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The CDEZ – a new Form of a LLC in the USA

Many people are now looking for alternatives to lighten their tax burden, i.e. discovering a way to pay significantly less tax. After all, taxes are on the rise in many countries around the world. So people are looking for solutions…

And one of these brand new solutions is the CDEZ (Catawba Digital Economic Zone)

Ideal for perpetual travelers, digital nomads, freelancers, e-commerce, software developers, online coaches, online consultants, content creators and digital assets lovers with Bitcoins and Altcoins


The CDEZ is revolutionizing the entrepreneurial landscape in the USA. Until now, you could set up an LLC, for example in Florida or Delaware, to make significant tax savings, but there is now a completely new alternative, namely the CDEZ. This is an Indian reservation in South Carolina that has been assigned special tax-saving features.

The CDEZ offers a very attractive option for entrepreneurs and investors, who not only benefit from the usual possibilities of an LLC, but also from the advantages of an LLC. But beyond that, the CDEZ is ideal for people who own digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies, NFTs and fintechs.


It is also extremely easy to open offshore bank accounts in the USA with little bureaucracy. The owner of the CDEZ also remains anonymous – which is not always the case with a conventional LLC in the USA.

In diesem neurechtlichen Rahmen bietet die CDEZ zudem die Möglichkeit, die eigene Firma mit Unabhängigkeit und digitaler Rechtssicherheit zu führen, unabhängig von eigenem physischen Standort. Das bietet Flexibilität und neue Optionen für die eigene Firma.

What are the benefits of the CDEZ?

The Catawba Indian Nation, the only federally recognized tribe in South Carolina, has not only regained its autonomy after losing its recognition in 1959, but has also successfully established a new digital jurisdiction in the United States. The process of this e-residency is instantly accessible to everyone and does not require physical cards.

With just a few clicks, local and international entrepreneurs can now easily open an American offshore account, i.e. open bank accounts in the US, conduct business online in a regulated and secure environment and thus avoid a lot of unnecessary bureaucracy. At CDEZ, everything is handled digitally and that’s what makes it so attractive. Setting up a CDEZ in Catawba does not require extensive documentation such as a passport, proof of residence or bank references. A name, address, ID document and a selfie are therefore usually sufficient. The process is completed within 24 hours.

In contrast to Delaware, where the procedures involve paperwork and face-to-face meetings, the CDEZ has introduced a streamlined online platform. In this way, all procedures are handled digitally, which allows for a more efficient service tailored to the needs of businesses.

This CDEZ is therefore very attractive and ideal for perpetual travelers, digital nomads, freelancers, e-commerce, software developers, online coaches and consultants, content creators, start-ups and all other entrepreneurs and freelancers who do business online and from anywhere. The zone is particularly valuable in relation to digital assets such as Bitcoin and altcoins.

Just as significant savings known, for example, with the Delaware LLC, the CDEZ offers comparable benefits at a lower cost. Above all, there is no franchise tax, which makes the annual fees of a Delaware LLC considerably more expensive in comparison (approx. €500).

Further Advantages of the CDEZ in South Carolina

In addition, Catawba anonymizes those responsible for the company. Anonymity can be a disadvantage when deducting operating costs from invoices. Those who are prepared to be transparent about their Florida LLC, i.e. can be found by anyone in the commercial register in seconds, enjoy a higher level of respectability and can settle accounts with critical business customers in a more recognized manner. An operating cost deduction of a proper invoice cannot be denied if it is clear that the person responsible for the LLC is a third party.

CDEZ is currently expanding its banking reach. It is currently cooperating with Pinnacle Bank in Iowa, which is also managed by the Indians of CDEZ.

Because the Catawba Zone is new, fresh and different from any previous structure, it has recently adopted a regulatory code for banking and financial services. This code allows financial services companies and banks to obtain licenses under the laws of the Catawba Indian Nation and regulation by the Zone Authority. The CDEZ’s invitation to potential regulators and financial experts underscores its commitment to maintaining the integrity and stability of the financial sector within the Zone.

And the costs for the whole thing?

The cost of setting up a company is roughly the same as setting up an LLC in the USA, i.e. around $ 1,700.

So if you are interested in reducing your taxes accordingly, you can take a look at the following link and – in cooperation with Christoph Heuermann – set up such a company in this zone:


Website der CDEZ
Pinnacle Bank

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