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Question: “Is God light and love, an energy? How did it appeared? Can this be understood as a human being or a soul on the astral plane? Have you ever been to the home, can you possibly understand that? Or does it have to be understood at all? “(Question from Indigo)

The Matrixblogger answers:

God, as described in the Bible (or even Allah in the Koran), is not remotely comparable to the sole Creator who created the whole universe. I think, therefore, that you are asking about the Creator, and so my answer is:

The Creator has created everything, including light and shadow, the light and the dark energy, the astral wilderness, the middle astral plane and the higher mental plane, the beauty and the ugly, the higher beings, but also the lower ones, as well as all that one would commonly call ‘good’ or ‘evil’. For the Creator, each of his creations is good and considers them as creativity and diversity. The evaluation of his creations is therefore always in the eye of the beholder, which means with us. The Creator himself consists of an infinite number of divine aspects, which again consist of divine sub-aspects. This goes so far that the human beings, animals, plants, etc., follow the lower planes of existence, which are also to be understood as the aspect of the Creator. This can be compared with the Babushka figures, these are Russian wooden figures, which, when opened, always reveal another identical, but smaller doll. Or when one stands between two mirrors, which stand exactly opposite of each other, or when you take a closer look at the cabbage Romanesco.

All these examples represent the principle that all that exists is integrated and contained in the Creator. For the reason, one can not say that ‘God’ is only light and love, since it combines the dark and the light in itself. The emergence of all this is not determinable, since the chronological contemplation of time can no longer be applied rationally outside the physical reality. For the reason, there is nothing else left to say, that there has never been a beginning. There is a beginning and an end only in an illusionary illusion. All of this can be understood on the astral plane, but it may be that sometimes you have to climb into the higher levels to actually see and understand this. The so-called “homeland” represents the lasting reunion with the totality of the self and thus the attainment of absolute freedom. Before, no one is really free and is trapped in the astral plane. Whoever manages to get ‘home’ will neither be on the physical plane nor be accessible to us on the physical plane. Those who have attained freedom are the ones who make the most of the fields. Even exalted masters, as they are fond of describing in India, are still struggling to achieve this freedom.



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Questions and Answers: What is God?