Dreamnight: The City Assantipoutilis

“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (dream spying).

After I went to bed, I dissociated for a minute or two, and suddenly I heard a distinct voice in my head, which said something to me. It was not, in my language, which is sure, I believe, it was in a non-human language, because I had never heard of it before. If I would try to imitate it, it would probably sound like this: “Ssarr ti kassor ri ssakam rann ssa lakuu ssidahrr grraa“. The language sounded like a hard Japanese with completely strange hissing sounds, like the English “th” and a sharp “s” at the same time…

This language was partly spoken very hard, but then again surprisingly soft. I listened to these words for a while, but after about 30 seconds the message, which was really difficult to understand, disappeared. Maybe the message was not meant for me, I do not know.

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Afterwards, I considered which species would fit into such an interesting language and I had a kind of lizard in mind. Shortly afterwards I must have fallen asleep, but found myself in an alternative reality where I watched a professor at his work. He researched a sort of portal, which in turn enabled him to travel to other realities. As it seemed to me, he had only reached one reality with this portal.

I was very surprised, because this was the third dream in the last six weeks that had to do with a portal, that led to another world! I wondered, what this fact wants to tell me? After all, three of such dreams are rather rare in this short period of time with the same but extraordinary subject. The professor was in touch with a man who had listened to his notes and had already sent them through this gate. Sometimes I was the man and then I was the professor.

Thereafter, I was able to attend an experiment shortly. We were in a normal room, where a wall was covered with a curtain. He pulled the curtain aside and then a window-like structure appeared. This one had no event horizon or alike, but the structure, in window size, was just slightly darker than the wall. Nothing seemed more fluid or more unstable than the wall itself. I guessed that you would be able to see something, when the  apparatus is activated.This apparatus consisted of a small metal framework and stood next to the curtain. But I could not take a look at it, because I was now in the man’s body with my consciousness and went with him through the gate.

The change from this to the other reality was amazingly fast. It bobbed and hissed, and shortly thereafter I was “over there.” The other reality seemed very obsolete to me. I do not want to say early Middle Ages, but from the technical stand I would place the time approximately in there, maybe even a bit earlier.

It was a village and there were many small houses – although they looked more like huts. Round, probably built of some whitish clay, with thatched roofs and a brown wooden door. I could see forty or fifty huts of this kind. Interestingly, the people who lived there, came towards me because they could see me quite obviously. A little while later, I was surrounded by about fifty or more people, and my appearance had been furious. More and more came to see the stranger. I even knew the name of this village. The professor had told me it’s name earlier. It was called Assantipoutilis or Assiantipoutilis or something.

There were many humans now, men and women and also children who had gathered in front of me. Their clothes also reminded me of the time before the Middle Ages. One of them, who was standing in front of me and did not look very trustworthy, gave me the impression of a thief who looked at me so mischievously, that I thought, he was going to attack and rob me out at any moment. He was wearing a dark wide trousers of fabric and a brown leather vest. His hair was black and his face sun bathed.

According to the name of the village and the appearance of the people, you could have easily thought of Greece. One of his eyes was half-open, like he had suffered a swelling in the fight and could not open this eye far enough. He grinned at me, but not necessarily kindly, just like a robber, who was already looking forward to search through my pockets. Some of the people spoke to me and expressed their astonishment:

“Welcome!” and “How did you manage to get into our world?”, but also: “We always look forward to strangers coming here. Especially when they come from another world.”

They stormed me with their questions and I tried to answer them as well as possible. Obviously, they were very enthusiastic and delighted. No one was hostile to me, well, except for this thief with the most vigorous vest. After a while, I suddenly found myself in the room with the scientist. He greeted and congratulated me on my journey to another time. I told him what I had experienced and he made a lot of notes. He was enthusiastic and wanted me to go into this gate once more, to send me on a second trip.

I was so enthusiastic, that I immediately agreed – even though I felt a bit sick because of the return. So I went through the portal a second time. I landed exactly in the same place as before, but now I no longer saw a village from the deep past, but I was standing in front of a huge, futuristic-looking city with huge high-rise buildings, towers, air traffic and innumerable smaller houses with high floors. I guessed strongly that I was again in the same village, but far in the future. Meanwhile it had become a big city. I guessed roughly, that it was about the 24th century, but can not be sure of course.

Like my first visit, people suddenly came up to me. They greeted me like it would be normal for someone to show up in the middle of the city. Some of them stood before me and said such phrases as: “Hello Stranger. A warm-hearted welcome!” However, they said also: “We know, you can not stay long. We still remember you very well. We read about you in our records from that time, and some of our researchers said, that it would be possible for you to come back again. We did not believe it anymore, but now you have come after this very long time now.”

Then a woman told me, that they were thrilled, that I had taken this trip on me and had once again passed by. She pointed to the city and said, that this was their place of residence, which they had built together and embellished together.

I had to laugh. Embellished was good, because if I had not known with certainty to be back at the same place as the last time, I would never have assumed, that this was once the village with the mud huts. They were proud of what they had achieved, and they said, that I should tell the people of my time that they would greet them sincerely and look forward to another visit.

A little while later I was back on my way. I was dizzy and on the way back I had to surrender. When I finally sat with the scientist in his room, my face was completely white. It was really bad for my body and it took me several minutes to find some words.

“Apparently one should not travel several times,” he told me. “A third attempt is therefore still forthcoming. But we have to pay attention, it will take hours for the portal to close again. It may be, that some of the cell material in the space will manifest itself. Take care, if it shows up. You can then take and remove it.”

Then he explained a few other points and I slowly awoke from this exciting dream. After all, I wonder what these kind of dreams want to show me.*

This is now the third dream within a short time, that has to do with a portal and me entering it. The first time it was “Reality change with obstacles” and the second dream has the title “The one-way portal“. This synchronicity is extremely strange and seems to be a subconscious message to me.

(*Addition: Three years later I travelled for a half year to Crete and lived there. I also lived in a town named Agrioupolis.)


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