 minutes.

At some point, I managed to make the physical body fall asleep. After it was asleep, I loosened my body and hovered over it. I set my second body (astral body) in motion and flew for a while through absolute blackness…

This blackness I call “The Void” and is for me also the area, where the most deceased humans end up at first. But before I could meet someone, I left the dark area and suddenly landed in a cellar.

I walked along this cellar and looked around, but nothing I could recognize. I wondered, why I had just landed in an empty cellar. I also wondered, why there were no cellar doors or old objects of use. Just cellar length.


Something was wrong, too, as I walked through the corridors, but I could not quite determine what it was.

Suddenly a man appeared at the end of a passage. He wore army clothes and looked in my direction. I do not know if he could see me or not. But the crazy thing was, he was turned 90 degrees. Then I understood laughing, which was still strange.

I did not move on the floor of the cellar, but on the walls! With effort, I tried to move my second body so that I landed on the ground. Somehow I managed it.

Then I ran to the man and stood before him. I tried to clear his face. He wore a beret and had a narrow, beardless face. Then the cellar disappeared and I was laying back in my bed. I concentrated and landed shortly thereafter in the cellar. Back in the basement I discovered a larger room. It had perhaps 25 square meters. The man from before stood at the end of the room with his arms behind his back. He was waiting for somethin… for me…

I did not know. I went back to him and looked him in the face.

“And what is all this? What is there to do here?” he answered, but I could not understand him correctly.

It was somehow about an education or training.

“So I’m supposed to learn something? Well, what?”

He did not answer the question. The whole complex here seemed to me to be more military. Perhaps this was not at all a cellar of any dwelling-house. Was it a military facility?

I still found it strange, that he did not react to me correctly. In retrospect, I wondered if he could really see me at all. I had often seen it happen on out-of-body experiences that I had approached people, but only a part that was unconscious for me and spoke to me. When I had approached them later on my visit, they said they had not noticed anything.

At some point I left this “cellar” again and found myself in my bed again. But whoever believes that this was the end of experience is wrong. It gets even more exciting:

I landed again and again in my bed, but did not unite with my physical body, but hovered over it and could concentrate again, look for that blackness and jump into a reality…

Suddenly I ran at night by a strange environment. Everywhere I saw high rocks. They were shaped in the shape of a limestone. Hundreds of them were fused together. They seemed to me to be completely natural, but such rocks, I was actually sure are not common on our earth. I ran on and looked completely interested in this strange environment. Also some vines, which I could discover on the rock, were unknown to me. It was certainly not an ivy and also a rank, but simply strange. Some of these rocks had small holes in the middle. Apparently someone had bored into it, I thought to myself.

As I ran on, something strange occurred to me. In the environment small, silver particles appeared again and again. They seemed like fireflies, except that their light was not green but silver. They always appeared at the periphery of my perception, and when I looked, they disappeared again. Somehow these little silver fireflies spread a magical atmosphere.

Then I saw a sort of bunker on a hill. It seemed to be made of concrete and was surrounded by a wall. The bunker had only one level and had been built flat. Quickly I moved towards it and also found an entrance. I opened it slowly, looked inside the process that once led around the bunker and at the same time to its entrance. Suddenly, someone opened the door and a man in military clothes came out. I hid behind the door and waited until he left the process. When he opened the second door, I held my fingers to his head and shouted, “Peng!”

“Damn it! What the fuck? We’re waiting for you, come in!” he did not just seem to be able to perceive me but also to know me.

“You’re too late,” he said.” Let’s go fast…”

We went through the door that led to the bunker and ran down a lot of stairs. Then we got into a kind of control room.

“There he is,” I heard someone say.

I spontaneously discovered three men and one woman. They were all wearing military uniforms. It was gray, but it was hard to figure out, because of the light.


I was back in my bed again. Damn it! It was just so interesting. But I managed to prevent myself from joining with my physical body and stayed in my astral body. I hovered again in this dark blackness. No perception. Only a light wind whirled my hair and the impression of movement.

Then I felt a strange cold. I concluded, that I had flown into an area within the astral plane, which was fairly unified. I do not know why I thought so, but it looked like that at the moment. I played with the idea of meeting a higher being from here. With a bit of luck, I thought, it maybe could hear me and comes by and tells me something exciting.

I concentrated and sent a non-verbal call. Only a minute later, something really came up: I first saw a silvery point that came closer and closer and suddenly a gigantic, silvery light was built up in front of me. It had huge wings and spread them right in front of me. It was a very impressive performance, I thought.

“Oh,” I said,” this is really imposing, as you appear here. Are you an angel or is that just show?” I asked.

“Follow me!” I heard and I did not have to follow him at all, because he pulled me behind, as if I were in the trailer of a car.

For a moment I thought about whether it was good or risky to follow him. I was curious.

A short time later a subterranean system formed around me. I was once again underground. That was very surprising. First the “cellar”, then the bunker and now I was again under the ground. Did all the three sequences I had learned come together? Was it always the same underground facility?

“Look there,” said the higher being to me, even though I did not hear its voice, but it just remembered me and I knew it came from it.

My eyes wandered through the room. It was rather a large hall. The ceiling was certainly at 25 feet high. Everywhere there were strange vessels, shelves, boxes, and much more, but what caught my attention immediately were two huge diving bells at the end of the hall.

“Oh, you meant that,” I told him.

These bells were nearly as high as the ceiling and seemed to be made of thick metal. In front of the surface there was a large bullauge with a diameter of perhaps a narrow meter. The first diving bell seemed to be filled with water.

Slowly I went to the first bell and looked through. The picture that was offered to me was simply beautiful! I saw about ten mermaids who were floating around in this huge bell. Just looking at it was an incredible experience and a beautiful moment. They moved so smoothly, elegantly, and with an incredible grace through the water. They swung around, touching their hands and were hovering. Her fins had a blue shimmer and her long, gold-blond hair drifted like snakes in the water.

What a beautiful moment it was! It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen in my life. So full of magic and mystical.

“Now look in the next bell,” I heard again from my companion.

I really could not get rid of the sight of these wonderful mermaids. Then I picked myself up and went to the next bell. In it I discovered a lot of plants, small trees, ivy, rocks, flowers and even grass. But then I saw fairies! I couldn’t believe, what I saw!

They buzzed in the bell, whispering in the silence of this strange vessel. Some of them were at least as big as my hand. Their wings resembled the double wings of a dragonfly. They were able to stand in the middle of the air. I stopped breathing. It was wonderful to see them wandering around and loving my eyes with their ethereal beauty. How was it possible that mermaids and elves lived in these bells?

“Are they being held here?” I asked the angel.

The next moment a lot of information came in, which I could not record all at once. I try to give it back as I understood it:

“What you see here is a military underground system. And these bells, as you call them, are small habitats, biospheres, in which these beings are held. They were caught. A very powerful man caught them and held them here.”

“Why does he hold them? For the same reasons as someone collects butterflies? Are they anyway from our reality or from another one? How could he capture these beings at all?

After all, fairies are ethereal, for example. A bell should not be able to stop them…


I was already lying in my bed again. Damn it! I still have to practice to maintain such sequences more stable and longer. This poor angel, if he really was one, was now standing there in the military underground complex and wondered why I just dissapeared. But the angel would surely find a way home, while the sweet fairies and the beautiful mermaids would not be so easy to do. They were trapped there… maybe forever.

Only a few moments later I managed to fly through the area with my astral body. Wind. Blackness. Endless blackness. Suddenly a tunnel. I raced through a tunnel. Symmetrically round with different indentations. I hunted through curves, faster and faster. Here something quite different happened.

These were other tunnels. They also looked different. They were more colorful and much narrower. It seemed to me as if I was just passing through them…

A few moments later I stood among some trees in a landscape unknown to me. It was night. The ground very stony. Rocks were scattered all over. Only a few trees were visible. They blocked my view of the sky. I ran off. Always father. I suddenly heard the word “war”. Then struggle and explosions. I felt violence! Death! I ran on and on.

“Watch out! Do not let you see!”

I heard the voice of an invisible person who was somehow nearby. Then I let the leaves of the trees behind me and reach a wide plain. It looks desolate, many rocks, sand, coarse sand. I had not seen such sand before. It seemed different to our sand.

The rocks were partly covered with a kind of layer that seemed to me to be somewhat strange. Then I looked up at the post-dusk… What was then offered to me was beyond words. It was an incomprehensible, almost unreal war scenario with huge spaceships in the air. Some of the space ships were egg-shaped, others were subterranean. They moved leisurely along the sky due to their size and fought like in a science fiction movies. But I felt that this was not taken from any movie, but it really happened.

The tunnel! The tunnel had moved me through time. It had been a kind of a wormhole! This realization filled my consciousness while I was still looking up at the sky and could not grasp what was happening there. The egg-shaped ships were many kilometers in diameter. They were so great in the sky. If I were to hold an earthly plane next to it, it would surely fit several hundred times into such a space ship. Where had the wormhole led me?

Then I looked around. This strange layer on the rocks… it looked slightly reddish. I was on Mars! I had traveled to Mars and at the same time through the time. Far into the past, at a time when this war had taken place.Maybe thousands of years ago…

Why did they fight? They seemed so far developed with their vast spaceships. Was it impossible to expect such an advanced civilization to leave behind the problems of war, hostility, destruction and conquest? I felt mourning within me. Where had my journey taken me? To a long-past world, destroyed and a boring desert was now the planet Mars. The planet Mars was a perfect fitting name. Who ever gave it this name, choosed it intuitively.


I was back in my bed. I still saw these huge spaceships in my mind before my eyes. It had really been a very impressive picture. In spite of all this, it was a fascinating and gigantic sight. And I had to found myself in the middle. Undecided from the ground, but I had been in the middle of a war nearby the Mars. What had these beings fought for? What could have been so important that they had chosen the war? Why could two different species with such an advanced technology started a war? This morning I could not find an answer.


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