“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (dream spying).

After arriving in Nepal, our archaeologist team moved into the campsite. We were about 60 students, who visited and worked there for their education, an excavation site, with everything that was part of it. The campsite itself was at the foot of a table mountain. On the top of the mountain was a plateau with a larger rock structure, which had an access to a cave and was used by local people as a temple or something like that…

When I first stood in front of the cave, I was impressed by the rock structure and, above all, by the roughly four-meter-high Ganesha statue of thick rock, which stood on the left of the entrance to a guard. Ganesha is a Hindu figure of God symbolizing the dissolution of fixed structures and blockades. I could not stop looking at the statue. I scarcely dared to approach too closely and remained respectfully at some distance. For a moment, I thought that this statue would suddenly move and beat around because all of the people were walking around the square and were not thinking about how holy this place is. We came as a team, but in a certain way we desecrated this place. It did not bother us what happened here or what will happen when we will leave this place again. A part of me wished that Ganesha would come to life and clean up everything…

We spent several weeks there. It was May. The routine was fairly simple, but in any case it had its own special charm. We were digging at different places in the sand, explored with tools for buried objects, explored the cave, took samples of rocks, and so on. The day usually started at 7 a.m. in the morning and we often worked late until the evening. In the dark, we took some headlights to continue working. The work we did was so hard, that we fell very fast asleep in the evening.

After a few days, my body was sun burned and in the heat of the sun we were sweating extensively. In the afternoon every move was followed by pain and wealways looked forward to the cool nights. Sometimes we had to stop working in the afternoon and continue it in the evening, because the work became unbearable in the heat. I also found some friends, especially a student in my age, who was over all quite relaxed. He often had nonsense in his head and occasionally liked to pass the rules. He made me feel happy with his good humor and we often produced embarrassing moments.


I remember an unpleasant event, when we had to go to the toilet in the evening, but the latrines were occupied. We stood under heavy pressure at the foot of the mountain and just peed onto the wall of the rock next to one of the tents. Suddenly the professor came out, who led the team and caught us in the act. We giggled stupidly and had to concentrate not to laugh, while he gave us a stance about how negligent our act of reckoning had been, and that it will be an unpleasant odor for his night’s rest. We apologized to him several times. It was embarrassing and surely it would be even more embarrassing, if he would start to talk about it in the next theory lesson in front of all our other classmates.

On the following day everyone in the camp had heard about our act. However, I experienced a very good time there and I also came to my conclusion, to work as an archaeologist for the university. I will always remember this time and told everyone, that I wanted to continue my career here.

The years flew fast and I became a professor at the university and taught archeology. When I was 70 years old, I thought about my death and that it will come closer with every day: Death would knock on my door and end this interesting life. I remember, I was sitting on a bench watching the campus. Soon I won’t be able to experience all this anymore, I will have to leave everything behind me and go into a new world. I believed in an afterlife or a life after death, but I had no idea what was in front of me.

As I thought about all this, somebody knocked me on the shoulder. An old friend of mine stood behind me. We greeted each other and he told me that he always planned on visiting me. He had aged a lot. We went on a walk and remembered old times. Somehow he looked at me with his mischievous eyes and said:

“Where is your office here?”

“There in the front,” I replied.

“Ah, well, then come with me…”

We went to the pavilion where my office was. He looked around and then grinned at me:

“Man, I have to piss!” he said and before I could do something, he peed directly against the wall of the house.

“This is for the good old times,” he said, “you are the professor now. Nothing can happen to us.”

We laughed a lot and I stood next to him. The way to the toilet was too far… I could tell a lot more of about the stuff I had explored during the excavations and how I explored the caves where I met an attractive student and later lived with her, what nonsense I fabricated with my friend, and how I became a professor who spent many years on campus, but to tell you about all of this, I would have to write a novel. Of course, I have not been able to keep everything in my memory and forget a lot.

As a matter of fact, I rarely remember the inside of the cave, although this exploration may have been so interesting. I have also forgotten many other events, but the funny memory of the confrontation with the professor was incomprehensibly well remembered.

When I awoke in the morning, I felt like I had dreamed for days. It was a strange feeling to know, that you have lived a long life, and yet I woke up in my bed after a few hours.

I remember an episode of the series “Star Trek – Next Generation“, where Captain Picard was hit by the beam of a probe and then spent a whole life on a planet where his life as a captain of a space ship was only like a dream which appeared to him. It was a civilization whose planet fell victim to a global catastrophe and had built this probe at the last moment so that its cultural knowledge could be passed on to other beings. This was done in form of a beam of light, which was projected directly into the brain of the people who approached the probe, and the transmitted information could then be experienced as an immediate afterlife (see “The Second Life,” Season 5). Picard had experienced a complete life on the dying planet and had actually been unconscious for only 25 minutes.

My research on this dream had the following result: First, I thought that the excavations had taken place in Afghanistan, but later the term Nepal was more common in the dream and I realized that we were most likely in Nepal. But it was not clear to me, how the Hindu God Ganesha was able to connect Nepal, but according to some sources on the Internet, Ganesha appears even more frequently than in Tibet. Moreover, in Nepal there are even four Ganesha temples near the capital Kathmandu. There are also countless shrines devoted to this deity. There are still many tourist trips to be added around the Himalayas and even Ganesh-Tours. I was very astonished when I could even find a temple with a huge cave system in Nepal called Lenyadri, which is located in a rock wall, at the same time leading into a cave and coinciding with the outer appearance of the environment and vegetation approximately with my whereabouts in my dream. Keep in mind, that at this point, I had never been to Nepal and I had never heard about these temples. It is interesting to note that Lenyadri, Cave 7, is devoted exclusively to the divinity of Ganesha. For me once again a small proof of the possibility of undistorted dreaming and the amazing truth content that dreams can deliver.


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