Suddenly 4D aliens were in the bedroom tonight. At first there were five of them, later I noticed them physically. One of them was holding a strange device…

Shiva and I went to bed very late that night. It was maybe 4 a.m. We hadn’t been lying for five minutes when she went into hypnagogic state and suddenly startled.

She explained that she saw some big aliens leaning over us. She described them as 8 feet tall and of a brownish color. After we were wide awake, I scanned the room and began to feel her very clearly in her presence. With my pineal activity, I was able to perceive them as if they were physically present. I saw their movements in the room, silhouettes at first, but sometimes actually an arm or a leg. Only for a fraction of a second, but just as clearly as if they were physically in the room.


Now we both noticed them clearly and could see how they walked through the room. To my left, one of these aliens was standing near the bed, looking down at me. For a few moments I realized that it was holding a device. It was triangular, but the corners were very rounded. There were 2-3 light-emitting diodes on the device, which flashed red. It seemed to me that they were scanning something with it. The situation also seemed to me as if they had expected or assumed that we were already asleep, but we had to disappoint the strangers.

Suddenly Shiva’s leg twitched very strongly. She explained that one of the aliens had a 4D implant implanted in her leg. But she had pulled it out immediately. In the past three years, she has diligently trained to remove such 4D implants, which are used in humans via such 4D aliens. She now also offers this service to people whose consciousness has already developed to such an extent that they have become more or less directly or indirectly aware of their implants (see below). Even with great success, so far everyone who has used this service has felt much better afterwards, noticed a more active pineal gland and experienced healing with incredible matches and confirmations that even Shiva had completely surprised.


In any case, she was able to remove the implant immediately. She explained that this had apparently been an attempt to insert an amnesia implant so that we would forget that they had even been “visiting”. So after using this oblivion implant unsuccessfully, these aliens wandered around the room irritated and seemed to be advising what else they could do about it.

Such aliens usually pass by at night, successfully insert their implants so that the person concerned quickly forgot their visit again or interprets this as a dream that is very quickly forgotten when waking up in the morning. Nothing is random! There is a reason for everything.

So while one of these aliens was standing on the left of the bed, I passed my hand through it. I noticed that silver sparks sprayed from my fingers. I continued to move my hand around the room and again and again 30-50 sparks sprayed out of them, maybe pinhead size.

After I played around with it for a few minutes and was amazed by this strange effect and I almost felt like Harry Potter, the 4D aliens moved away. During my visit, I also noticed that they were in a different room, ie there was an interface between their room and the bedroom during their visit. It was as if two rooms were superimposed on one another, similar to how one would place two transparent films on top of each other, each representing one room. The 4D aliens could operate out of their space in ours.

Up until now I had not noticed 4D aliens so clearly within everyday reality, that is, as if I were seeing them with my physical eyes. It was really like they were physically in the room. We also felt inspired to make a video for this. You can find it HERE . In the upcoming video we will publish something incredible that will take everyone’s shoes off…

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Aliens in the Bedroom and Alien Implants