Does it exist the Secret Space Program (SSP)

There are rumors about a secret space program in which people are abducted in their early childhood, trained for years and used for certain activities in space and on other planets…

Once their mission has been successfully completed, they are sent back in time to their childhood and released at the same place where they were abducted shortly after. Their memory is erased and they are allowed to continue their planned and normal lives. The activities that were carried out within this time-delayed training only exist as pale fragments of memory in the subconscious, some of which can sometimes come to the surface in dreams.

Is the Secret Space Program real?

Whether there is anything to this story is therefore difficult to discuss, especially since it already sounds so incredible in its presentation that it is hard to imagine. Secret space programs, time travel, parapsychologically oriented training and induced amnesia are already thought obstacles that make it difficult to comprehend this with one’s mind. Nevertheless, there are some people here who can remember such ventures on any exo planets. Many, however, find it a headache to think alone that they have been abused for such a program and have been returned in a subsequent time travel.

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Such missions of children should therefore be worthwhile for the leaders of this space program, since they can be trained from the pick of the litter to the appropriate. One can already genetically (?) determine the talents and dispositions of the children and then want to use them. This includes children with fighting abilities as well as those with parapsychological talents or outstanding telepathic or diplomatic qualities. These are then identified and promoted in this program. However, since this program is run under the strictest secrecy, all traces of this must always be cleanly erased. This requires extraordinary means, such as the manipulation of time and the memory of the children. It is hard to imagine such a child suddenly remembering his or her education and running around with, let’s say, psychokinetic forces and doing mischief.

Telekinesis in Dreams

As for evidence that might, but need not, point to this, perhaps my blog entries called “In Walt Disney Pajamas” and the guest article “The Girl Who Traveled Through Time” are. Surely there are more clues that could possibly have something to do with this and can be discovered via the search function within my blog on time travel. Everyone is free to judge this for himself. In any case, Youtube videos about this secret space program are often deleted or witnesses of this program report that they died a sudden and mysterious death. To what extent this actually corresponds to the facts is still unclear and may have to be treated with caution for the time being, but considering the circumstances I wanted to at least point this out, just for the sake of completeness. More articles with presumed clues can be found at the end of this article. If this is called complete nonsense, I can understand it very well.

Secret Space Program in Dreams

Tonight I woke up from a very strange dream. Just a moment ago I had been in a classroom. There were about twenty people in it and on my right was a woman named Luca. We occasionally talked secretly in the back seats when the teacher in the front of the display talked about space and other planets. We were very excited about our program, because the training started on Earth, then we were to be taken to a moon station to continue the training and then we would go to Mars. Apparently there were always stations on these celestial bodies that were used for this program.

This day was the last time we had classes in this class on earth. Today we were to be relocated to the moon station. There we would receive practical training to learn some parapsychological skills. We were very excited about it and were somehow looking forward to this fresh change of scenery.

Luca was just as excited, even though she seemed to be worried about something. The teacher had said that we should only take the bare essentials and still not leave any traces that could point to this program. To what extent this precaution was a matter of remembering or a group that was somehow constantly on our heels to expose the program remained unanswered for me, but emotionally I would say that the latter was true. The problem with remembering had always worked well so far, as we were told. I was not very happy with the fact that I could not remember such an interesting training. After all, such skills would make everyday life much easier. But probably it was too risky to suddenly appear in certain dangerous situations with such abilities as psychokinesis, telepathy or other psychic powers.

Amnesia through the Secret Space Program

It is also unclear to me to what extent one is fighting on the “right” side by participating in this program, because everyone who works with amnesia and misses out on these other people belongs a priori to a dubious group for me.

If you can’t remember an education or a certain training, for the everyday consciousness it never took place, this has to be impressively mentioned at this point, and something that never took place cannot exist. At least that is the general programming of the human being. Life is a gigantic interactive game, of which the physically existing living beings are still on level 1…

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