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Dream Archieve: The Labyrinth of Penumbra

“From the dream archive” is always a dream or a consciousness experience that I experienced many years ago that left a huge impression. I would like to remind you that these interesting dreams are not part of the past, and readers can always read them whenever they want.

When I began with lucid dreaming, I tried again and again to become even more lucid and even more versatile in this extraordinary ability. One of the most intensive and ingenious experiences I experienced was when I discovered the labyrinth of Penumbra.

It is an incomprehensible and fascinating feeling to dive into this world. This is an alien and objective existing reality, which is, the closest one, you can achieve through dreaming. It is built like a mighty beehive, and as bees collect honey, the inhabitants gather there pure energy. This can also be felt very much and to the greatest extent when you enter the labyrinth. When I first came into contact with this labyrinth, that was…


Labyrinth of Penumbra – Saturday, June 23, 1990

I had laid down on Saturday afternoon. In the days before, it was astonishingly easy for me to become lucid three times, the nights before. This had brought me a lot of highly exciting experiences and a lot of dream energy. I rarely felt so energized and had thought about, for what I could use this energy in everyday life. But I was healthy, money was not important, and I couldn’t complain about love.

So there was nothing I wanted at that time. I could not think of anything, so I decided to keep the collected energy in me for as long as possible in order to use it for further lucid dream experiences.

This afternoon, I felt more excellent and determined than ever to experience another lucid dream experience. I closed the blinds, put myself in the bed, stuffed a pair of ear plugs into my ears, and concentrated on the many dots that were hovering in front of my closed eyelids, and at the same time listening to my current of consciousness.

I immediately felt the lightness and flexibility of my consciousness because of the already collected energy. I did not drift in my mind or was distracted by some thoughts, but my concentration and intent were messy. When I eventually felt the urge to meddle in the meditation, I tore myself together uncompromisingly.

My desire to leave my body was so strong through the energy collected so far that it was able to unfold its full force without having to use a great technique.

A Portal like a Tunnel

Suddenly a kind of tunnel opened before my eyes. It looked like a tube and glowed in golden color. The next moment I shot out of my body with an incredible speed! Before I could actually realize what was happening here, I raced through a large, golden tunnel. It had perhaps a diameter of about 10-20 meters.

After a 20-meter-distance, I repeatedly saw departments or depressions in this tunnel. The whole atmosphere was static, as if I were flying through a power cable. Everything crackled around me and sizzled. I felt a clear energy that recharged all my batteries. It was exhilarating and absolutely fascinating at the same time! It was a completely strange world, incomprehensible and a complete mystery for me. I felt like Columbus, who had discovered new land. This, however, was definitely not a world created by humans, and there were also no humans!

Actually, I wanted to address my astral body, as I assumed I was in it, but had to realize that it did not respond to my request. I could not address my astral body. It was impossible for me! I tried again and again, while I was already chasing the next tunnel. Whatever I did, the astral body did not react.

Suddenly I heard a cool female voice in my head, which reminded me of an announcement at the department store:

“Attention! The instance 004 is unfortunately not available!”

This was extremely strange, because I could not at first imagine what the instance 004 could have been. Then I remembered that I have several dream diaries in which I always try to categorize my dreams, and the fourth of these books is that in which I write all my out of body experiences. I had even numbered them.

Did this woman’s voice mean that I could not switch to the astral body in this labyrinth of golden tunnels?

In any case, I could not make a different rhyme on her message. This voice belonged to a person who was behind me on the left and accompanied me. And as we flew farther and farther, I felt an incredible increase of my psychic energy. Not ten astral journeys in one night could have generated as much energy as this hunt through this labyrinth system did.

I felt this energy flowing through my entire being and suddenly everything seemed possible! It was a truly uplifting and wonderful feeling. The female accompaniment was still at my side and I began to worry. My attempts to wake up do not reach me. As soon as I intended to contact my physical body in spirit, he was unattainable.

Strange Glyphs

So there was only one way for me to find the exit of this labyrinth… So I shot through the many tunnels, one of which looked like the other. There were always bends, into which I flew, then it went up again and then down. Sometimes I even saw golden characters on the walls. They were written in an unknown language, which appeared to me like glyphs.

An incredibly intense fascination came over me, as everything seemed so interesting and exciting. I caught myself wondering how to explore these tunnels and find out what was going on with this strange world. Yes, it was a world that I could feel clearly. It must be huge.

For a moment, I felt as if there were beings that were constantly gathering energy, like a huge gas station. There were associations to a beehive in me. As if the inhabitants of this world would collect energy as if it were pure honey. But I could not see a beekeeper.

At my side, I felt the woman, but she seemed to be silent at the moment. I felt like I flew around for hours, in search of the exit, but then I finally discovered it! Suddenly, one of the tunnels ended and I shot out of it.

First I saw a large meadow, a fence and then a multi-family house. It was dark, and I could see everything only schematically. Now I tried again to speak to my physical body and it reacted immediately!

Highest psychic Energy ever

A few seconds later I lay back in my bed. I had managed to leave this labyrinth after hours. As I stood up in my bed , opened the blinds and looked out of the window, I had an incomprehensible, clear perception as never before in my life!

Everything was so exaggerated clear and sharp. The reality seemed fluid, slightly unstable, but nevertheless safe and not irritating. My self-confidence was so strong that I hardly recovered. Also, I felt in me an energy that was so intense that I could not do any different in my apartment than walking constantly in the room. My hands felt as if there was an incredible power and energy in them, with which I could do all I want. I was almost certain that I could have torn down trees if I had tried to. This was an unforgettable moment and also an unforgettable experience.

I tried again more frequently to get back into this condition, but I could not do it any more. I thought it was a lucid dream of a very special kind. But I just could not explain what this tunnel labyrinth was. I could tell through contacts in my dreams that it is called the Labyrinth of Penumbra. An objective-existential dream world, the first, which exists beyond all human dreams.

The Art of Dreaming – Carlos Castaneda

Four years later I learned more about it, because I read almost the identical experience in a book by Carlos Castaneda entitled “The Art of Dreaming“. Castaneda also described this labyrinth with its golden tunnels, the characters and the crackling and so clearly perceptible energy.

According to his statements, so-called inorganic beings lives in this world. They had locked their world so that no one could enter, whom they had not invited. Such an invitation was only obtained through so called scouts. These are energetically charged objects or animals that try to catch the attention of a dreamer. When a dreamer discovers them, he can follow them and lead him into the labyrinth. Once there, he is routed and presented with the offer to work for them in this world. In return, he receives a lot of energy and can live there for many millions of years.

Castaneda described how fascinated he was from this world and I could absolutely feel it. The statement that only those can enter, that are invited by a scout, confused me. But I was not invited by any scout. I just managed to penetrate this tunnel world. I was also able to leave this world after I had discovered an exit.

This contradicted the experience Castaneda described in his book. This led me to believe that my experience might have been a memory, which means that I may have been in this labyrinth a long time ago, but now I remembered it. I had perhaps skipped the sequences in which I met the scout and how exactly I got out of there again. I could not really resolve this contradiction until now.

Castaneda also reported that, according to his experience in the labyrinth, he was always able to hear a dream ambassador in his head, who, beyond this experience, even advised him on howit’s the best to save energy. With this energy saved, he could then easily return to the labyrinth or reach his personal goals more easily.

The Dream Ambassador

In my case, I recognized this dream ambassador as a cool woman, but only within the labyrinth. In my everyday life I could not hear her voice at all. I have to admit that I even tried to speak to the dream woman in my head a few times, but there was no reaction. As a result, there were quite a few contradictions or inconsistencies compared to Castaneda’s experience, but it was absolutely amazing for me at that time to find my experience in his book and to experience it in the same way, because I first thought it was my personal own lucid dream.

I had, in fact, succeeded in visiting a distant world of dreams, which existed objectively, and could be entered by other dreamers as well. And this is where the big point of this experience lies: it is an independently existing reality that every dreamer can visit, filled with incredible amounts of energy and take it then return to everyday life! With such an energy is actually everything possible.

It is easier and more playful to create your own reality as you would like to have it. It is possible to bring this energy into your work or art, in order to become even more perfect and better. Also, it might be possible with this enormous energy to heal diseases or to awaken parapsychological abilities. However, the labyrinth of Penumbra is not easy to reach. There are even dangers, at least according to Castaneda, as he stated in his book that these inorganic beings were interested in keeping the dreamer there forever.

Fortunately, in this reality, the word exists which means, if the dreamer promises to stay there, then he must remain there. As Castaneda explains, the word is extremely important to these inhabitants of the labyrinth. They know no lies or the telling of false facts. They are sincere and interested traders. So, you should be careful about what you want in your labyrinth. Lies have no power in the mind and do not exist there, so they always take it seriously what you’re saying. If someone was joking for fun, he has to stay there too. So you are definitely taken at the word. It is like the sealing of a pact.

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