Dream Archive: Jonathan the Time Traveler

“From the dream archive” is always a dream or a consciousness experience that I experienced many years ago that left a huge impression. I would like to remind you that these interesting dreams are not part of the past, and readers can always read them whenever they want.

From the archive of July 17, 2006: I concentrated about half an hour trying to get into a lucid dream, but instead I got into an alternative reality in a distant past…:

I woke up there at the moment when I was with some people walking along a forest path. I recognized two men and two women with whom I enjoyed the nature. We were talking. A man had aroused my interest, for among all the old-fashioned people he was the only one to think about the possibility of the time. We were philosophizing on this walk and interesting insights came to him. I decided to give him an indirect tip, so he might have noticed that I am a time traveller…

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Perhaps I had travelled here for his sake, for somehow some memories seemed to be missing. I even wore a brown leather backpack of which I had no memory at the moment what was in it, when I had packed it.

“I think time travelling is possible, and also the existence of many time gates. Here in our village, I am certainly the only one who thinks like that. Many are very simple people with very simple ideas. It is only important for them to secure their harvest and to work in the field, but to discuss such possibilities, they have nothing to do with it. I’m attached to the gate.”

The other people who accompanied us seemed to completely obey his words. It seemed to me that they did not notice his words at all, just as you can get used to the ornaments of crickets or bells, if one hears it again and again.

“How do you conclude that it is possible to travel through time gates? Is there a question arising from your side?”

I wanted to know from the interested young man.

“There is still a lot of contradiction in the way of time travel with a logical problem. If I travel into the past, and rob you of a finger, it would miss on your hand right away when I return. The people who accompany us at this moment would see your finger disintegrate before their eyes? This seems very speculative to me.”

” I would not want to diminish your knowledge, but I will expand it if I ask how you came to this thesis.”

“I once saw a gate in a field. It was perhaps only a time-gate, but I was really concentrated and I’m sure it was one. Since then I’ve been thinking about it and it does not let me go,” he said, looking up at the sky as if he were looking for a bird or a star.

“Well, sir, well, I am truly of the opinion that you are right with your acceptance. I too once saw such a gate.”

Surprised, he looked at me. He had not expected this answer and his disgust disappeared instantly. He grasped my shoulder with a joyous, radiant face.

“Stranger, you are my guest, as long as you wish. And it seems to me, that it would be time to look for some spices. Follow me.”

I understood this as an invitation to his house, and after a little shopping at the village market, we went to him. He lived very simply and was spartan furnished. A large, old wooden table served as an eating and social table with some old chairs in front. But he was in possession of a self-made shelf with books. Some of them seemed very old and interesting.

The lighting was quite dark and while I was choosing a chair to sit down, he introduced me to his wife. She wore a long, brown dress and just tied a white cloth around her head so that her long hair could not fall into the food. A black cord swung her around the waist, which emphasized her figure. She greeted me kindly, but she looked a little cautious.

“May the Lord have a Moorish bean-soup?”

For a moment she had pulled her eyebrows and looked at my clothes. I was probably not wearing the right fashion of that time. When I looked at my new friend, who now eagerly sought for jugs, I had to agree with his wife. After a few minutes we sat together at the table and wanted to continue our conversation.

“So tell us, how was your perception of the time gate? Do you think it was one?” he asked.

“I think so. It looked like a door of bright light, and when you looked longer, you sometimes caught sight of where the gate was.”

“Here, Sir, drink Met,” he exclaimed, giving me a cupful.

There was something spilling over. Then he explained to me excitedly and with a red head that he experienced exactly the same perception when he saw the gate.

“Then I kept all those years right. This will finally rouse the people here in our village.”

” Stop, I don’t think so. Most people are not ready for such thoughts. For them it is unfavorable, it frightens and torments them, they do not want their lives to change. They are completely satisfied with their choice, as long as they have enough food and a loving cousin is at their side. Accordingly, we should prefer to do research only among ourselves.”

He rocked his head back and forth. I had the intuitive impression, that he wanted to prove something to anyone. That would cost a lot of persuasion, I thought. Hours later, he had calmed down a little, and he was very pleased with my comments and confirmations of the thoughts he had made.

“If I understand you well, Sir, then it is quite possible for me to go into the past, take my finger and when I return, you would be present with only nine fingers, but with the small difference, that I would be in an alternative world?”

“The Lord has captured it,” I replied.

“Well, then, there’s only one question left… the alternative world from which you were speaking about, where is it? You say that these worlds exist at the same time and that their timeline should always be important in the system, but not for that. How can they already exist if they have not yet happened and are influenced? I want to say, how does this strange alternative world know that I took your finger? Is this a lot of fate that determines everything or where does the solution come from?”

“If all of these worlds exist at the same time, you can freely oversee the world, because beyond space and time the beginning and the end times are the same. A path that you have to go back is already covered, if you only think of it. Thus it is true that your journey into the past, to take hold of my finger, has already been accomplished as soon as you have made this plan. Each of these foreign and unknown worlds are protected by God’s hand, and if you influence the timeline, you create a new world with a new timeline.”

He had listened attentively to my little lecture, trying to understand what I was going to tell him. For a few moments it seemed to me as if he understood, but then his eyes darkened and doubts sprouted in him. If he had not seen the time gate before, he would probably have thought me fool.

I decided to look into my backpack now, maybe I found there a clue as to why I had met him at all. When I opened it, I spotted a small silver box. I took it out and put it on the table. On one side of the box there was a small opening, which showed something like a camera opening. It seemed to be a kind of digital camera. With some searching I found the power button. Suddenly my conversation partner jumped up and was chalk-white in the face. This silver box was a projector with some stored historical books, novels, scientific papers and much more. Goethe was just being projected onto the wall. The women of my hoster now came to see the miracle device.

“Is this witchcraft?” she asked immediately.

He looked at me with wide eyes that looked as questioning. I did not know exactly what it was for a device, but because of my knowledge I could quickly get it together. It seemed to be a kind of projector or mini DVD player.

“No, noble Lady, this is a whimsical invention and not an extraordinary work of witchcraft that works with interwoven light. In this box are a thousand parchments and a small picture. A little wheel takes them and magnifies them on this wall. Not a magic work, but the latest science.” I hoped to find a plausible explanation for the two.

Shortly after, there was a knock at the door and two women came into the house and greeted me. They told me that the arrival of a stranger in the village had been around and they wanted to get to know me. But her eyes fell immediately after the greeting on the device, which I had just switched on. Her eyes widened.

I tried to explain to them what it was doing, but they refused and left the house as quickly as they came.

“Well, you’ve got some excitement,” he said quietly, sitting on table.

I showed him, how the device worked, until he could select graphics and texts himself.

Slowly he realized, that this device came from one of these other alternative realities, which was even in the future. In his reality one was very much reminded of the Medivael Ages, but at the same time there were some things that had not yet existed at that time.

I saw a petroleum lamp and on the way I could find some masts with wires pointing to a communication system. Maybe a phone.

“I’m still far from understanding, which counting system you use for your time calculation. We write the year 549 here,” he said with a frown. This timing could not be true of ours. Presumably, there were other historical events that began with the timing much later than we had. So I had landed in an alternative reality where I presumably had the job of pushing this man forward in his development or giving him the opportunity to talk with someone, who had already traveled through time. But I realized, that I forgot more and more that I had deliberately jumped into this other reality, for whatever reason.

When I remembered my leap and certainty that I had appeared here and only as a visitor, my memory became more and more obscure, which seemed so obvious to me in the beginning. Even my security, my knowledge about the possibility of the time-trip faded noticeably. It was like a dark veil that lay over my arrival and the more I learned about this reality and the more people I encountered, the more faded my knowledge of the beginning. So I explained to him, as far as I could remember, the problem of alternative realities and he began to understand.

After the meal I had already removed the device from the table and we planned to go to the place where he had seen the time gate in the evening.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. A subdued man in fine costume came in and introduced himself to me as the mayor. He spoke without prejudice of the fact that I had to make provision, because the whole village already knew of my arrival and – of course – about my witchcraft. He made it clear to me, that he could not protect me, if there were riots.

I tried to be kind and thanked him for his good advice. I also gave to understand, that I would soon return.

“Get well, stranger. That you may have a good journey,” were his last words, and the noble gentleman left the house.

“I think, you’ve really got yourself into trouble.  What can I do for you? Be sure, I entrust my life to you and that of my wife, even if she is still embarrassed,” he said, and sat down again.

“Do not grieve, my friend,” I replied. “We’ll wait a little, until the people have calmed down, then we’ll go to your enchanted place.”

At dusk, we quickly went to the place where he had discovered the gate. We were going straight to a hill.

“It’s behind it,” he said.

“There’s a big meadow and a field. I saw the time gate. ”

As soon as we had climbed the hill, a very different picture presented itself to us. Half to the village, they stood at the foot of the hill on the other side. They had assembled to receive us!

At first I thought that this would be a very dangerous situation, but a man from the pulk came running towards us. He wore an elaborate hat with a big feather, pointed shoes, almost like a juggler, and greeted me in the most cordial manner.

“Oh, master of time. It is a pleasure for me to see you here. Forgive my strange habitus, but we have expected you. We’ve come to listen to your words.”

“Did all the people came because of me?” I asked full of surprise.

“Yes, Mister. Many of us in the village have learned of your miracle and finally we began to believe the dark stories of this strange time gate. A few others, however, like our worthy mayor and his little band, deeply reject your presence. However, we are ready to follow your recommendations, be it whatever it is,” he replied.

Then he took his hat in a theatrical way from his head and waved it in a wide arc to bow deeply.

We went to the crowd together and the speaker was convinced, that it would be good if I had a speech. We went up a small hill, and as intuitively planned, the crowd of women and men, partly with children, followed us on the ground to the foot of the hill. Full of expectation, they looked up at us three, as we discussed.

Now I stood up there, on the little hill of the great meadow. They did not understand how I had come into their time, neither did they know, why I had come and had just turned to the man of the village, who was always unaware of the existence of a time gate. For those people who had a sense of their own life, perhaps even the inner certainty, that there is more in life than just working in the fields, to marry and so on. I just had two options: Either I flee now, or I start talking to the crowd to fullfill them with hope and new knowledge.

When I first approached, I noticed once again, how much I already had forgotten. Sometimes even small doubts arose that questioned the fact that I was a time traveller from the future. Was it the future at all? Perhaps this was all imagination.

The doubts moved still gently on the edge of my consciousness. I did not know how much time was left for me to remember. I thought, for a brief moment, that this forgetfulness is quite normal when you travel through a time gate and that incredibly many people used this travel form once. At this moment, I had no choice but to speak to the waiting people… simply intuitive… out of my thoughts.

“My friends,” I called out to the crowd. “I truly have penetrated you through a time gate to tell you that God created more than one world. His power and unlimited knowledge have never been confined to the creation of a world in which you are accustomed to live. He has been generous and has filled our world with abundant food and water, created a self-sufficient world and brought us human beings into it. Each of you is capable of using his world and shaping his personal environment as he longed for it. You can choose the paths that offer you or reject them quickly. Likewise, you can take the fame you chose and you can lead a peaceful and fulfilling life to a successful end, if you really want it. There is no power that compels you to lead a life full of suffering, guilt, and misery. You always have the choice. And I turned on the great wheel of fate and decided to come to you, just to tell you, that there will be more in your life than your work in the field and the love of your marriage and the whole course. You too can become travellers of the time, reach worlds, which will astonish you wonderfully. And whoever feels called upon by you to accept this magical and great adventure, may join me and search for the possibility of continuous travel. However, choose your plan carefully, because you could penetrate into worlds that are dangerous or deeply unfriendly, but also in worlds that are so incredibly beautiful and developed that you stop breathing. Strange worlds and unknown beings, strange animals and incomprehensible plants, new beliefs. Beings that seem to be nearer to God than we ever could, or those who even want to avoid him. We can not anticipate it in advance, but we must be prepared for everything.”

Here I was, stranded in a foreign world with low technology, an agricultural reality with mediaeval thought, with dwindling remembrance of the beginning and purpose of my journey as well as the danger of forgetting about my original person in the near future. With what technology or a successful spirit I had always jumped to this place, I did not know the way back. I was really stranded, like a survivor of a sunken ship that could save itself on a small island, infected with an amnesia. But when I thought about it a bit more closely, it was no different to all the other people who were listening to my words at the foot of this hill. They too could be stranded in this reality one day, perhaps even as a group or whole village. They only forgot the meaning of their journey and that they had the possibility to change realities and to travel at all. Thus I had entered into their footsteps and perhaps entered forever into another habitat of God.


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