In this dream, I was in an airport. I didn’t really remember how I got there and was now walking around in the hall. I stood a little aside and watched the hustle and bustle of the people. In the next moment I got dizzy for a moment and I was about to climb up to a plane…

There I simply walked past a steward and went into the interior of the plane. I pretended that I wanted to look around or that I was looking for someone in particular. Nobody really noticed me. I could have just sat down and taken a free flight – wherever I would have arrived on that plane later.

But I decided to leave the plane again and went back to the exit. I passed the steward again and noticed him laughing. It seemed as if he was laughing at me.


I turned to him and said, “Why are you laughing?”

“Oh, nothing…” he replied.


But when he uttered this sentence, I received more telepathically than he had verbally communicated. I understood at that moment what he was thinking! And what he was thinking was very interesting, for he gave me the hint that I had teleported myself several times all this time and that every human being does this again and again without him noticing.

Then it was clear to me that I had teleported myself to this airport, but also to the tarmac before I got on the plane.

When the dream ended and I slowly woke up, I crossed the hypnagogic state and in this state I was shown a measuring scale. This went up to 1000. The ability of teleportation started from 850. Whoever reaches this value can consciously use teleportation. Now I asked myself how far I was in this respect and immediately the value 750 was shown on the scale.

Well, it looks like there is not too much missing, but it still looks like it will take a while…

~. ~

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Dreamnight: Teleportation - the Forgotten Ability