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Dream-Program: Dream Interpretation (Part 2)

Now you certainly took a few days and you could collect a few dreams, which you hopefully wrote down. So we are exploring the dreams about elements that do not occur in everyday life now. Perhaps a dog turned into a cat or ran straight from the bedroom to the street. Someone was standing next to the bed and the bed was incomprehensibly in a grain field or a good friend behaved completely differently than he would do in normal everyday life. We therefore mark in our dream diary the points red, which contain such disagreements. After this has been done, the symbolism in dreams is now being sought. What symbols are in the dream? In order to determine this, you consider the dream as a whole and give it a title. I would like to use an older dream to demonstrate it directly by an example:

I was in a department store. There I was arrested and taken by a detective. She thought I had stolen something and said that would cost me at least 50 euros and they will tell the police office. She took me to her office. Then she searched my backpack. I thought it was funny, because I knew I had not stolen anything. Actually, I was acting the way she could believe I had actually stolen something. In my backpack she found two bottles of wine. I wondered, why I had this with me. Then one of the bottles fell to the ground. She then had a guilty conscience, because she had stopped me for nothing and then rummaged my bottle of wine. She apologized a lot and wanted to give me 20 euros for the bottle of wine.

This dream could be called “The Detective” or “In the Department Store” or “The False Accusation” or “The Broken Bottle“. So there are several ways to give this dream a title.

By giving a title to this dream or thinking about how to name it, this also has the effect of reducing the dream to the essential and thus creating a feeling or an impression for the area with which it could be related personal in the everyday life or the symbolism.

I call this dream “The Detective”. Now you can see from the dream that I was first accused of an act that I had not committed. The behavior of the detective, however, has led to the fact that I was not the one who had done something wrong, but she. So here was twisted something or the spit in a certain situation of me turned around.


Now, you are thinking about what the situation might be in your daily life. Who could be the detective or the behavior of the person who could match a detective who wants to deliver a false accusation or an understatement?

The symbol and the interpretation result in most cases from the questions you have. The questions and the symbolic thinking is so structured that it can also be completely independent of the person, that is, the confrontation with a particular and well-known person in everyday life can be symbolically represented with someone else, because of a sequence of actions in a dream. This is, however, only for symbolic dreams, since it is here only about the mediation of a situation from the subconscious toward the consciousness.

The temptation to interpret dreams symbolically is that precognitive elements can often be present. In the dream world, time is more than relative and for this reason it may happen that the immediate future occurs in a symbolic dream. If, in the present, we can not find anyone who is suspicious of something and then turned around at the end of the spit and the situation turns out to be his own benefit, then such a situation might soon begin. Since the dream had a positive course, this future event can be looked at loosely. It is, of course, rare that this has to happen exactly as you have experienced in the dream. Of course you can express, understand and apply much more.

This small dream program is only a small taste for the workshop “Lucid Dreaming” that I give. There I will be able to formulate all topics much more comprehensively and in the direct encounter, I will also teach the interpretation and symbolizing directly of examples of personal dreams beside of learning lucid dreaming.


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