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The Story of Amelia Earhart and Wormholes

Amelia Earhart was a bold and adventurous woman with an airplane in the 1930s. Then she flew across the Atlantic Ocean with her co-pilot and mechanic Fred Noonan, but the price was her disappearance without a trace in 1937…

Amelia Earhart Wurmloch

Even today, people are still puzzling over where Amelia Earhart might have gone on July 2, 1937. She never returned from her flight and despite a huge search, no trace of her was found. Her death was officially recognized 18 months later on 5 January 1939, although her body was never found.

The reason for her flight in July 1937 was her plan to fly around the world in her plane. Also with a view to proving to the women of the world at the time what they were capable of and that heroes do not always have to be men. She quickly rose to the top of the world’s most daring and best pilots with headlines such as “The world’s best pilot among women”.

When she disappeared, there was a chaotic worldwide rescue mission. She was untraceable and this gave rise to the most incredible theories as to where she had gone. The headlines described her case as mysterious, unsolved and secretive. No wonder, as she had not only been an excellent pilot, but also knew how to help herself when it came to a crash. The remains of her plane were also never found. She simply disappeared without a trace. It was therefore assumed, among other things, that her disappearance could have taken place in the air.


Later, the mainstream press assumed that her husband might be behind the disappearance, as he was making eyes at another woman and hoped to part ways with Amelia soon. But given his intimate desires, there was no way he could have had any influence in the air over her.

Amelia Earhart - Fred Noonan
Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan

The FBI also got involved in this mysterious case and found a lead near Nikumaroro, which is located in the southwest Pacific Ocean near the Republic of Kiribati. Bones were discovered that might belong to Amelia Earhart. However, Butler, the detective investigating the case, was convinced that it could not be Amelia Earhart. Moreover, not one fragment of her airplane could be found in a large area. He rejected this theory. For the press, however, this was a feast for the eyes and they played around with various headlines about this theory.

Star Trek Voyager and Amelia Earhart

Strangely enough, since the disappearance of Amelia Earhart, every few years a new theory emerges as to what happened to her. Yes, even today people are still trying to finally solve this strange missing person case, somehow it has become a kind of tradition over the decades to solve this mystery – for example in the Star Trek series “Voyager”:

In this series, there is an episode in which the starship Voyager searched for a wormhole to get back home and found a planet on which there were several cryostasis capsules. In one of these capsules was none other than… Amelia Earhart. That’s right, that Amelia! And it was still a tradition in Voyager reality, 500 years after her disappearance, to wonder what had become of her. The crew thawed her out expectantly to finally get an answer to this centuries-old question. During the interrogation, it emerged that Amelia Earhart had been abducted by aliens who had put her in one of these capsules. The crew tied up the loose threads and explained that there had been a major kidnapping wave in 1937 in which aliens had been looking for free labor for their purposes and abducted around 300 people. They were to be used in mines and laboratories.

Rabbit Hole Amelia Earhart
Rabbit Hole – The Vanishing of Amelia Earhart

This theory turned out not to be far-fetched, because the scriptwriter of this Voyager episode had done a lot of research. Moreover, there are even some spiritual mediums who declared that Amelia had flown her plane into a wormhole. The parallel is also interesting, if you think about it, because Amelia disappeared without a trace and so did the spaceship Voyager. For this Star Trek reality, people on Earth in the future also wondered what had become of the spaceship. Just as people today still wonder what happened to Amelia Earhart.

The Search for a Legend – Amelia Earhart Facts

The mysterious story fascinated the whole world and it still hasn’t completely died down. Even in the well-known film “Interstellar”, the main character named his daughter after Amelia Earhart. Even the National Geographic took part in a reopening of the case on August 6, 2019 and a research group was set up and co-funded to solve the mystery of Amelia once and for all.

Underwater archaeologist Dr. Robert Ballard and his brilliant team set themselves the goal of using the latest technology to find out what fate could really have befallen Earhart.

Fredrik Hiebert, an archaeologist from the National Geographic Society, also joined the search and led a team that searched for signs and clues on land. The start of this exciting expedition and search was the Polynesian island state of Samoa, which lies halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii. The results were rather meagre.

Deep Sea Vision and Amelia Earhart Plane

In 2024, there was another expedition by Deep Sea Vision, which interestingly discovered a lost plane underwater at sea that looked very similar to Amelia Earhart’s Lockhead 10-E Electra plane. However, due to the depth of the sea, it was only possible to take radar images. The team from this expedition is almost certain that they have found Amelia, but there is no definitive proof as yet. They are still trying to obtain a DNA sample from the pilot, who may be at the bottom of the sea.

So it is still not certain what happened back then, but the theories are so varied that one can only speculate. Based on my personal information, the wormhole theory is the closest to my mind. Because wormholes can appear occasionally, quite spontaneously and sporadically, as has been shown time and again. Whether she flew through the wormhole together with her plane or just with her body is also unclear. Consider, for example, the mysterious phenomenon of the Bermuda Triangle, which repeatedly made headlines at the time.

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