Dreamnight: Arabian Nights in the Brothel

“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (dream spying).

As I concentrated on my pineal gland in the meditation, silver rings suddenly appeared. They looked like round spokes or rings to throw in frisbee size in fine silver metal. But on closer inspection, they seemed to be bigger. It was really not easy to estimate, as these rings simply floated in the air and there was no background on which I could have calculated their size. In any case, these rings turned very lightly, and now I also saw some notes on them. They perhaps covered only a fifth of these rings, but they were still unknown to me and could not decipher the language. A spontaneous association came into my mind “Stargate in small”…

What meaning or purpose they had I can not express. I then searched for rings in stargate design on the Internet and I even found something! But everything I found was only similar to the one I saw and never the exact same ring I saw. The association, however, remained. Then I entered the world of dreams and everything was very diverse and partly bizarre. I do not last longer than 1 or 2 minutes in such dreams, and suddenly a dream reality got added in which I spent seemingly days. But one thing after another:

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I walked along a dirt road. The sun was leaning towards the horizon and I enjoyed the nice walk. In this reality I lived, according to the informations I had within the dream, in a house in the country. As I walked along this path, I suddenly realized a thunder. At first I thought of a thunderstorm, but the result of thundering was far too fast.

So I went to a slight raise and looked in the direction in which I could see the thunder. There was a larger city, and a constant lightning on the horizon, which had the effect of countless explosions. I was wondering what could be responsible for causing such mass explosions.

Suddenly, I realized that a fire wave that raced no more than half a meter across the ground spread rapidly and set everything on fire. I ran off at once, hoping to escape the fire wave, but then I saw that it had already surrounded me and I had no chance to escape. So I gave myself to my fate, spread my arms, and concentrated on my second body to switch as quickly as possible if the flames would capture my physical body to burn it down… I awoke and opened my eyes. Obviously it was night and I was laying in a front yard! Had I slept there or what happened here? To my left, I saw a chain-saw fence and a walkway, on which a couple was walking while hugging each other. As I looked to the right, there was a mirror beside me.

I do not know how it came into that place, but it just stood there. I saw my face and looked into my eyes. As soon as I did, everything around me seemed to slow down as if it were now in slow motion. Then the feeling of a powerful dissociation came, which tried to get rid of the complete reality. It was a breathtaking but also extremely menacing feeling. My head was buzzing louder and louder, my eyes became more and more intense and sharp. Suddenly I changed into another reality …

In front of me was a long corridor or a kind of foyer. At the end of the hall I recognized a table, where several women sat and clothed slightly. They greeted me as a newcomer. One of them, with brown hair and small size, seemed to have looked straight at me:

“Oh, he’s cute!”

They had expected me and I was allowed to sit down. The little one had leaped from her chair quite quickly after I had sat down, and sat up cheekily.

“I have to check with whom we are dealing with!” she said, moving her hips on me.

My reaction was pretty fast, and she laughed merrily, as if she had managed to land a point. Then the boss came out of his office and shouted at me. In his office were two older women, who probably belonged to his organizational, too. He was about 50 years old, had large silver glasses and a funny head shape. He looked like a turned upside down pear. The many black hair on the wide piece of his head and a few beard hair on the chin on the narrow piece.

At first he gave a long talk about supplying the house with drinks and food as well as the timetable for the visit of the customers, which was also as usual in the morning. As he spoke, I was more and more aware that I was in a brothel!

“You are very special to me,” the boss said to me. “Maybe we get more customers because of you. Because we want to be optimally prepared.”

I swallowed. Probably I was the male whore of the house, I thought. But how sure could I be that I was a man?

At that moment, I did not ask myself this, because I believed in this reality to know exactly who I was.

As he continued, I looked at his head and face. Somehow, I thought, he looked a bit strange with this head. When I was not looking at his hair, the glasses, and the hairs on his beard, he had almost a triangular head. This reminded me of something but what was that? Then it was clear to me! He looked like an extraterrestrial gray, trying to camouflage himself as a human being! I could not let him recognize that realisation of mine. So I waited until the meeting was over and I looked around at the house.

On my little exploration I could see that there was a loading lamp behind the house for goods to be delivered, and a larger garden, where several tables and chairs were built up for festivals. In the house itself there were a lot of rooms, certainly about twelve seperate rooms. There was almost a whore in each of the rooms who dressed, took off, painted, showered, slept, read, or did something else.

There I spent a whole day and played for a while with the little whore, who also worked there recently. We understood each other very well and there was also a romance between us. She preferred to walk around in old-fashioned underwear. Sexy but in my opinion way to much fabric on her body. Despite all this, it had its own nostalgic charm.

In the evening we had the largest room, which determined to the 50 square meters, in Arabian style. We hung up cloths everywhere, put on oil lamps, pushed several beds together, built up a large deposit, and the all of that. We were sure the Arabian night would satisfy the customers and make them happy. We lay on the large deposit in Arab-improvised harem clothes and the customers were now free to choose with whom they would like to go to one of the rooms.

When the customers came in, there were six or seven men and I immediately recognized their greedy glances at the pretty whores. I thought I was safe for this evening – provided I was actually a man… I could talk about a lot of such situations in this reality where I was hired as a young man in a brothel, but I could not write down everything, otherwise this article would be way to long. Nevertheless, I hope to have provided amusement by reporting about this interesting reality, although I do not have any homosexual tendencies.

It may have been unclear whether I was a man or a woman, but I suspect that I was male, because of my physical reactions to my little romance. This would at least explain why the boss hoped for a new customers. That the boss had the appearance of a gray is, however, a very strange element, which I noticed in this reality.

Why should a Grey lead a brothel? I could not understand that fact! What sort of interest should a Grey have to fight against in such positions and still disguised as a man?

However, my spontaneous stay in the aforementioned front garden I can well explain, in which, for example, a mirror appeared out of nowhere. I had switched to a different reality after the firestorm, but subconsciously split my perception.

So I found myself in two dream realities at the same time. Firstly I was in a front yard and at the same time I woke up in a bed. When I saw the couple  and tried to orient myself, the exact amount of time went by, that I usually need in the bathroom in the morning when I wake up.

For this reason I perceived a mirror as I looked to the right. Both dream realities have just overlapped, I mixed them, I was surprised about the mirror and could not explain, where it came from and/or who had put him next to me. The firestorm, on the other hand, is a mystery. In my opinion, this was not a war situation. Perhaps it was the reality in which the sun burned the earth with oversized firestorms, and I was able to witness it. I do not have another explanation. So to speak, I then contributed to the alternative reality in which the feared end of the world showed its proportions. We, in our everyday reality, have decided differently and do not experience the fire storm.


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