On 21 April, the famous singer “Prince“, who sold over 100 million records and received several Grammys for his songs, died at the age of 57. He was discovered dead in an elevator at Paisley Park in Minnesota. First, an assassination was suspected, because of the place, but later in the investigation a strong flu as a cause was given to the files. Previously on the 16 of April he had given a live concert and looked healthy and normal. His pop songs “Kiss” and “Purple Rain” were his permanent hits, demonstrating not only his unique voice and tone, but also his mind-bending dance style. But Prince also had a secret that he had said five years ago in an interview. He explained that he believed in chemtrails as well as in the Illuminati, which planned a new world order and the depopulation of the whole world. Some believe his flu was the deadly result of these chemtrails…

“I do not choose” said Prince in a well-known late night show. “I do not want to say, that Obama is a very intelligent president, he certainly a good man, but when I was a child, I could see these trails everywhere in the sky. That was cool: a jet flew by! And then one began to see more and more of it, and later, in the neighborhood, people suddenly quarreled and beat each other and nobody knew why. I mean, they fought! I am very inspired by Dick Gregory, a social-critical author and activist. He started researching chemtrails and he said things that hit our home a lot. Everyone should research, what he said on the internet and try to get a copy of it because it inspired me a lot to write a song about it.”

Here he spoke of his song” Dreamer”, in which he sang:


“While the helicopter circling over our heads, the theory is hardened: Do they spray chemtrails over the cities while we sleep? From now on I will stay awake. You may be a dreamer, but wake up, wake up!”

When asked about this text passage, he said:


“The first line of my song says: I was born on a slave plantation, that is, in the United States […] and we now live in a place that feels like a plantage, we must know we have all been made servants.”

Many people now assume that Prince already knew five years ago, what is now starting to show more and more. Likewise, Saudi Arabian princess Basmah Bint Saud, daughter of King Saud, speaks of a creeping threat, namely the secret poisoning of the world’s population for systematic population reduction:

“The sky in Saudi has changed a lot in the last four years and now looks like in London, was has also changed a lot. Geo-engineering is threatening the water and food in our world and without water no life can exist. Geo-engineering is the new power in our world. Those behind it have huge resources, but they play a dangerous game with the balance of the planet, the transhumanism, the nanotechnology and the DNA.”


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Singer Prince talked about Chemtrails before his Death