“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (dream spying).

I watched some short videos of Reece Jones on YouTube before I went sleeping. He is a good dreamer from England and – like me – he has also experienced many lucid dreams and other perceptions. I find his work in this area very good, believable, helpful and very sympathic. He developed the representation of 5-layer lucidity and explained it extensively in his videos. He is deeply committed to the awakening of spirituality and has called the “Dark Lords” on our planet the struggle, for which only egoism, economy and self-interest count, regardless of how it is done to humans or nature…

Reece is in contact with a personality who appeared to him watching TV in the living room and would like to support him on his journey to Canada. Then I went to bed. In the night I suddenly felt the vibrations. For many people who travel out of body in the night, an unpleasant feeling, but I like that feeling. I can even mimic it when I wake up by tensing my ears, but with the difference that it does not spread to the whole body. As I felt these vibrations, I again loosened my arms and legs. They were waving in the air.


Suddenly I felt the presence of a person in the room. My intuition was a man. He came to my bed and grabbed my right arm and pulled at it. He pulled me out of my body. When I was almost out, I rolled over to the side and stood in the room. I could not see anything at first.

Then I concentrated on myself. The next moment I heard a sound like a ‘click’ in my mind and suddenly I was laying in a bed on my stomach. Now I was connected with my consciousness to the consciousness of another self. I could only watch, what it was doing but did not intervene. So I was laying on the bed, leafing through an atlas.


I looked at Australia more closely – because of the bed and closet that was nearby, I realized ,that it was an apartment I had lived 15 years ago. Click. Then I found myself in a strange room. I did not know this place. I tried to get my perception clearer, but in the next moment it “clicked” again in my head and I suddenly was in the next room. I did not knew it either. I felt, as if I were switching from one room to the other, just for taking a few impressions. It was as if I could not fit properly in a scene and always slipped into the next one.

A few seconds later I was in a department store. There I could mount myself and become stabilized. I ran around the department store and met a group of people. They talked and I recognized Reece among them. We greeted each other as if we’d met often before, but I could not remember. Then we went for a little walk and talked about lucid dreaming.

He told me once more how important it was for him to make it clear to man that humanity had to take the next step in evolution in which we lead our spirituality to become awake. In addition, we must also help mother Earth in this evolutionary leap and send her unconditioned love in our meditations. This is a concept of love energy in its pure and original form.

Reece looked at me in this dream like a Yedi knight, which I somehow always find funny when he uses his hood of his hoodie jacket. His form of expression and his determinateness somehow convey this picture.

Then we talked about the alternative realities and I explained to him that I think he is a probable or alternative self of Reece that I have encountered here. He was somewhat unsure of this, especially since every self of himself thinks that it is the real self. Unfortunately, he could follow my thoughts and we talked about a few other things for a while.


The next moment I was back in my bed. There followed a few other short experiences in my dream body, but they were not very long. Somehow I decided to get up. It was 8 o’clock and a new day greeted me in my everyday world.


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