Retrieving: The Deceased and his Spirit Guide in the Hereafter

After I had astrally detached myself from my body, I was suddenly at the front door. Obviously I had skipped the bedroom and moved outside without further notice…

However, I noticed that someone was near the house and was also in his astral body. I was able to locate the shadowy body quickly and tried to contact him to find out what he was doing here. I was sure that it was a deceased person who had recently experienced physical death.

When I had come within a few meters of him, he suddenly ran away. I ran after him, but before I could reach him, he had disappeared. But I had been able to pick up his identification, i.e. I had a feeling for his charisma and for his being, and I could follow him.

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I found myself in a large room. Next to me stood the deceased and looked at me in surprise.

“How did you find me?” he asked me.

In the meantime he no longer appeared to me as a dark shadow, but he stood before me in a completely normal way and was easy to perceive. It was as if I was facing a person in everyday life, that’s how clearly I saw him now.

“I was able to record your identification and therefore it was possible for me to follow you after your teleportation …”, I explained.

He looked at me irritated and obviously tried to understand my words correctly.

“Do you know what happened?”, I asked him. “I mean, what happened to you?”

With this question I wanted to find out whether he already knew that he had died or whether he, like many others, had successfully repressed this in some way.

“I… I… don’t know. I had an accident, I think, and then I walked around and showed up at different places again and again. It confused me a lot. I mean, what happens to me when I suddenly find myself in this place or that place? Is something like that possible?”

“Well, it depends,” I replied. “What’s your guess about what happened?”

“I have a dull feeling that something has happened to me… …maybe I died because of it.”

His statement gave me hope that it would not be difficult with him, because he considered that he might have died and still be alive – on the astral plane.

While I then explained to him that he had simply changed into the astral body or his survival body due to the death of his body, he took this quite calmly. He was happy that he had survived his own death and that there was indeed life after death.

Then I noticed another figure appearing in the room. It was his spirit guide. I immediately explained to him that each person had his own Spirit Guide and that the Spirit Guide had come to contact him. I mediated between the two of them until he too could perceive him.

Now the three of us stood there and he talked to his spirit guide. So my presence became more and more in the background, but I decided to stay for a while to see if the communication between the two would continue to run smoothly.

The spirit guide seemed a bit strict and created a piano in front of the deceased. I thought I overheard that his name was Rolf.

So Rolf stood in front of this piano and his spirit guide said to him

“Look at the piano. It is important that you quickly play one of the keys to show me that you can make a quick decision. As soon as you play the key, you must be clear where you want to go.

“I don’t quite understand that,” Rolf said.

“When you die, you have to make sure that you go to a place that is safe for you or corresponds to the place you want to be as fast as possible. This action must be done quickly so that you don’t get lost in any realities or get caught up in beings that mislead you. That’s why I want you to imagine a place now and once you do that, you play a key that is supposed to be like a start signal,” the guide patiently explained.

Now Rolf stood irritated in front of the piano and did not know which key to press…

“Too late already,” said the guide and raised his eyebrows.

He was obviously not satisfied with Rolf’s hesitation.

“I don’t know which place I should imagine! Should I go to my wife or to my child… or perhaps somewhere else after all? Should it be a place that is on earth or somewhere here in this new world?

Rolf continued to argue.

“You should not choose a place on earth. It is better to imagine a place that is here in this new world or beyond, so that you can get there as quickly as possible…”, added his spiritual guide.

“I don’t know which place to imagine! Should I go to my wife or my child… …or maybe somewhere else after all? Should it be a place that is on earth or somewhere here in this new world?

Rolf continued to argue.

“You should not choose a place on earth. It is better to imagine a place that is here in this new world or beyond, so that you can get there as quickly as possible…”, added his spiritual guide.

At some point Rolf managed to hit a key and the next moment he disappeared.

“Finally!” cried the spirit guide.

Then he turned to me and said: “And thank you very much for your help. As you know, most of the deceased do not notice their spirit guide.

I could only agree with that, because spirit guides no longer have an astral body, but the higher frequented mental body. However, this is more difficult to perceive from the astral body. So he was glad that I could mediate here.

We said goodbye and I felt that my physical body was calling me back…

~. ~

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  1. ery interesting Jonathan that you where in the background and did observe the communication between the deceased human in the astral body and the “spirit guide”.. But I have some questions.. Why did not the spirit guide tell the deceased human about the black exit loop holes? Because isnt that the way we should go if we want to be truly free and get back all our memories and other selfs and become whole again? Isnt the spirit guides we meet here in the astral dimensions ect within the matrix? So the spirit guide works for the matrix? Do you encourage people to listen to their spirit guides within the matrix? Atleast the spirit guide he did meet did not encourage him to go back to earth. Regards Alexander

    1. Author

      Hi Alex,
      thank you for your comment.
      Many spirit guides believe that we have to go the common way to leave the matrix. So they not often recommend this, exspecially not for these people, who have had never a clue of it.
      Best regards, Jonathan

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