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Questions and Answers: Beloved deceased

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Question: “My question is whether you have experiences with meeting the spirit of deceased loved ones, who were very close to you, during your astral trips? May be you have not lost anybody so close as I did. My wish is to meet my son. Robert A. Monroe has described in one of his books that he actually managed to meet his wife, but it was very difficult emotionally. So I believe it is possible.”

Answer: In any case, it is possible to reunite relatives or family or even his beloved partner on the astral plane. This is even happening all the time, unfortunately only a few remember it. A very good friend of mine drowned in my youth in a boat accident. In the night after this accident, which was highly speculative, because of the death of his brother, he dived in my room. I could not see it but feel and smell clearly. There was a smell in my room exactly as it had smelled at the lake’s accident. That was very creepy then. I told him that he was dead and I wish him all the best for his journey to infinity. He did not come back. But it just seemed to me, because now and then I dreamed of him. It was only remembrances, after all, I was only 16 years old at that time and I had not much to do with astral travelling. Only many years later, when I began with the astral travelling, he sometimes passed. The last time I remember spontaneously was when we met on the middle astral plane and heated around with motorcycles. I mentioned this experience, I believe, here in my blog. One can assume that most of the dreams are with deceased relatives are distorted and weak reminders of a resurrection. The problem is therefore not the possibility or the feasibility, but simply our lack of memory. It is therefore up to us and not to the hereafter to make it short. For this reason, it is important to train parallel memory. After death, the deceased reaches the intermediate level. There he has time to orient himself and become aware of his condition. Then, when everything has worked, the person reaches the middle level. This jump to the middle plane is not always easy. Unfortunately, we also bring back the deceased with our grief back to the physical plane, because grief works like a magnet for deceased relatives. They are then withdrawn to the physical plane and then have to reach the middle level. Very popular among the deceased is to blow the relatives in the neck. This means something like a “good day” on the astral plane. Try to remember, maybe something happened to you. As soon as one mourns, the relative is always in the room after seconds. He can not help it, it’s like a call. Unfortunately, we do not perceive them because we have learned to ignore them.



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