The hollow world. Is it a myth or a fact? There is no legend for so many background information from different areas. Whole scientific theories were built on this concept, lab experiments with rotating bodies, which actually hollowed out as well as concrete explanations for the existence and the origin of the gravitation…

So far, the science known to us has not been able to provide a clear explanation for the existence of gravitation. For some scientists, therefore, hollow-space theory is an amusing entertainment, but it is theoretically quite conclusive for others that every planet in the complete universe should be hollow. The graph shows that there are many tunnels that lead into the earth.

Unfortunately, these tunnels are often 800 miles long and it is quite expensive to cross them. The first half of the route went downhill, of course, but after crossing the gravitation ring, you have to go uphill again. This path is certainly one of the most strenuous. Carrying the water supplies along for this long stretch would be a pain. In addition, the CIA has closed many tunnel accesses – free according to the motto: ‘If we are not allowed, then no one else is’.


The access to the South Pole is much smaller and now completely covered by the ice. Thus, only the North Pole or undiscovered tunnels remain as entries. Undetected tunnels, however, are as meantioned undetected and not accessible. Consequently, the most convenient solution is the route only across the North Pole. Most satellites, in our time, there are probably about 3500 pieces meanwhile, move along the equator, either from west to east or east to west. Only very few satellites, the so-called polar satellites, move from south to north. Unfortunately, the photos that create these satellites are not accessible to the public. The well-known satellite photos of Google Earth are unfortunately fake in this area, so at least the insiders insure, and deliver simply boring, endless pictures of ice layers and water.

In the interior of the earth, the visitors hardly expect any temperature differences, no seasons and storms. Thrown shadows seem much smoother and the view is simply not to be outdated. One can see infinitely far, since the hollow earth, viewed from their perspective, is slightly curved inwards and the earth’s surface is, as is known, curved outward. This fact ensures a broad outlook. Moreover, the inner world is safe against sun radiation, meteors and space radiation. At the same time, these pleasant circumstances have a much longer service life than on the surface, often up to 300 years. It is assumed that some of the civilizations in the earth are more highly developed than on the surface. If one is to believe the hollow-world theorists, not only every existent planet is hollow, but has corresponding inputs at the poles. Thus it is quite possible that planets, which were classed as hostile to life by our space probes, could still harbor inhabitants inside. Venus or Mars could still live life, even if their surfaces are quite hostile to life.


The sea water, which flows into the interior from the North Pole and vice versa, is directly connected to one another. When entering the interior of the earth, the surface of the water is bent, and the sea is sunk in the interior of the earth. Since the gravitational ring is located between the earth’s surface and the interior of the earth, the ship moves – as viewed from the outside – on its head.

From a visual point of view, the surface inhabitants do not run around the inner inhabitants, but rather on the soles of their feet. It is assumed that the gravity in the earth’s interior is slightly less than on the surface. Some argue that there is only hot liquid inside the earth, which is also often demonstrated by volcanoes. But to assume that the existence of volcanoes disprove the hollow-earth theory is just as meaningful as saying that the body consists only of pimples and nothing special exists among them. Volcanoes are located far above the gravitational ring, both inside and outside.

In addition, it can certainly be assumed that volcanoes do not exist everywhere, nor can there be any magma liquid among the earth layers around the globe. The fact is that no one can say with absolute certainty whether there are only dense layers of rock and magma inside the earth – as taught in schools and universities. No probe can penetrate deeply into the earth and thus establish this – thus the teaching material taught to people so far is also based on legends as well as the theory of the hollow earth. But there is a very important point: If there is such a huge opening at the North Pole, then it should be found!

An expedition would therefore be the best way to clean up the legend and find out whether this hollow earth exists or not. Steve Currey, the leader of the last planned expedition suddenly died of a brain tumor shortly before the start, and another expedition of the expedition leader Brooks A. Agnew followed, and they will have one of the last of the existing civilian icebreaker ships. The expedition has yet to take place this year, as the two last ships of this type are to be finally shut down at the end of 2012. This chance is now seized with the civilian ship “Captain Kalibnikov“. It is about 150 meters long and weighs in at 23,000 tonnes, holds up to 100 passengers, has a helicopter and a small boat for short expeditions. The journey to the center of the earth takes a total of 15 days and starts in Murmansk, Russia. It certainly takes three days until you have then fought through the thick pack ice to the Arctic sea.

At the 86th latitude arrived the hope is great, that there is actually somewhere the opening can be discovered. Only then will all the legends and questions about the hollow earth answer at once. What will happen at the North Pole? Is there really an opening that leads into the legendary hollow earth? Are there civilizations that have lived in the interior of the earth since the beginning of time? This will be one of the most spectacular expeditions of history. The NPIEE team (North Pole Inner Earth Expedition) will collect as much scientific data, study and samples as possible, as well as to test the dynamics of our planet and find out if there is an opening at the North Pole. Before the departure there is also a lot of press work to be done. After all, it will be one of the greatest expeditions in history. This includes, inter alia, interviews with magazines, radio, television, even with the MUFON and some other associations and associations dealing with UFOs, extraterrestrials and the hollow earth theory.

During the journey, which is of course a natural science, organic and biological samples are collected, which are found under the ice. Soil and water analyzes, ice analyzes, dolphins, fish, whales, polar bears and underwater and under ice photography will be part of everyday life. Infrared devices can be used to locate sources of heat under the water, and you may encounter USOs (Unknow Sea Objects), which are actually the same as UFOs, just underwater, which are invisible to the naked eye. Permanent meditation will also be part of everyday life, in case you are actually being hit on more advanced civilizations. In addition to the extremely stereotypical sky, the famous northern light will surely enchant you. The journey will therefore be as followed:

Day 1: Transport of passengers and equipment from New York and London to Russia.
Day 2: Afterwards to Moscow, from there flying to Murmansk and on board the berths are allocated.
Day 3: Now you are dropped and broken to Finland. The rules and equipment are explained, contact is made with networks and satellites and a Livestream is established.
Day 4: Arrival in Finland. Small tour of Finland for meetings and conferences. Return to Yamal.
Day 5: We continue to the island of Ellismere. There are lessons in marine biology, polar astronomy and hollow-world history. In addition, much meditation is being organized to prepare for possible encounters with higher civilizations. Stress-prone travelers with uncontrolled outbursts of rage are less favorable. The northern light is observed. Then follows the distribution of the clothing and the food.
Day 6: The ice is broken. Further education in polar and marine biology. Magnetic and other measurements are performed, also with respect to the polar light.
Day 7: Continue cracking ice. The helicopter is sent out to find the best route for the icebreaker. Samples of ice and water are also collected. In addition, it is investigated whether there are streams pointing to the coordinates at which the opening is to be located. Finally, there is still teaching in meditation and awareness training.
Day 8: The magnetic pole is reached. Further search is made for indications for opening into the hollow world. Continue ice cracking and emit heli. Collect samples and meditate. Day 9: The magnetic pole is analyzed, mapped and searched for the opening. Analyze northern light, emit heli, crack ice. Meditation. Day 10: Now it is time to apply constant meditation. An attempt is being made to attract the attention of the hollow earth – in case the opening can be camouflaged in some form. 24-hour observation of the then hopefully emerging presence of the inner earth. Collect samples. Final mapping of the environment and sea water inclination to the opening. Return to Murmansk.
Day 11: Continue to Murmansk. Further investigation of circular opening. Exchange on the experiences and studies.
Day 12: Leaving the ice and into the open sea. Drive to Murmansk. Exchange on the experiences and studies.
Day 13: Arrival in Murmansk. Closing discussions. Pack and prepare everything to check out.
Day 14: Return to Moscow. Final meal with the crew.
Day 15: Travel home.

I myself have contacted the Brooke Agnew and crew and perhaps they still need a photographer or someone who writes everything for an exciting book. The biggest problem I see is the tremendous cold. I am not very sensitive to cold, but I do not know how it will be for two weeks in such an environment. But I guess the crew is already standing. If necessary, you can hopefully pursue your expedition via a Livestream.

(Note on my own account: I am aware that fascistoid groups like to speculate about the hollow world or inner earth as a refuge of fled Nazis and Adolf Hitler personally, as well as the theory that there is a “new swarming land” in the inner earth on which the Nazis are now happy and satisfied, and I dissociate myself from this view, and consider the hollow-world theory as an inner world, which the human has not yet explored. The Nazis knew about the inner world at war, but they did not gain access the theory of a world with continents and inhabitants in the interior of the earth has existed far before the existence of any Nazis or political-radical sentiments, and I put my research into it, so I am not part of any political group or left-wing or right-wing perspective: I am just an impartial and curious researcher on this exciting theory.)



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The Hollow Earth: The Gravitation Ring and the Expedition (Part 2)