“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (Dream spying).

I relaxed for a while lying on the side and after about 30 minutes I was laying on the back and focused on my second body. I managed to release the vibrations from the waking state. Many people report that these vibrations seem unpleasant, but I always find them very pleasant. I mainly feel it by the ears and then pull through the body, but the head remains somehow the center. The vibrations became ever more intense until I detached myself from the body. I hovered up and about one meter above my physical body. I heard strange tones as if someone was turning on a radio tunic, and I listened to music for a short time, but then it was gone again. Then I switched from my second body to the third body…

In the next moment I suddenly stood in a room strange to me. There was no light on. It looked kind of like a children’s room. But this child room seemed to belong to an adult, because in the middle of the uncleaned floor, between the building bricks, soldiers figures, plush toys, and castles, there was a motorcycle. It was a very old motorcycle, it still possessed this bright single saddle, which reminds of those who have some Holland wheels. With thick springs under the saddle and in beige color. It worked very sleek and certainly possessed oldtimer value. I wondered who would put his motorcycle into his apartment?


I left the room and went on. I did not know where I had landed, but still curious enough to know who lived here. I walked down the hall and walked through the door, which was at the far left. Here I went into the living room. It was lit and there was a young man sitting in front of his TV. He did not feel that I was standing next to him and watching him. Actually, almost nobody ever notices me. I looked out the window. It occurred to me that some astral travelers reported that it would be easy to penetrate walls and doors, but glass sometimes shows up difficulties.

So I put my head through the glass of the living room window and wanted to see what happened. It was somewhat harder to penetrate and it seemed to me as if the glass was much thicker than it actually was. In the meantime, I had pimped my entire head, but it seemed to me as if I had not yet penetrated it. It was almost like gum.


I decided to jump back into my second body and start a new start from there. Immediately I hovered happily under the blanket and again heard these strange tones. Suddenly a whisper and drop of water. I then concentrated on what I saw before me. The many small, luminous points, they roam wildly, as if they were busy. Then I saw again a pattern in front of my eyes, a concentric pattern with thick dots that were rotating. Then they became rectangles and now looked like a secret key, hidden in an animated picture. These were placed in a circle, and in the middle a golden Isis eye suddenly appeared. That looked pretty cool.

The eye was golden and the eyeball blue. It was not a picture, but three-dimensional, it looked like an original piece of jewelry from ancient Egypt. Then this eye disappeared again, and I wondered what might happen next and it might be possible that I could simply catapult into higher levels, to meet with pure beings of light, as some writings say. So I concentrated and immediately felt a strong boost. I flew and flew, but it seemed to me rather as an elevator, in which I was, and raced upwards. Suddenly I saw a bright light in front of me.

It was so glaring I had problems fixing it. It looked like a slice that sent a warm light, and I felt that this light was a being. I wondered if it was possible at all with my low frequency to penetrate so far into these light planes, but as I thought so, the “elevator” drove down again. Great, I thought, that’s what happens when yo start thinking. In spite of this, I had the impression that I had attracted the attention of this luminous being. It was still near, even if I could not perceive it. Was it followed? Wanted to make contact with me?

I sent a non-verbal message to the being, but it did not rule. It just seemed to be close by, watching, lurking, as if it were an owl watching the night.

Then I heard sounds again. Music. Then they disappeared again.

This time I wanted to get to the bottom and focused on the sounds. Many astral travelers report strange tones and music, while they are detached from their bodies or are in an intermediate state. A short perception is usually only too short for it to be directed at. This time I wanted to get to the bottom. I listened to the silence and looked for the sounds. Suddenly, however, I heard music, but this time I did not let it disappear, but held it tight. The music was definitely oriental or Asian, maybe Indionian, I do not know. I heard ukuleles or something like that, plucked instruments, then every now and then it rattled as if someone had hit two wheel trims. For me, this music sounded rather strange, but I thought I had heard something like this before. Then the music disappeared and I heard voices and several people talking to each other. A lot of turmoil, steps, rustling…

I concentrated on it and in the next moment I stood on a bazaar! It was not a big place, as we know it from flea markets, but it consisted of many aisles distributed throughout the city and where people offered their belongings. The paths were also not asphalted and laid out with sand. The houses were also sand-colored, and at the end of the road I could find a large archway, which I could cross and then came the next way. So I ran around the strange streets somewhere in the Orient and was now part of this great bazaar. Then I jumped back into my second body. There I listened again to the tones and audible shreds I could hear. Again, this shrill music, then I heard again this turmoil of the bazaar…

The next moment sounds of a dripstone cave, then again comic sounds, as someone played with a synthesizer, briefly I even heard a whisper as if someone wanted to tell me something mysterious … and then I realized what it was with these sounds! It was suddenly so logical that I struck my head in my mind. These were access possibilities in my many different lifes! The access was only on the acoustic level. I had always expected pictures, which was sometimes the case, but there was also an access to the clapping.

The access always seemed to be the same. I always heard the same strange music, this bazaar and other sounds and moments that I have now partly forgotten. After all, I also had many other dreams to remember, which followed later. However, the entrance into another life about these noises did not appear like a memory, but it was a direct entrance, in the middle of the action involved in some scene.

Whoever had created this possibility, a rear door would be left open, in order to be able to enter the past or into life at will. Somehow I decided to finish the experience. It was once again a very exciting night.


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Dreamnight: Astral Clairaudience