Question and Answers: Pets in the Beyond?

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Question: “What happens to the pets after death? Are they coming into the hereafter or what happens to them? And when they come into the hereafter, do they go to the intermediate plane or twilight zone and, like the people who have died, do not immediately rise to the middle astral plane? “(Question from Heidi)

Answer from the Matrixblogger:

Pets like to take over the personality parts of their owner – this is well known, but what is not necessarily known is that many of the pets that a person owns have a part of the personality that came from a loved one and in this life, due to other plans, to incarnate at your side. For this reason, this person promised to send a part of herself to your present reality. Pets are very suitable for this variant to keep a certain loving contact. Animals possess a urine instinct which they do not lose in death, and therefore know the direct path to the middle astral plane. There they reunited with the person who had sent the animal’s personality. There are also cases in which the pets, when they are very clever and have demonstrated much independence, help in the intermediate levels to lead the deceased to the middle astral plane. Perhaps comparable with these Bernhardins in our world, which were trained to track down people in the ice.

Once upon a time, I had helped a blackbird who had fallen out of the nest. When it was grown up, we naturally released it, with a laughing and crying eye. Years later, I was out-of-body on the middle astral plane and there I actually met the black bird again. It was a wonderful and touching reunion! It had found it’s way there alone, waiting for me. But I also knew that it had died by now, otherwise I would not have met it there. This small, inconspicuous blackbird was so far the only being that could really show me what love means. Maybe I’ll put the whole story into the blog once. Certainly it would interest one or the other reader.



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