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Dreamnight: The Return to the Place of Awakening

In this dream, I returned to a place where several people lived. There were maybe a good fifty people. I had been gone for twenty years and came back a little bruised…

I hobbled and was injured in some places because I had been through a lot during that time. And today I came back to the place where I lived for a long time, but where I had once left.

When I was back in the large meeting room, many of them looked at me. I knew they remembered me and talked about me. So I figured they weren’t too supportive of my return.

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There I sat alone against a wall and watched the driver of those present. Then several of them came up to me. I expected that they would tell me what I was doing here and that I should kindly go back where I came from. So I got up to see what they had to say to me. But everything turned out completely different. More and more of them surrounded me and wanted to greet me.

Some were even eager to just touch me. They were overjoyed to see me and in the conversation with them it became extremely clear that they wanted to declare me their leader based on my experience and my accumulated knowledge. I hadn’t expected this in any way and was a little irritated at first. The previous leader of this group also approached me and explained:

“We never expected you to return. We assumed that we would never see you again or that you would lose your way or simply disappear or even die. But now you are back here and we are happy that you have returned to us. You now have the most experience in this area and for this reason it is important that you lead us now. We want to share in your knowledge … ”

After many introduced themselves to me personally, they decided to take me to the Awakening Place.

“The place of awakening is our sacred place. You will see what we mean. We really want to show you this place, because everything is possible there,” the leader explained to me.

We left the big building, which seemed like a cinema to me and had appeared more often in my dreams. Outside we then walked along some streets that were probably part of a city. All of this seemed to me like a kind of student town or something like that. The people who accompanied me were also around 20-40 years old, no one was younger or older.

Then we came to the mentioned place. It was round and maybe fifty meters in diameter. Some deciduous trees lined the square and the ground was sandy brown with ingeniously laid stones.

Further we walked into the square closed and to my surprise there was an incredible clarity in my head. It was now possible for me to think absolutely clearly and distinctly. My experiences so far were automatically lined up like a red thread and suddenly made perfect sense. I could now explain so many things to myself and I understood and saw through so many things. Like realizations they streamed into my consciousness. Nothing had been pointless in any way, in vain or in vain, but everything was now moving into its meaningful place in my head. As I watched the others, I was able to see that the other people in this place were no different.

They too walked around thoughtfully and with bright faces, because they too understood all the things that they had done in their lives. I tried to absorb the power of this place even deeper and then I remembered, for example, a moment in which I had an encounter with an animal that was hiding in a drainpipe. I remembered that at the time I had asked myself why this had happened to me in particular and what symbolism it might have. But now I even recognized the meaning of this banal experience, even more, I was able to speak to this animal retrospectively!

So I communicated with this animal and I deeply understood the whole situation. This is only a small example now, because many other situations flowed through my consciousness and everything became crystal clear and made absolute sense. It was like a giant puzzle that now put itself together and let me see the big picture.

Before, each of my life experiences had been a piece of the puzzle that had been lying on top of all the other puzzle pieces, but now I could put the complete puzzle together until it was visible in its complexity and in its entirety. The bigger picture could only emerge when I entered this place and my understanding and understanding took on an incredible depth.

I could now write novels about all these realizations and insights, but I wish everyone to gain this profound knowledge for themselves. Everyone will come to this point one day, be it in this place or in another.

When I slowly threatened to wake up in my bed, my consciousness moved, as often before, through the theta state and then through the alpha range, that is, through the hypnagogic state or focus 12. When I crossed this state, I heard a voice off-screen, talking to me. But she was talking to another part of myself that I was not immediately aware of at that moment.

As I turned my attention to catching up on some of this conversation, I only caught a few words… words like “Place of Awakening”, “Remember” and “Copenhagen”. Unfortunately, I cannot confirm whether these words can be connected with one another or not. I’m afraid I haven’t caught enough words. Perhaps in the future it will show what this is all about…

~. ~

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