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Question: “Jonathan, what do you think are conscious creators in these realities? Are they deceased in the astral plane? Rather not right? Why don’t the unconscious dreamers have the same abilities as the conscious dreamers? And why are these persons so much dumber than a conscious dreamer? After all, they look like ordinary people? I am interested in what you think about it. “(Question from Philip)

Answer: The unconscious and dreary dreamers (and even those who are dead) do not have the skills that the conscious dreamers possess. A dream becomes lucid, one can handle the rules and laws there. You can use telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation and other things. Before one could not do it, because one assumed to be in its usual everyday life in which one is not lucid enough and thus has to submit to the physical laws. Naturally, this also includes all the astral planes in which it behaves exactly the same. On the middle and higher astral plane, however, fortunately everyone knows about his condition. You are enlightened as soon as you have reached this and finally can be trained by your mentor. But most of them prefer holidays and fun. Only the committed ones can be educated extensively by their mentors.


On the lower astral plane and in the twilight zone, however, someone who is fully aware of his condition is a king and a superhero for the unconscious ones. The lower astral plane and the twilight area are full of unconscious beings, people and dreamers. This is, unfortunately, not different than here in our everyday life. The more conscious someone is, the more advantages he can use for himself.

In the lower astral plane there are whole kings in which beings live, who do not have the consciousness to recognize their own powers and potentials. They are therefore led by beings who are more conscious. And the more conscious someone is, the more influence he has above beings that are not that conscious. Once you think about our nations and governments, it is not much different. Many people go to war because they are told to do it. They kill, hurt, plunder, rape and so on without to become conscious. For this reason it is not surprising that a deceased person lands in the twilight zone at first. There he can orient himself and because of his inclinations, wishes, fears and expectations, he is promoted to the appropriate reality.


There are actually some realities in which lucid or conscious dreamers are not welcome. Presumably there were already visits of dreamers in their reality and they have turned everything upside down. Maybe they are also envious of their abilities or they are acting on behalf of a powerful person who simply does not want to see any lucid dreamers in their reality.

Even in our reality, lucid or conscious dreamers are not welcome. By this I mean now not the lucid dreamers, who are lucid in their nightly dreams, but dreamers who have achieved lucidity within our everyday life. Before, they were probably crucified or otherwise hunted, nowadays they are taken, tried, or locked, with them. There are many opportunities. This is why we occasionally come to see dreamers from other realities and look at our daily lifes, but they do not consciously reveal themselves. The movies that run in cinemas with superheroes and their super powers are filled with intuitive stories, the origin of which is the lower astral plane. Batman, Superman and as they are all called, are so-called adaptions from this level. For example, Batman  shows that he lives in Gotham City. This city does not exist in our reality, it is also ‘dark’ and full of gangsters. Here, a city is reported that also exists on the lower astral plane in this form exactly. Batman is one of the inhabitants, who could expand his consciousness somewhat and thus got some powers that others do not possess. He tries to free himself from this reality by helping others, unconscious people live there.

Spiderman or Superman are some more progressive people who have gained even more dream consciousness. The evil adversaries of these superheroes are also people who have gained some awareness over time and use them for their selfish needs.

Sometimes, however, mentors also come to the lower astral plane to train their pupil or to help someone there, so that he can finally be lifted to the middle astral plane. It is not always easy to move someone up from the lower levels. For the reason, it is so important to train your astral body and consciousness well during your lifetime, so that you can ascend to the middle astral plane as soon as possible and do not wander around the intersection for years or even centuries and going from one enslavement to the next…


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Question and Answers: Are Lucid Dreamers more clever?