Retrieving: Journey into the Underworld – The Lower Astral Plane

At night I detached myself from my body and I was already expected. A woman and a man stood in my bedroom and wanted me to accompany them into the lower astral plane…

We went thereupon first of all outside into the usual everyday world. We arrived at a large building. When we entered it, I saw several doors and a large foyer. It looked to me like a public building, maybe even official.

Portals to the Lower Astral Plane

“Look here and here…,” the woman said to me, pointing her finger at the floor.

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There I recognized several white flaps, one on my left and one on my right. They were about 80 cm in diameter and at first seemed to me only like ventilation shafts or the like. But on closer inspection, this function could not really apply to them.

I found these flaps to be a very good camouflage. Anyone who saw them would think they were part of an air conditioning system.

“These are portals to the lower astral plane,” the woman commented. “They lead down one level. You have to think of the lower astral plane as being on plates that can shift, or maybe like a revolving stage. When the lower plane shifts, then one reality or another comes out, which is then just below the everyday plane.”

I tried to understand her words, but didn’t quite realize their meaning yet.

“Come with me and I’ll show you how it works, then you’ll understand…”

I opened the hatch to my left and dove in. It was quite a seamless transition…

Entering the Underworld

Now I was in the lower astral plane, just below the everyday world. Shortly after, the couple was also standing next to me again.

“Try to keep a low profile here. If your disguise as a visitor is noticed from the outside, then we have to get out of here again…. And this before we have completed our mission.”

“What is our mission, then,” I asked.

The man turned to me and explained, “We want to get some people out of here who have sent a subconscious cry for help that they want to leave this world here. So don’t get distracted and don’t stand out.”

Now I had time to look around more closely.

The atmosphere of this world seemed dark and oppressive. I felt like I was in a feature film from the 1930s. It was as if I were in the time of National Socialism. The colors of this reality were very pale, almost as if this were a black-and-white film. Everywhere I recognized barrier tapes, dark streets and alleys. Many cars were standing around and looked as if they were hardly used anymore.

After I continued walking with them through the streets, I saw many prohibition signs and again and again some people wearing full body suits. These suits had symbols on their arms and backs that gave the impression that they were working in a nuclear power plant. However, this did not seem to be the case; they looked as if they were government agents fighting a virus.

For example, I saw a group of people approached by the people with the full body suits and stopped them. They demanded that they were only allowed to be between the barrier tapes. They also wanted to spray the group with a white foam so that they would be disinfected. They also harangued these people as they were reluctant to do so.

Trapped in a scary lower Astral Plane

“Make sure you don’t attract the attention of these people. You could endanger our mission,” the man next to me said.

I nodded mutely and we continued walking through this reality with a depressing doomsday atmosphere.

“This reality you see here is just below your everyday life. It’s much worse here than what many people are experiencing in your everyday lives right now. So this lower astral plane is an aggravated version of your everyday plane. They correlate with each other now, and many people who die end up down here first.”

“But that’s not at all nice for the deceased. Is there any way to influence this revolving stage so that it moves on and loses its influence on everyday life?”, I wanted to know.

“We are already trying to do that, but it is not easy. The lower revolving stage acts vehemently on the one above it. This influence must first be interrupted. Once it is interrupted, then the lower level can continue to rotate. It is like a gigantic clockwork…”

For a moment I believed that I could glimpse all the everyday and lower astral planes from the outside. It really seemed like a big clockwork with hundreds of turning platforms. Like a cogwheel, inside a clock, this or that plane was moving. But this reality we were in right now was locked under the everyday world. The influence seemed obvious.

For a brief moment, things got dicey. A team with yellow full-body suits looked over at us. They were coming towards us and were going to stop us, but suddenly we heard some shouting from an alley and they changed direction.

We ran around some barrier tape and were now walking on wet cobblestones. The cars that were standing around looked abandoned to me and not used for a long time. There were no cars driving, let alone motorcycles or bicycles. Only a few people were out and about, walking scared and crouched, as if they didn’t want anyone to notice them.

At some point we came to a gray house. Inside were some deceased people who had slipped into this lower astral world.

“We take them out of the house and bring them to the middle astral plane. There they will be safe and can unfold again and live in peace,” the woman said to me. “This is certainly better than living here in fear and terror, fearing to be locked up and controlled forever.”

That was the moment when I felt as if we had traveled back in time to the late thirties of Germany. But nobody was wearing a Nazi uniform here, there were just a lot of people in yellow full-body suits with weapons, containers and some kind of spraying devices in their hands.

Shortly after, we went inside the house and met four people hiding in a dark room. They did not know that they were deceased, nor did they know that they could have left this dark reality at any time. Moreover, they were unaware that they had left the everyday plane.

We planned not to be so quick to tell them about their situation and to simply direct them out of the house, through the dark alleys and to the next portal so they could get out of here. Therefore, we told them we were from the resistance and had found a place for them where it was still peaceful and beautiful.

Without much hesitation, they followed us.

After sneaking through the streets together, we arrived at the “exit” from this uncomfortable astral plane. We led them up to the middle astral plane and there they could start a new life….

~. ~

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