“From the dream archive” is always a dream or a consciousness experience that I experienced many years ago that left a huge impression. I would like to remind you that these interesting dreams are not part of the past, and readers can always read them whenever they want.

Sunday, April 11, 1999, 4.00-5.45 and 7.00-10.30
I had a visitor until 3 a.m. and then I went to bed at 4 a.m. I had been completely dizzy and staggered right into the bathroom to get ready for the bed. When I was finally laying in bed and relaxed, a different personality rose inside me. It seemed ancient and like dying the very next moment. It seemed like a leap into the distant future where I would lie in bed as an old man and wait for the death. Exactly this condition corresponded to this feeling…

While I was trying to get closer to this other reality in which I was this old dying man, I saw on the left of me a larger, white structure. It was amorphous and I could not really tell what it was. To the right of me I saw swimming fishes on the floor for a short moment. They scurried over the carpet. One of them even fell silently from the ceiling to the floor and joined the others.

Suddenly I lost consciousness. I had really been unconscious for some time. Probably I had concentrated too much on this old man. I had no blackout, but suddenly I ran through countless worlds! My focus, my attention or all what I amswitched through hundred of worlds in this moment. In every wird I stayed maybe for ten or twenty seconds and then the journey continued to the next one. It was incredible!

Most of them were “empty”, which means there were only plants and trees, but no animals or humans. The worlds through which I switched happened with an incredible speed, I could hardly register memorize details.


Suddenly I stopped in a reality. In this reality I sat on a chair in front of a silver door within in futuristic room, which could be opened to the sides like in a sci-fi movie. It was locked, however, and I sat about half a meter ahead of it and stared at it incessantly.

I remember, that I wondered why someone was sitting on a chair and sitting so close to such a futuristic-looking door!? What did I do there? Switchign through hundreds of worlds just to end up sitting in a futuristic room and staring at a door? What the heck?

While I was wondering, I suddenly heard a loud noise like someone would be singing! Someone was singing very close to me! I wondered who could sing so beautifully. It was a song whose rhythm and words lulled me completely, soothing and moving inwardly. It sounded somehow very deep, but also beautiful, even if there was no music. I even had to think about Star Trek when the Klingons were playing their songs. But it was certainly not so deep.

So I did not focus on this silver door, but on the song. I could now understand a few words: “Ha san su shi ko” (phon.). This was the first thing I heard. Then I heard something like “Hai san sha“, very sharp and pointedly pronounced and the “sha” at the end very deep and long drawn.

It sounded quite strange, crazy, bizarre, probably something Japanese I assumed. Since my Japanese is not really good, I could not imagine what these words meant. It almost sounded like a melody to help children to sleep…

Then I slowly awoke back in my bed and had to be very surprised to discover that I was the one who had sung all the time! Obviously my body had simply begun to sing in a foreign language without my presence!

At this moment I remembered, that I had been told by a person who had stayed with me over night, that I was standing beside the bed and spoke fluently French, but I myself couldn’t remember and I never learned that language at school.

For a moment I had the impression, that my body tried to wake me up to get me out of this reality in which I was sitting in front of this door, and probably nothing better came in it’s mind, than singing in another language!

Did my body really want to get me out of this reality? Had it feared I might stay there because I became so curious? Did my body try to prevent me  from recognizing or remembering something that I had not yet matured at this time? I certainly could not say it at this time. I suddenly felt quite clearly, that I once was a traveler traveling through the cosmos and stopped for some unknown reason here on Earth, watching Jonathan and somehow I identified myself with him and stayed here. So I felt that the past I remember, is the one from Jonathan and not mine. I’m someone else and I came from another world…

I thought for a long time about the song and tried to put it together. The following came out: Tha Pa ‘Sa ha, ID … Ha san – su shi koh. Tha’ Pa’… Hai san shaa. Maybe one day I will create a song out of it. I don’t know yet.


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