Paul Dienachs journey into the future

From 1921-1922 the Swiss philosopher Paul Dienach was in coma in a hospital in Geneva, and when he awoke again, he had not only a new understanding of physics, he had lived as the famous physics teacher named Andrew Northam in the year 3906, Knowledge about 1.984 years of upcoming human history. After writing down his experiences, he published it all in his book “Valley of the Roses“. The book, on the other hand, met a great deal of resistance from the church, the military, the Freemason and science, but the authorities managed to make the book long forgotten…

In 3906, the physicist Andreas Northam had a near death due to an accident. When he awoke after this experience he was suddenly Paul Dienach and spoke in an unknown language, which in the future was identified as the outdated Swiss German. At the same time, Paul Dienach was in coma in 1922 and could no longer wake up. Andrew/Paul did not recognize his family and suffered from this moment under insomnia, stayed awake 24 hours a day, and had problems to find his way in the new present. The scientists in 3906 were able to explain the state of Northam and diagnosed it as “Conscious Slide” and were familiar with it. They explained to him many things from the history of mankind from the 21st to the 40th century, but told him that it was not favorable for him to know the immediate occurrence of his coma in 1922. Thus they gave him the knowledge of his personal history from the twentieth century. Anything else he could know and also research.

Paul Dienach wrote his one-year-old experience in the future directly after his awakening from the coma. After his death, he handed over his collected notes to his favorite student, George Papahatzis. George was quite surprised that Paul had passed his notes to him. At first he thought he was dealing with a novel, but then he realized more and more about what had really happened here. In these notes were even drawings of the first and second world war, which have striking similarities to pictures from our war times. Interestingly, the original notices existed in Paul’s native language, German. George therefore translated these into Greek. After all, George had to deal a lot with records, for which he took fourteen years. In 1944 Paul’s notes, which were then owned by George, were confiscated by the military, because they were written in German. He had given a huge part of notes to some friends. Among them was a freemason, who thought the data was highly exclusive and so he never wanted to give them back. So George never got the notes back. Only a few diary entries had remained to him in the Greek language, which he published under the title “Valley of the Roses“. Only a few years later a freemason named Achilleas Syrigos succeeded in finding the notes again, and has now decided to translate them into English, at the same time, to publish them under the title “Chronicles from the Future“. In this book, Paul shows the course of humanity for the upcoming 2000 years. You have to remember, that in his role as Andreas he had access to almost all the data in 3906 and, and he awoke with these memories, from the coma in 1922. The following is a brief overview of his information:

Year 2000-2300: Humanity begins to solve the problem of overpopulation, ecological destruction, greenhouse effect, climate change, famine, war hunts and regional conflicts. In addition, electromagnetic energy is widely used in the natural sciences, the power is overcome, antigravitation artificially generated and used, but also the Etherodynamics (spiritual energy) is discovered and used. Science is able to photograph spiritual energies and also recognize clearly the deceased who move and change from the physical to the beyond. This will be termed “the etheric vision” or “mental channel change” in the future. The ecological system has become much more humane and wiser, and people have risen from the slave system of financial survival to spiritual development and inner personality work. The monetary system has been successfully abolished, infant death has largely been defeated, and fossil fuels have been replaced by sustainable energies. Most people are vegetarians and meat consumption is rarely practiced. Mars was colonized in 2204, but the colonization was abolished in 2265 because of a huge natural catastrophe.

Year 2300-2400: Despite the solution of the war hardship in 2309 a further world war breaks out with a large-area destruction of humans. However, it survives and is brought together under a world government in 2396. It was only through the unification of all nations that a war could never break out again. The presidents are elected by direct elections and are mostly natural scientists, engineers or human friends. Politicians and businessmen are no longer elected. The balance for the distribution of forces is ensured by an alliance in the private sector at the international level, which supports national governments and the world government. Banks and stock exchanges no longer exist in the known form, but a kind of election money is used which is the real value of any product, resource or energy. There is also still private ownership, although the total resources among the people have been distributed fairly, so that no one has to suffer more hunger and lead a healthy living standard. Conflicts are only local and have become very rare. Also, there has already been a first contact with extraterrestrial civilizations and the public is informed about every step with the aliens. The secrecy in dealing with aliens was abolished.


Year 2400-2600: The threat of global totalitarianism begins to show up when several wild groups attack the world government through cyber piracy. In the year 2600 the established private sector and the national governments play only a secondary role with regard to global interests and a planetary consciousness is achieved. The world government works amazingly well. Global transport is accomplished by means of etheric energies and flying disks.

Year 2600-3400: More and more people are developing the ability of telepathy and science makes astounding progress. Many people learn about the inner sun, atmosphere and its history of billions of years. Cities are also built inside the earth. In medicine, medication plays only a minor role, because the new treatment is based on sound, color, light and meditation. Despite these achievements, the focus of most people is still on technology, personal success and possessions, but spirituality is still a bit behind.

Year 3400-4000: It was not until 3382 that a spiritual renaissance began and spread rapidly, creating a sort of hypervision which, makes it possible for most people, to get a connection with the direct inner knowledge and the spiritual light. People enter a state in which they can simply create things by their intentions which they connect with finer spiritual planes. They enter a new golden age of world civilization. Many of the leaders within the world government are now universal creators, even more as naturalists and engineers. They combine the qualities of a philosopher, scientist, artist, mystic, and many other creative minds. The global language now consists of three-dimensional innervision images, which are projected mentally, without sounds or fonts on the Internet. The scientists also discover a possibility to expand the two-stranded DNA. Everyone has free clothes, food, a roof over his head, free transportation and access to scientific knowledge, products of all kinds and entertainment. There is no longer a private property. Everyone is eating vegetarian and there are no more zoos. Animals are no longer domesticated, slaughtered or otherwise abused. The flying saucer are now obsolete and have been replaced by a new transport option, which is based on field gates, which transport people very easily from one place to another. This spiritual technology was made possible through contact with an extraterrestrial civilization and gave people absolute freedom of movement on earth. Disguises and secrecy are by no means possible, and human beings are able to recognize the emotions and intentions of others on the basis of increased empathic and telepathic abilities. In working hours, an average one only has to spend two years during his lifetime, allowing him to have a lot of free time. Success is no longer measured by material possessions, but by spiritual work on itself.

This is a brief overview of the notes of Paul Dienach, which are now gradually translated by Achilleas Syrigos. In his book “Chronicles of the Future: A True Story Kept Hidden by the freemasons now Revealed” is now in the partial translation. If you want to follow this translation, you can visit the following website: Ancient Origins. They add translated parts who and are freely available. If you want a PDF, (I have compiled one) you can download it, at the end of the text. Please note the copyright.

Personally, I am convinced that Paul Dienach had really experienced this experience. His countless notes and detailed descriptions are simply too complex, too authentic and too captivating. It would be nonsensical to present all of this as a fake (hoax) and would only be another attempt to put spiritual knowledge into a negative light. However, I think that this is a possible or probable future that people will expect in the next 1.984 years. Whether or not these occur exactly, or only parts of it, can only be more clearly recognized from our time perspective as soon as the events mentioned occur. Paul’s notes are certainly not easily digestible, because his experiences suggest that the official first contact can only be expected in 200 years and with a spiritual, peaceful and unified world government probably only in 1500 years. Extremely depressing, if you think about the dates we are talking about and all of the war and upcoming war that it promised to us right now. Paul died in 1924 of tuberculosis.
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