Yesterday I was awakened in a way that I have not yet experienced in my life. I have meditated and while listening to one of my MP3, I’ve fallen asleep. About an hour later, I felt a very strong throb between my eyebrows that I awoke from! When I opened my eyes, I still felt the knocking. It did not hurt, but it was so intense, as if someone were pounding my finger against my forehead – but from the inside! Very amazing!

I also tried to remember what I had just dreamed about, but it was nothing important, some insignificant experiences in an alternative reality. Actually, I had planned to pack the remaining parts over the pineal gland and my “revival program” in my book, especially about astral travelling and lucid dreaming, and to let part 4 be the last in the blog, but I thought after all, it is a research project, and there are some readers of my blog who would certainly like to know how it goes on.

As I said, I have chosen cedar nut oil as a means of choice to gradually free the pineal gland from the fluoride load. Now I recently got the advice to make sure not to use it for the roast, but to add about 1 tablespoon to the food when it is served.

In this way, the active ingredients which could otherwise be exhausted by the brine heat are obtained. Well, this is not a problem, because the oil tastes excellent in this way and spices the food pleasantly. However, I can not say with certainty whether the strong tapping on the forehead on my new experiments has to do with the fluoride dihydration and discharge, this still remains to be seen.

The so-called healthy fluoride promotion is probably one of the largest medicine fake that the pharmaceutical industry has whisked to the peoples of the world. It is claimed, that fluoride would very well serve as caries prophylaxis and is poured into most of the water supplies of the world.


I was asked, if it was not strange that it was essential to pour fluoride into the water supply and that this is accidentally the substance that deactivates the pineal gland. It could, of course, be a conspiracy theory, but to simply dismiss this in the run-up as such is, in any case, not sufficient for me, so I practically explore whether it is true or not. In any case, there are some passages that claim that a direct intention is to disable the pineal gland of people around the world, so that no one can see the processes behind the scenes. Alone a stimulated pineal gland that has a little activity is already capable of distinguishing truth and disinformation from TV, radio, books or the Internet.

The first study, which emphasizes the adverse effect of fluoride on the pineal gland, was performed by Jennifer Luke in the 1990s. She says that fluorides would be excellently suited to deactivating the pineal gland, which is located in the middle of the brain. The pineal gland absorbs fluoride most when this substance is added to the body. Fluoride is found not only in tap water, waters, salt and in our toothpaste, but also without any indication, in shampoos and other products that are in our daily use.

Luke claims that the pineal gland also controls and harmonizes the entire body’s hormonal balance. She goes further and says that the deactivation of the pineal gland causes her to lose contact with the divine unity, his spirituality and willingness to surrender her will and subordinate herself as a slave to the system, which means ass a sympathizer, the dictatorial or capped dictatorial system would be supported without rebel against it. To this end, she gives the following statement:

“Never believe what is seen by most people as self-evident. Do not believe everything that is prescribed in religious books or what your parents and teachers have told you. Check these statements and research themselves.”

Perhaps Jennifer is only paranoid, but interestingly, a law has now been passed in the US that removes fluoride from the water. Behind them, the military is supposed to support this addition in drinking water. What this means exactly, everyone can decide for themselves.

Interestingly, it is determined that Ph.D. Robert Carlton, who was once an EPA researcher, said that fluoride is the most serious case of scientific fraud ever. He explained that there were several campaigns aimed at convincing the population of the use of fluoride and censuring evidence of adverse effects of fluoride on national security. How this was justified in detail is still unclear. Despite several scientists who publicly opposed the use of fluoride, it is still used and sold as a health promotion.

No wonder, because fluoride is fifty times more toxic than sulfur dioxide. It is a carcinogenic poison and is listed with asbestos, lead and aluminum on a list. It is all the more surprising that in many countries around the world drinking water has been used for more than fifty years without asking the people. Even the obligation to issue certificates has now been undermined by pharmacists. 1.5 to 4 milligrams of fluoride is recommended as a daily dose by the pharmacy (see Gräfes large vitamin and mineral tables), so it can be assumed that it should remain as below as possible in order to obtain various successes in the reactivation of the pineal gland.

For this, it would be advisable to calculate a little and observe how much fluoride is consumed daily. Thus, the goal should be to take no more than 0.7 mg of fluoride per day. If you take three liters of water per day from the water tap of your kitchen, you are already here at 3.6 mg in the USA. For this reason, it is important to reorient yourself in this direction.

One kilogram of salt enriched with fluoride then already has approximately 300 mg. A fairly high amount, considering that the pharma has been told that fluoride is toxic only in larger quantities. When is this “optimal” quantity reached when more and more of the pharma-estimated value for optimal dosage has been given to the drinking water supply and later mineral water companies, toothpaste and salt factories also add fluoride to their products? Thus, the human being is in any case completely overdosed. However, the consequences of the fluoride intake are not only the problems with the pineal gland but also the health problems. Originally, fluoride was used as a caries prophylaxis, but considerable doubts have arisen, and several researchers have said that it damages the body and even the teeth.

It is supposed to bind calcium so that it is no longer available to the organism and impair the activity of important enzymes. This causes arthritis, thyroid disorders, dementia, allergies, heart and circulatory diseases, arterial calcification, hypertension, thrombosis, stroke, bone system disorders such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, liver and kidney disorders, rheumatoid symptoms, muscle, and back pain as well as malformations in unborn children. If you are interested in reactivating your pineal gland, you should not only use fluoride in the future, but also use it to expel existing fluoride in the body.

Babies and infants already receive fluoride in the form of capsules, and in adolescents and adults globally or Worldwide, through the water supply, toothpaste, saline and mineral water. Interestingly, one has to say at this point once, these are exactly the products that the human needs daily. Jennifer Luke states that even via exhaust gases and fertilizer fluoride enters the atmosphere. Thus, it is very difficult to avoid fluorides.

The best countermeasures would be to use mineral water with fluoride values below 0.05 mg/l, toothpaste with Stevia or an osmosis filter for the domestic water supply, so that fluoride is not absorbed further. The water for your own garden, if available, could also be filtered – there are no limits to the ideas.

For the removal of existing fluorides, liver-bile cleansing can be very helpful since the liver/bile binds poisons, processes them into stones and stores them as semolina. Preparations like dandelion root, turmeric or burdock root are very supportive. Also, beetroots, cucumbers or carrots are excellently suited as a basically basic food method, which means lots of vegetables, salad and potatoes. Meat and fish are partly also possible. Basic teas or herbal teas in general are quite excellent to support these processes. The almost unrestricted renunciation of wheat and milk is just as much encouraging.

300 or 400 mg of Borax, this is a cleansing agent, can be safely absorbed by the body. A maximum of a quarter teaspoonful of sea salt per 1 liter of water should provide effective support to dissipate fluoride. The tamarind, which is used for the discharge and better digestion, is also helpful. This fruit can be made from the leaves and the bark teas and you can use them for yourself.

Tamarind is available in Asian food stores. In order to avoid further fluorides from other sources, you should only eat organic fruit, since the plant protection products are often mixed with fluoride. Self-made pastries and bread can be undesirable fluoride suppliers here. Other means would be Chayenne pepper and vitamin C. It would be wise to put a sprinkler with powdered vitamin C in the spice cabinet to occasionally spice up your food – the more the better. Not to mention, Melatonin is also a useful food supplement to dissipate fluorides or to help to reactivate the pineal gland. It must be taken into account that the Melatonin should be taken for a long time. I had already introduced a research phase, but with little effectiveness, because the intention was different and the intake very short.

It is more problematic for people aged 45 and over, because that is the age at which the pineal gland no longer produces melatonin. It is thus completely deactivated from the beginning of this year by the different fluoride stocks which have been absorbed. Melatonin helps the elderly among us to decalcify the pineal gland. Melatonin should be used for sleeping.

“Those who manipulate society in this form represent an invisible government, which is the true ruling power in our country.” (Bernays 1991)


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