Guest Post: The desperate Mother

The section “Guest article” is about the experiences of the visitors of my Matrixblog. Anyone who is interested in publishing his out of body experience or his lucid dream or an exciting real experience from his everyday life in my blog, can send me a message. These can also be published in one of my books. I am looking forward to your letters.

Thanks to Gisela for writing me and telling me about your story. Gisela will now share her experience:

“Between 3:00 and 5:00 a.m. I was laying in bed awake and I thought full of anger and sadness about the office (luckily, the situation there has changed considerably in the following years). Desperately, I am sending a cry for help to my psyche, asking for therapeutic dreams and for an astral journey…


Suddenly I was relaxed, happy and satisfied. Great! I will do an astral journey! I try to keep my physical body relaxed in bed, and at the same time turn the astral body gently to the right. And if this does not work out, I try to get the primeval force of life to rise in me and I will use it as a drive for a journey. Everything failed. Now it’s enough! I jumped out of bed and jumped up and down under my ceiling. Done! I am in the astral body…

From the side window (which in reality does not exist) I jumped down onto the street, but after a very short flight I gotflashbacked back in bed. Frustrated, I turned to the side, but a crackle-crackling sound frightened me. Who or what is in my apartment? After I had calmed down, I send a warm welcome to the stranger and suggested to myself:

“I live in a safe and benevolent universe.”

I looked through my room and discovered a cord that extends vertically from the back of my old couch and that was moving gently. Who moves the cord? My own thoughts, or is this a strange power? I tried to change the movements of the cord by my own will. Suddenly I recognized my condition and jumped from the bed to the ceiling to check my condition. After I opened the window, I hold myself on the parapet and extended my arm down two floors to the street and climbed out of the window. The street was brightly lit, and many people were on the road. In a dark gateway there was a tiny boy. Where the child was standing, everything was dark and blurry. The little one started running, and I followed him. The boy, about five years old, is only 30 cm tall. He is wearing a shiny jumpsuit. Spontaneously, I took him into my arm and told him:

“You are a very dear and nice little boy. I love you! ”

“You are very dear and very beautiful, ” he said. I was curious about how he is seeing me. My heart flowed over because of tenderness for the child. I stroked him and cuddled with him. “Where do you live? And where are your parents? “I asked.

The boy pointed his finger at the first floor of a house and said, “This is my mother.”

Tears were running down the cheeks of the woman at the window. She and her girlfriends are upset and desperate. The little boy had just died, that’s what I realized and suddenly I got a bit scared. I tried to clarify the child gently about his situation.

“What am I supposed to do?” The little one asked helplessly.

Helpless and somewhat overstrained, I said:

“You can stay with me for a while. Would you like to visit your mother again? ”

“I love my mother so much,” the boy explained.

The boy and I walked through the manless ground floor of his parents’ house. On the first floor we meet his mother, who couldn’t see us.

“Can you hear us?” I asked.

“Yes, I can hear you,” she whispered, amazed.

While I am talking to the woman who was able to hear me but couldn’t see me, I suddenly knew that there was a terrible contagious disease (meningitis) here.

Suddenly a tick was on my arm. Disgusting! I was surprised that this can happen in the astral body. The boy turned into a watery fluid. The mother had the glass with the water-clear liquid in her hands.

One part of me is talking to the mourning mother, telling her to drink this liquid, and the other part of me is very amazed. After the woman had emptied the glass, a small smoke cloud was floating in the air and then suddenly dissapeard. I then realized, that the smoke cloud, was her deceased son. In the middle of the night, my twin sister and I ran through Mainz-Weisenau. We could hear water splashing. We turned around the corner and came to the Rheinstraße. It is raining in masses, and the water flowedin torrents across the road.

“In the astral body, we can get wet without a problem. That does not matter at all,” I said to Ingrid.

We were balancing on a narrow, high bourgeoisie along the Rheinstrasse and suddenly Ingrid disappeared. I strolled through the Augustine Bridge in Mainz. Countless people were on the road. I would like to experience the Augustine Bridge in the Middle Ages, I thought and wished myself to be there. Suddenly I received the following telepathic warning:

“You do not want to be here in the Middle Ages, when the witch persecutions took place!”

Not yet quite convinced, I wished myself instead to experience the Augustinergasse in another reality and in a happy middle age.” Immediately on this request, all people wore magnificent fairy tale costumes. In front of me a tall man with a crown of gold paper on his head. He was laughing. Did he send me the telepathic warning?”


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