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Dreamnight: Alternative Reality 113: The Villa

“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (dream spying).

I woke up at half past five in the morning and stayed awake for half an hour, just to go back to bed afterwards. As I slowly fell asleep again, I felt a connection to another personality. It seemed like this was an extraterrestrial being. But during my thoughts and unclear contact, I fell asleep nevertheless…

When I came back to myself, I was attached to another self, which is part of my whole personality, my higher self. There I was in an unknown city. At first I thought it was Heidelberg in Germany, but later I was no longer sure. I was lucid in this dream, but I practiced the passive art of lucid dreaming, that is I follow the dream without to mengle in. With this behaviour I can keep the lucid state much longer.


I was just about to carry the computer and speakers into my new apartment. I had parked in front of my new apartment.

At first I wanted to walk through the garden again. It was very large, certainly to the 2000 m³ with lots of meadow and flower beds. What caught my attention mostly, was a very large rooted tree. His tribe was not too thick, but turned like a braid. It was extremely strange to look at such a tree. He was quite tall, and his leaves thick and beautiful. If I had to determine what it might have been, it would still be difficult for me. His leaves resembled a linden tree, but the twisted trunk did not fit. Behind me, I recognized the villa where my apartment was.

It looked very old, but what struck me, it partly had been violet coated, the window areas white. It also seemed unusual to me, but that made her a very special building. Before I went to the mansion, I took a closer look at the tree. Somehow I could not resist and climbed it up. The tree certainly had a height of twenty meters. I felt a great lightness, so I quickly managed to climb up. After i reached the top, I was able to oversee the area.

The whole plot was very central in the city. I was able to see the shopping center. It was an interesting mix of city and country life that this environment offered. Now I climbed slowly back down, until I stood again on a solid ground.

“Wow, that was really cool!”, I heard someone say behind me.

I turned around and saw a pretty young woman, perhaps between 16 and 18 years old, as well as a 12 year old boy, who seemed to be her brother and had the down syndrome. He had admired me for my elegant (dream) leap from the tree and seemed to be quite gentle. I smiled at the them friendly.

“Come on, we have to go home,” said his sister and they went on. She gave me a short smile.

As I walked on, to the mansion, I saw that they were going to a side building. They probably lived there. I entered the villa and went to the first floor where my room was. It should be noted at this point, that I had seen the room before, of course, but since I entered this reality, I only remembered it for now. So I entered and could look at it in all its glory within my personal presence now: On my my left was a large bed with a tent. It was very old and nice and probably already belonged to the furniture. On the opposite wall was the window. The light fell beautifully inside and afforded a direct view of the dreamlike tree in which I had climbed.

The room was really perfect and I liked it right away. In this reality, I did not have my own furniture so I hired always  furnished rooms or apartments. This allowed me to move fast, cheaply and quickly, and to have just a very few items, nothing to worry about. A flexibility I liked a lot. (Also in my reality, I’ve often thought about doing so.)

Then I went downstairs to get my computer and the boxes out of the car. Down below I met the owner. She looked at me briefly and said, “Hello, Mr. Dilas. Are you coming to the living room?”

“I just wanted to get something out of the car” I said.

“It can wait. Come along, it does not take long.”

The lady was the owner of the house and quite old. Slowly she dragged herself into the living room and I ran after. She offered me space on the sofa next to her. In the center stood a large, rectangular table and a sofa. On the left and on the right are quite outdated brown leather armchairs with thick armrests. On the other sofa were two people and on the right next to me on a chair another person.

“I now have the rental contract and the exact sum how much the rent will be for you. If you like the room, then we can sign the contract” she said kindly to me.

“Oh, I like the room very well and I would be glad, if I could live here,” I countered.

“Well, then we can come back to the duties you have here…”

“Um, duties? What exactly do you mean?”

” That’s not much. It’s all about the barn door, which is behind the house. It always has to be intact. If it is not, then it is your task to repair it again. That’s all. No huge duties, and I thought I could live with it.”

She took the time to review the treaty again, while I could look at her strange, quiet family: On the couch a very slender or lanky man, who was quite young and looked around in the area like he does not want to get discovered. My attention, however, attracted the woman who was sitting next to him. She was wearing jeans and a black, tight shirt. When I looked into her face, I noticed something was wrong with her face. Then I recognized it! She had three eyes! They were all in one line. But when I blinked and looked more closely, she had two normal eyes and the ominous third had disappeared without a trace suddenly. Then I looked once more aside and again in her face. But for a moment, I thought she had three eyes, which became seconds later visible.

The man on the right of the leather chair was already quite old. Perhaps it was the owner’s husband. It occurred to me spontaneously that all involved, except me, had slightly red eyes. So I wondered what might be the reason. If food is the reason for this, then they would always have to eat something together, but if this was not the case, it might have to be related to the house. I was thinking that some older houses were insulated with asbestos or other substances that could be harmful to health.

“So, the contract is so far good. Now only your signature is missing” the owner said.

She layed the contract onto the table and handed me her pen.

Exactly at this moment I woke up with a strikingly lively feeling from this dream. Somehow, this dream had impressed me in his captivating clarity and perception quality. It really triggered me to get back there to spend some more time around. This alternative reality made me really curious and felt very nice. I concentrated for a while, but I could not sleep anymore. So I looked at the clock, it was 8:04 clock.

(When I have had this dream I did not knew at this time, that I ever would leave my home one day and sell all my furnitures and owned private objects, I have collected with the years and travel from house to house to learn to know the world…)


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