Reincarnation Memories

Reincarnation Memory: The pirate Bride

“Reincarnation Memories” has to do with my other lifes in the past as well as in the future, recalled dreams that have the subject of reincarnation. My memories are not invented, they are dreamt or experienced in altered states of consciousness.

I was in a strange spelunce. Around me sat strangely dressed some men. They wore dirty shirts, worn-out 3/4 long trousers and black boots. There were swords on the tables, ropes, steering wheels, sails, weapons and other things hung on the walls. It was very loud and there was much celebrated and grungy. Sometimes someone fell around and stayed on the ground or screamed loudly. I was in the middle of a pirate nest!

It was also quite dark here and I had arranged here with a good friend. I still had my memory of my everyday life, I thought at first I was only in a disco or in a strange pub, but the appearance of the people and the environment indicated that I was here in a different life. I had so far only the memory of being a trader who had just escaped from the pirates, but as it turned out, I pointed out that during the course of my life I had changed sides and became a pirate myself … Then the wooden door was thrown open and the friend came in with whom I had made an appointment. The moment I saw her, I was amazed not so badly because she had the same EIS (Emotional Identity Signature) as a woman named Daria, whom I had met on the Internet a few months ago. So it was surprising to see her here at this place. Daria as a pirate bride! That was very amusing… but somehow it suited a little to her character.

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She came in the company of a very slim and dark-haired woman. It may have been her sister or just a girlfriend. Both were very attractive and they sat down to me at the table, where I had sat so far alone. We greeted each other very warmly and hugged each other long, because we had not seen each other for many months.

Everyone had been busy in his own way. Suddenly, tumult broke out. A group of pirates, considered to be very aggressive and ruthless, had risen from their tables. They were partial brethren, and whoever dared to put them in the way, whether accidentally or intentionally, usually did not survive this.

They were strong in the group. Many of them were now intimidated, so as not to get in their way, others breathed a sigh of relief that they finally wanted to leave the establishment. They walked past us, leaving the Spelunke, whispering and grunting.

“Finally they’re out here,” said Darias girlfriend.

She seemed very elegant and agile. She wore a dark ruffle blouse and ocher, tight trousers. Her eyes sparkled wildly in the candlelight. A smile flitted over her lips as she looked at me. I nodded to give her her right.

“You should give them a lesson,” Daria said, looking after them.

I felt clearly that she wanted to run after them, one by one.

“Control yourself, they will be alert to you, and I have to get you out there again.” we laughed.

Life as a pirate took me and I forgot my life as Jonathan more and more. We ran through the streets, drank wine, and amused ourselves royally. Sometimes we kissed and hugged each other, and sometimes we argued when her friend embraced me too lovingly. We met an acquaintance, who was sometimes also in the pirate pub. He was rarely seen on a ship and never had enough money to afford another clothes and was dependent on small night raids.

“I have just learned that the brothers have stolen some of your belongings,” he told me without much ado.

“Really?” I asked suspiciously.

“Yes, they have stolen it from your ship. I just saw her past me and was able to listen to the conversation.”

“Thank you for your information. I’ll see what I can do.” I gave him a coin and he disappeared.

“What can you do?” Daria shouted.

“We’ll just grab the guys and get them ready!”

“We’re just a third and you’re not a tree of a guy!”

“When we get together, then,” she replied.

“Well, but surely you are still lacking in size,” I replied snappily.

Then they tore the sabers from their vagaries, lifted them up, and looked at me with their eyes flashing. So they were really much bigger anyway…”

“Good,” I said. “We’ll first get the two brothers with the tattoos and get them done. After that, we could be lucky and the rest of the troops spread in the wind.”

The women bravely agreed and took their sabers. We set out to find the brothers. We decided to divide each other and at the right moment to peek at each one of the brothers and down.

I went alone while they were staying together. This condition I had already put to the two. If they already exaggerated, they might be more successful. I was worried about the two of them, but I trusted in their trickery. After a few hours I was able to find one of the brothers. He stood with a stranger and they seemed to be negotiating something. If I saw him standing there with his broad cross, he seemed to be quite strong and difficult to overcome. He wore an ugly undershirt and his tattoo pranced on his back. It was something Spanish, if I’m not mistaken. I went up to the two and pulled my saber…

“Now I’ve caught the thief! Nobody is going to get hands on my belongings, and then get away with them.” I briefly considered whether the goods were important enough for me, so I took a hunt in a dark gutter and put him to battle.

The dialogue was raging in my head… if I let him go unhindered, they would do it again and again and from time to time dreist and greedy. But it was already too late. He had turned to me and looked at me hostilely. I had challenged him and now I had the consequences. There are ships, if one hangs on these, then one must at least stick with them until the next island.

“Look at that! There is someone who wants to die. Someone who thinks he has caught a favorable moment by being able to put up with me…”

His stern gaze was very amusing, which then gave way to a sudden perplexity when his interlocutor turned out of the dust, and was no longer to be seen.

“Now it’s a just fight! You can no longer hide behind your brother and your friends!” I reproached him.

He reached for his saber and ran wildly towards me.

“I’ll tear your head and blame him for the rats!”…

Something like that came from him. I do not know it anymore.

The sabers bounced and there were bright sounding noises. There was a lot of power in his blows, but he was far less manoeuvrable, and he quickly realized that he had underestimated me. Somehow he jumped back and fled into an alley. I ran after him. Here it was even darker than on the main road. I could hardly see anything. Maybe he just lied behind the next corner to ram his blade into his stomach… but then I saw him desperately trying to climb a facade. His goal was a higher level flat roof. Presumably he wanted to find the shortest way to his ship to send me his entourage, so that they would take the muck for him. I hunted afterwards and on the roof I could get him.

Again the blades struck each other and a short time later I could defeat him. He found his death in the darkness of the night on the roof of a small house. Now it was time to find Daria and her companion as quickly as possible! I had to help them. Perhaps they were not as easy as I was, and were at this very moment already in the worst danger. Perhaps the informant had betrayed something to the scoundrels from before. For money he would simply do everything and was therefore not necessarily very trustworthy.

Slowly ideas came into my head, in which I saw both raped and dead lying on the ground. I ran over the roof and looked for the two of them. The ship of the brothers lay still in the harbor, but I could find no trace of them. Slowly I went back and thought about where the two of them were. Suddenly I saw two shadows coming out of the foggy darkness on the main path. What battle did I have to master?

Then Daria and her companion emerged from the darkness. They ran towards me and we hugged each other. They had also been successful.

“We have to celebrate this!” Daria shouted.

“Better not,” I replied. “We better celebrate among ourselves, because we have to wait now, what happens with their followers and whether they will be distributed or re-formed. As soon as they are distributed, then the victory is ours!”

 True, we should not challenge our destiny too much!” Daria laughed and we did as I said. We celebrated together untill the morning. At least I guess it was morning, because unfortunately I awoke at this point. Surely it was an exciting night…


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