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Reincarnation Memories: The World in the Sphere

“Reincarnation Memories” has to do with my other lifes in the past as well as in the future, recalled dreams that have the subject of reincarnation. My memories are not invented, they are dreamt or experienced in altered states of consciousness.

I was in a huge ballroom. The festivities had begun and everyone was dancing. A chamber music group was at the other end of the hall and played classical music. The clothes rushed past me, with narrow waists and bulging balloon robes. I think, it was my life from the turn of the century (about 1860-1920). There I was a proprietor and landlord, I mean, maybe even a lord from the English lordship near London. I have always been interested in occultism in this life and I was very enthusiastic about these topics…

In my dreams, as well as in the waking state, I had briefed myself with this past life and suspect, that this was my last life before I re-entered the physical world as Jonathan again. I like the time around the century turn very much. I had a large company there, a wonderful mansion, I was very wealthy, and I was also in the higher groups of society. In addition, I was happily married and had several daughters. Even in my present life some of my daughters visited me, in another body. But I must be honest, I was not interested in the attractive dancing women or thinking about my life in the Lordship, but rather my conversation partner, who sat in a fine suit beside me on a chair and had told me about a monstrous theory, Which I could not believe easily…


“You know, Sir, it may sound absurd, but all these ladies and gentlemen, you can see here, are also in this sphere, which I am trying to tell you about.”

“What kind of sphere is that? “I asked.

“That’s right, I saw thissphere and originally this theory about the existence of this sphere was launched by a Professor T.”

Unfortunately, I forgot the professor’s name, but it sounded similar to “Trachtenheimer” or something. The name sounded a little German, unfortunately I am no sure about that.

“What’s the matter with this sphere?” I asked.

“This sphere hangs on a chain and lies on the ocean floor of an oversized and distant ocean. It has been there for ages and includes the whole world, with all the people, things, and places they know or heard of. For eons, evolution has been in this sphere, and nobody, I really mean no one, has the faintest idea of its existence.”

It sounded monstrous and I could hardly believe his words, but this topic was of great interest to me. In my current life as Jonathan, I have had similar experiences in which I had experienced myself several times in a sphere, but as the men described it, I had not heard of it, yet.

“I would like to get to know this professor.”

“I can understand that very well,” he explained. “I met him and he told me everything about this sphere and later he gave me the opportunity to see this sphere for once. It was indeed there! It was downright crazy and an incredible experience that I will never forget!”

“And what else have you seen?”

“In the following, I could see that the few people who know about the existence of this sphere, with the help of the professor, knew that this sphere has been on the bottom of this ocean for millions of years. But this state has now changed. Some unknown power has dragged on the chain and now it is slowly pulled out of the sea, bit by bit, which can take many years.”

“And who or what pulls on the chain and where does this power bring the sphere?” I asked curiously.

“This is completely unclear and no one can say this because everyone is in the sphere and no one can say what is outside. In any case, the last time I saw this sphere, I could see that it was hanging on a rock wall in the middle of a sea cliff. It rocked a little, but I could clearly see that it moved slowly upwards.”

I tried to imagine what he was portraying to me. It was almost unbelievable to assume that we were in such a sphere or that the whole existent world, as we know it, is in that sphere, but in any case he was completely convinced of his own words and there was no single doubt for him.

We talked for a very long time about this sphere and he gave me some more details, but I unfortunately forgot about it. Nevertheless, a very interesting experience and a good dream talk. After I woke up, I naturally thought about it and had to think about my MCE (Matrix Cocoon Experience), which are my own experiences about living in the matrix, a kind of tissue cocoon surrounding every living being, which can only be perceived on the higher astral plane. When I saw this matrix cover for the first time, I was completely perplexed and could hardly believe that it really existed! In my life as the “Lord” may have felt not different from this ominous professor. The name Trachtenheimer actually exists, as I could tell from Google, but there is no professor or any other known person with that name. Also, as already mentioned, I am very unsure about the name.


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