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UFO sighting in Brazil from May 13, 2020 in Mage

UFO sighting in Brazil on May 13, 2020 near Rio de Janeiro, in Pau Grande, Vila Inhomirim and Fragoso in Magé. Thousands of witnesses saw several lights in the sky, including red, yellow, and blue, that moved in all directions. One of the UFOs crashed into a lake, with others claiming to have observed that a smaller object detached itself and fell into a forest…

After one of the UFOs apparently crashed, some of the residents heard gunfire and shortly afterwards, some helicopters also arrived. At the same time, someone was filming from a car over twenty black helicopters flying towards the crash site.

UFO sighting in Brazil from May 13, 2020 in Mage

ufo crash merge

The crashed UFO was blue, as thousands of witnesses reported and took pictures with their cell phones. At that time, Google Maps had taken new satellite images and you can only see a white spot at the exact point of the crash. When Google was asked, said the conglomerate that it is a reflection that vorkämen common in satellite images. It was also reported that the YouTube video portal simply deleted some of the witnesses’ videos. Above all, Twitter and Reddit were flooded with these pictures from the UFO event and these platforms also deleted many of the photos and videos shortly afterwards. Here again the censorship apparently struck massively.

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After the censorship took hold, strangely manipulated videos appeared that somehow changed the truth or represented it differently. Scenes from Israel with Hebrew language were mixed into the video, so that there was some confusion or it was more likely that it was a fake. In any case, this UFO sighting, with this large number of witnesses, has triggered a veritable flood of information in the social media portals. Mainly because one of the objects in the Magé forest had crashed and some of the witnesses were trying to get there.

alien capsule ufo crash mergeA woman apparently managed to reach the crash site in front of the military and took a short mobile phone picture to then disappear again as quickly as possible. Apparently she was afraid to approach the object. Judging by the appearance of this object, it didn’t necessarily look like a UFO, but rather a kind of landing or rescue capsule. This metallic blue capsule had some lights on the outer wall and a large glass pane through which a bright light source could be seen from the inside. It is still doubted whether this video is authentic.

One of the witnesses, Andre Di Mauro, tweeted: “There are reports that something fell into a lake over there. But it doesn’t seem to be a satellite.”

Other comments from other Twitter users were:

“Everywhere military here, not even the police are allowed into the area.”

“What’s new about the UFO that crashed into the forest at Mage? Everything about it was deleted on Twitter!”

“Two witnesses in Magé told Brazilian ufologist and writer Marco Antônio Petit how they saw two helicopters chasing one of the red UFOs.”

“According to local residents, until yesterday afternoon the military fired civilian drones from curious people who were approaching the site to spy on it. This already indicates that something very secret is being covered up there. Local residents who lived near the crash site were removed from their homes without explanation.

“Witnesses reported that soldiers on guard duty were released at 4:00 a.m. and more than five helicopters were patrolling the airspace to prevent anyone from approaching.”

“The area where the UFO has crashed is isolated by the military, neither the press nor the curious are allowed to go there.”

“Location of the alleged UFO crash in Magé – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. You could catch some comments from witnesses who said there was an alien and he was dead now.”

UFO crash in Brazil Mage denied by authorities, UFO disclosure and censored

The police and the fire department were later called by the ufologist mentioned, but they said there were no reports or calls at all and nothing special had happened. Calls to the Brazilian Air Force ( FAB ) also yielded nothing, claiming they hadn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary, and the radar hadn’t shown anything either. So it smells like a big cover-up.

However, skeptics believe that it is simply space junk that has come down, others believe that the UFO is a bowl for dogs on its side. In this context, I made the effort to analyze the image I took from the video:

It is correct, at first glance it looks like a water bowl for dogs or a car wheel cover that has been stuck into the ground on the side. But my analysis of a snapshot from this video produced something amazing. So after I enlarged and sharpened the photo, something came to light that you would not have expected…

ufo crash brasil merge

Not only can you see a bright, rectangular “screen” on the bottom right, but behind the larger glass pane you can see a brown-colored alien with big black eyes looking at the filming woman. In his right hand you can see a shadowy silver elongated object that he is holding in his hand. I am aware that you don’t recognize it at first glance, but if you look at the photo for a while, you can see it fairly clearly. Of course, due to the shortness of the video, there is still the possibility that the alien was somehow retrofitted, but this means a lot of effort, since you would then have to rework the 300 pictures at 10 seconds by 30 frames per second. In any case, the fact is that thousands of witnesses watched the colored lights in the sky and filmed them extensively.

The witness reports and recordings are simply too numerous. However, it is unclear whether the part with the rescue capsule is authentic because there is only a short video. It is believed that Section 51 made this video, who is known for creating simulations and videos with special effects as an application for sci-fi films. Therefore, the authenticity of the video with the escape pod is unclear.

The coordinates of the crash site are: 22°34’59.8″S 43°11’55.3″W


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