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Activation of the Pineal Gland: DMT (Part 8)

Today, I noticed for the first time that my light spark perception has changed. The light sparks are these millions of small, silver dots that can be seen in the darkness in front of the eyes. I have always seen a lot of them. They are usually arranged symmetrically, like the rushing screen of a television in which no channel is currently running. I think this is precisely the point of reference, because as the pineal gland uses the same brain regions to transmit information like the physical eyes, optical and epiphysical perception is superimposed. As I said, when I was staring into the dark for a longer time, I noticed now that my light shadows have increased. First, the perception of the light sparks has somehow become more three-dimensional and clusters have formed, which means they are sometimes thicker and appear to be condensed and grouped. Moreover, their number has grown enormously.

They were certainly countless before, but their strength has increased markedly. Not only that, but I feel several hours a day a pressure between my eyes. It is not unpleasant or painful, a light pressure, as if someone pressed his finger against it – but from the inside.

Yesterday night I had concentrated again on the pineal gland, on the amorphous patterns and forms, while I probably fell asleep. Suddenly I heard a strange hissing and at the same moment I hunted through bluish tunnels! It went in all directions, once to the left, to the right, up and down. I had landed in one of the notorious astral canals that connect certain levels. It surprised me very much, and so I was back in my body a short time afterwards. Later, my dream teacher explained to me that I had managed to get into one of the root holes, which can be called on the pineal gland, in order to get into another reality, for example, to visit someone for a communication. Unfortunately, I have not come that far, but I am working on it. In addition, I watched the movie “DMT: The Spirit Molecule“. Of course, the movie did not come in theaters, but can be ordered on DVD.


Text from the DVD:

“The spiritual molecule is about Rick Strassman’s groundbreaking research on his diverse approaches to this fascinating hallucinogen discovered in innumerable plants and the human brain, including the Ayahuasca brew of Amazonian shamans. With the help of interviews, several experts will discuss the thoughts and experiences they have had with DMT and Ayahuasca. The discussion about the breathtaking effects of this material has brought Strassman to life through his many discussions and conversations and leads us to far-reaching theories about his role in human consciousness.”

Rick Strassman actually managed to be able to examine DMT quite legally with his doctoral degree in the university. He had put an advertisement in the newspaper to find volunteers. Fortunately, no drug addicts reported, they were presumably too suspicious of such an advertisement, but completely normal people. Most of them had no idea of DMT and were now in the position to get a dose injected every day. They reported about bright cities, countless encounters with beings from other dimensions, the strangest aliens and surreal structures.

Each of them was interrogated separately and there was an incomparable coincidence in the perceptions of the test people. Sometimes they described a loud, strong buzz that would build up within seconds, then shoot them like a rocket into the wormholes, and within a few seconds they were in a different reality, or suddenly stood before a being ready to communicate. There were amusing moments, when one or the other group tried to imitate the sound. I can imagine this sound very well, because it is the same, as you hear when you enter an astral canal or the like. It is a crazy feeling, as if you would be sitting in a completely carousel or a flight simulator of the top class with antigravitator hyperspeed.

Radio-man Alex Jones stated that taking DMT is like Magic Mushrooms, LSD and a million aliens together. Fortunately, this experience does not take 6-8 hours, but only 15 minutes… Well, time is known relative and on distant astral planes more relative than ever…

One of the interviewed test people explained how he traveled a thousand years through the universe and experienced the most exciting adventures. He was deeply shocked when he learned immediately after his return that he had experienced 1000 years in 15 minutes.

Terence McKenna, who had already taken DMT several times, said: “DMT is not a drug! It is an extraterrestrial communication device.”

In addition, he introduced several hypotheses:

“1. There are countless aliens in the vastness of the other realities and most of them do not come with a UFO that is as big as Manhattan! With DMT, we are dealing with a kind of extraterrestrial technology that makes it possible to establish authentic contacts with these beings.”

2. “There is a parallel universe, which almost no human being has any idea about. It’s right here, all the time.”

3. “Perhaps these beings are also people in a distant future. Perhaps they are what we will be. Nature from pure energy. Of course, there could be a lot of problems imagining a human breakthrough in the future, how they can manipulate time and the past, or things like that.”

4. “Or another way: There are people, but they do not live in the future or past, but they are in a prenatal or postmortal phase, which means they are waiting unborn in an intermediate dimension for their birth in matter. I’m not talking about stuff I imagined, we’re reallsy talking about dead people. Shamans talk about dead people and about their deceased ancestors. But only God knows how things really are. “
DMT – Trailer
Terence McKenna about DMT
Terence McKenna Theses

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