The legend that there exists a world within our world, the so-called hollow earth, and that there are openings at the poles of our earth, through which one can enter into this inner strange world, is very old. The Dalai Lama once got a key to the city of Shambalah, which also exists in the interior of our earth and is one of the largest cities within the hollow earth. He promised to keep this key safe and to use it only in extreme emergency. Even today, there are some among the monks who came from the hollow world and are trained in one monastery or another. These monks are from the inner world, usually keep their eyes closed, because they do not want to frighten the people in their environment. How seriously can you take this legend?

There is so much material on this subject that it has cost me nearly two weeks of research to arrive at some useful results. I have found some photos and painted pictures from India, USA, Tibet and Germany, which point to the existence of the hollow earth. There is a whole group of people, the so called hollow-earth theorists, who assume that this world actually exists inside the earth. They even assume, that only every planet in the universe is hollow and that it is quite natural that beings dwell on the surface and at the same time inside. According to this, there must have been a very own evolution on our earth, and in the interior of the earth there have been formed continents as well as on the surface.

There is a gigantic cavity, with mountains, rivers, sea, forests and a kind of sun that warms the inhabitants with a red-brown light. The entire hollow earth is also called Agartha and is divided into several countries. Each country possesses its race, exactly as it is on our surface, and they live in peace. One of these races is  spiritually well developed and has more or less the oversight of the other races, which are partly still not so far developed.

hollow-earth-drawing-agarthaThe hollow-earth theorists assume that the gravitation, which is the attraction force, which ensures that we remain with our feet on the ground, is anchored through a kind of naturally created gravitation ring with a thickness of perhaps 120 miles in the earth layer in approximately 400 miles depth. By the fact that the earth is hollow, the people on the surface can also remain with their feet on the ground, just as the inhabitants in the interior. The inhabitants are on their heads, facing the sun and their own sky (see drawing). From this drawing you can see a huge world with mountains that are amazingly even higher than ours. An ocean, which is connected with the openings on the surface, exists as well.

In my childhood, I was perhaps 11 years old, I read in a book by a certain admiral Richard E. Byrd, who, on his flight in 1947, crossed the South Pole into a weather current, and the infinitely seeming ice suddenly turned into green meadows, Fertile land at 23 degrees Celsius. He discovered that there was an opening at the South Pole that gave access to a strange world and not just that when he flew inside, he was intercepted by two UFOs who greeted him warmly. These flying objects prompted him to land.


After setting up, he was received by some men with blond hair. The men led him to their master, who told Byrd that they regularly observed the happenings on the earth, and were very disturbed, as the people bombed cities with nuclear weapons (see Hiroshima and Nagasaki). These disastrous and warlike acts would have induced the inner-world leaders to get Admiral Byrd to themselves. He further explained that they had not interfered in our wars and concerns, but since then humanity had been playing with such forces, they would be worried.

This master said his people and he were the Arianni, one of the races from Agartha, and he continued that Byrd should tell the governments of the outside world that they would not exaggerate it better, otherwise they would interfere. Obviously, the technology of Arianni seemed far superior to the human.

Afterwards, the master dismissed him and Byrd was allowed to fly back again. He then spoke in the Pentagon and told this incredible story. His statements were recorded and he was interrogated for hours. He was then placed under the strict supervision of the US National Security Service, and was ordered to maintain absolute silence about this incident.

Ten years later, he re-entered the inner world via the opening at the North Pole. Another man managed to penetrate the cave, his name was Olaf Jansen and he came from Norway. He described his adventurous journey in several volumes. Unfortunately, after his return, he was admitted to psychiatry for 28 years, as no one wanted to believe in the inner world. On his journey in April 1829, accompanied by his father, he reported that he had come to Agartha across the North Pole. A certain captain Peary had said that the sea at the pole was free of ice, and that there was a current that was always driving northward. The opening had a diameter of over 2000 km. His statements, especially those relating to the surrounding country, are described in great detail. He explained that the climate of the inner world was very mild and pleasant. Huge icebergs with a height of up to 30 km could be discovered, but also 120 m large trees and grapes as large as oranges.

According to Jansen, he was convinced that the Creator had created the planets to live inside and not necessarily on the surface. The climate is much more balanced there and one feels much more protected, also the life span would be much higher than if one lived on the surface. This is connected with constant protection against surface radiation. After Jansen and his father had penetrated into the hollow world, they were greeted by some three-and-a-half-meter-tall men with dense solidarity.

They were taken by their small fishing boat and entered a much larger ship, which was so fast that the landscape was just passing through them. They were then brought to the ruler of this country, who was four and a half meters tall, very nice and always in a good mood. They spent two long years in the hollow world, getting to know many inhabitants and the nature of this alien world. On their return, they tried to get out of the opening at the South Pole. They experienced a huge spectacle of giant, imposing icebergs, which caused a loud noise. Jansen lost his beloved father in a collision with an iceberg. In the end, he managed to be accepted by a Scottish whale ship.

Jansen’s scientific findings are still part of the researches of hollow-earth theorists and are surprisingly logical. He concluded his written volumes shortly before his death, and wanted to leave a poster to posterity. Beyond these two highly exciting reports, there are also other testimonies which report the existence of the hollow earth.

Here one not only finds references to the well-known philosopher Plato and in some Indian writings, but also to our time, for example, Willis Emerson reported of an extremely unusual journey, in which he met Olaf Jansen, and had also recorded his story as well. In his encounters with Jansen, he explained to him that our researchers did not know why penguins and goslings would move northwards, because there there would be supposedly only be endless ice. But, he said, this was completely logical when they could penetrate the hollow world and expect a pleasant climate there.

In addition, there still exist a dive instruction for submarines from the Third Empire (Drittes Reich). It describes the captain exactly how to get to Agartha. Longitude and latitude, and diving arrangements. This document from the time is also one of the reasons that the Nazis found access to Agartha and had tried to conquer it. But in the encounter with the mighty Arianni they were tamed. Since they were on the run from the Allies, they offered them a country on which to live.

Of course, this can also be the wishful thinking of the neo-nazis, from which the slogan “Brown Esoteric” crystallized out. The extent to which the Nazis really deal with the hollow world is still unclear. However, it can be assumed that Hitler’s zeal, legends and myths were to be explored and pushed him into the hollow world.

Unfortunately, critics and skeptics now assume that, as soon as they hear of the hollow world, this is exclusively an outgrowth of esoteric nazi ideologies. This is, of course, not correct. Most people who are concerned with the subject of hollow space are not neo-Nazis. The only reference to this is Olaf Jansen’s statement that the strangers who first met him spoke to him in a north german accent. However, associations were more drawn to germanic legends than to followers of the Third Empire.

In any case, there are some voices that claim that there is a country in Agartha called Neuschwabenland. There many Germans would live in peace. The Arianni forgave them the rude conquest and since this time they are a peace-loving people, they have accepted the nazis and awarded an island.Hate and condemnation is far from Arianni.

The well-known and highly controversial author Jan van Helsing from Germany is certainly convinced of the fact that the Germans were able to claim a space in Agartha. However, it is also unclear how this is actually the case. Thus the author reports of encounters with Germans in flying discs who have visited him and other adventurous experiences.

The sources which point to the existence of the hollow world are numerous, as is reported by secret accesses, which exist in different places on our world, so to speak, secret tunnel passages. As mentioned, the Dalai Lama has one of these tunnels in Tibet.

Other tunnel routes are to be found in Brazil, Peru (Lima and Andes), Egypt (Giza), the Swiss Alps, Afghanistan, two in France (Alsace) and one in the Southern Black Forest (see tunnel on map). In the interior of the earth, there should also be several races, the aliens as well as yetis, reptoids and giants. The technically talented races move with flying discs outwards and back inside. Such flying disks should be able to camouflage themselves partially so that they can not be seen with the naked eyes.

This information is unbelievable: inputs to the poles, all the planets of the universe are hollow and also offer comfortable habitats inside. In my research, I could find that the largest and northern pole opening is approximately between the 82nd and 83rd degrees of latitude where the sea slopes inward. From the 86th degree of latitude it should be possible to recognize the inner sun.

The hollow world theory, in which the inhabitants are concerned in this inner world, is astonishingly logical and explains many disagreements in geography. However, one can safely assume that a pole opening with a diameter of more than 2000 km should not only be seen at photos of the Earth, but also on Google Earth quite strongly. This is unfortunately not so. Google Earth does not allow you to recognize a pole opening. On this point, however, it is said that the governments had agreed quietly to keep the existence of the hollow world secret. In our schools, it is taught that the poles only contain endless ice, it is extremely dull and cold there. The opening of the north pole is therefore already the most wobbly argument in this hollow-world theory.

The author Richard Hoagland says that the satellites first send the photos to NASA, then inconsistencies are removed from the images and sent back to the satellite. Thereafter, the satellite would send the photos to other locations interested in the photos – for example Google Earth.

In a conversation with the director of the Faculty of Geography in Tübingen, Germany, with Dr. Rosner, he said that he was well aware of the fact that the earth curvature in the Arctic was a military secret, as did the mapping of the seabed by submarines. A lot of lab tests have shown that hollow bodies are automatically generated as soon as they are subjected to a rotating force. Nothing else has happened to our planet earthly when it began to spin. One speaks about 1600 km per hour. Even if you do not feel this rotation as an earth dweller, this is nevertheless a considerable speed. In this way the earth could have become a hollow body over millions of years. Surprisingly, the information that the US government has declared the area beyond the 85th latitude to the restricted area on the grounds that there were measurements that should not be disturbed.

Ships, if they ever get so far to the north, should travel the higher latitudes. Also interesting is the fact that NASA is run as a privator organization by a former head of the CIA. It is remarked that we are now again entering the higher secrecy levels of the United States, to which even the President has no access. The shady role played by NASA in the whole context was mentioned in another article by me (see contribution). It is becoming increasingly clear that everything is interrelated. Like life on a large scale, like a fractal, all life in the universe is the same.

Researchers may have problems finding out more if they have received only partially correct information. They pass this knowledge on to the schools and textbooks. However, in the whole cycle, it was never considered whether this information was possibly already influenced in the genesis.

On closer inspection everything seems to come to a coherent picture, once the whole is viewed from the outside – and who has dealt with the structure of the psyche will recognize that a physical-materialized correspondence, so to speak, as a mirror of the mind, Model of a hollow-world theory would correspond to what was communicated to most people in the schools. The human obviously consists of consciousness and unconsciousness, an external and an inner world. While he is experiencing the everyday world during the day, he experiences in the night the realities of inner-psychic processes. If one looks at this model once, the theory of a hollow world comes very close. Who knows? Perhaps we have been deprived of the truth from time to time for the same reason and the absolute secrecy has now drawn unbelievable circles, which itself requires the counterfeiting of satellite images. For if one admits to the people the information that there is still a reality other than our own, the snowball would quickly get rolling and a revelation would follow the next.

For the reason, it is perhaps really better if people continue to believe that there are no aliens, UFOs and beings who live inside the earth if this shake his world image so much. But, as mentioned, everything is linked and the spiritual world-image is now beginning to be linked to these themes and to the true answers, because what we have been taught in schools and universities seems to be becoming more and more drawn out of the reality. Are they just a bunch of pirated falsehoods to guarantee the higher secrecy levels up to Majestic forever? Is the responsible person worth the whole effort to risk this secrecy, peace and the unity of humanity?

Expeditions to the 86th degree of latitude were offered for about 20,000 dollar, but as soon as such an expedition came, there was always something in between. Either the ship could not be used or the expedition leader suddenly died. The whole subject is extraordinarily strange and mysterious.

(Note on my own account: I am aware that fascistoid groups like to speculate about the hollow world or inner earth as a refuge of fled Nazis and Adolf Hitler personally, as well as the theory that there is a island in the inner earth on which the Nazis are now happy and satisfied. I dissociate myself from this view and consider the hollow-world theory as an inner world, which the human has not yet explored. The Nazis knew about the inner world at war, but they did not gain access. The theory of a world with continents and inhabitants in the interior of the earth has existed far before the existence of any Nazis or political-radical sentiments and I put my research into it, so I am not part of any political group or left-wing or right-wing perspective: I am just an impartial and curious researcher on this exciting theory.)

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The Diary of Admiral Richard Byrd
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