Retrieving: The Ghost on the Toilet

Retrieving means a “rescue” situation. In your astral body, you can pass into the intermediate zone or the lower astral plane and save lost people who are there and are not aware of their condition or you penetrate into the dreams of another still living people to help or to manipulate their subconscious mind in a positive way. For reasons of privacy, no names or places are mentioned here.

Many people dream of school buildings. Some might catch an atmosphere that may remind Harry Potter’s education, but in most cases, you can  remember all your old school days. Last night I dreamed, that I was in a school building. As I walked around the building and ran upstairs, I suddenly saw a girlfriend directly below me. From my position I could just look onto the lower floor. She made an important impression as she walked around in an inspiring manner. So I ran another floor lower and greeted her…

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

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“I’m working here at school, and I’ve been commissioned to check everything to see if everything is okay.”

“You control whether everyone is being brave or not?”

“Yes, but I also keep everything clean.” she added proudly.

“This position was only recently given to me.” I decided to accompany her on her inspection.

The students had already left a long time ago and the corridors were now dark. Suddenly she pushed me and pointed to a door that had just opened by itself.

“Look here! The door has just opened by itself. I have to control that!”

I nodded and we approached the door. Somehow the whole situation took a threatening character. We both felt now that something was wrong here. She hooked herself directly to me as we stood outside the door, carefully peering around the corner.

“There are the toilets,” she said softly.

Her whisper reminded me of nightly conversations in the beds of hosted youth hostels, if the teachers should not hear something. We opened the door still further and went in slowly. The feeling of a threat grew more and more and I felt her clinging grip on my upper arm. On the right were several toilets, as you know it from malls. One of the doors moved now, and I saw a hand pressing them. The hand seemed very strange. It was bony and had a bluish glow. The fingernails looked yellowish.

“That’s … that’s a ghost!” stammered the meanwhile pale friend.

We were as tense as a woman came out of the cabin, which looked a little transparent, as we could look through her, but she was solid enough to appear as completely real.

For a moment, our hair was proverbial. The woman was very tall and lean. She wore black-gray, long hair, and her face was predominantly the trigger for the shock moment. Like her hand, her face also had a bluish color and was very bony as if she had not eaten anything for years or had been completely sucked energetic. She seemed to have sprung straight out of a horror movie. The cheekbones protruded far, and she seemed as if she had only a leather skin that had been pulled over her head. Her eyes were black and she rose threateningly over us as she looked in our direction. Her radiance was so imposing that we first decided to retire and advise what should be done next and left the creepy toilet room.

Then I woke up. The figure had really been frightening. I can well imagine that this may have been a deceased person who had been in school there forever and was haunting in the night or in the evening. Perhaps she had once died there in school or even on the toilet.


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