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Miami Mall Aliens Witness Reports so far

Miami Mall Aliens and the aliens in the mall is the viral topic on the internet and here I have collected several testimonies…

A former police officer, Sinny Stirshot (pseudonym), from the US was at the Bayside Marketplace Mall in Miami during the incident. His statement as a direct witness is:

“We saw everything that happened there and it was really serious. It’s been a few days now and my whole family is still recovering from the event. We must first accept that we were part of this strange incident.
I was there with my brother Brian, my sister and my nephew and wanted to buy shoes for my nephew. Suddenly, through the window of the shop, we saw a whole bunch of people running past in panic, all in the same direction. When we saw this we thought: Crap, what’s going on here? We grabbed my nephew and ran out of the store.
My nephew is autistic and he suddenly stood there and pointed his finger at something behind us. We looked in the direction he was pointing and we turned around. There we saw creatures about 3 meters tall. Everyone thinks it was aliens, but I’m not saying that. We had no idea what these creatures were! We were petrified and several people pointed at the creatures. Most of them ran away towards the exit. To me these creatures looked somehow flawed, not like a pixelated computer image, but somehow like a wave. It was as if something had come over her, covering her. It looked like a glitch in the Matrix or something. These three creatures were completely black, with eyes, you could also see something like lips. I was about 10-12 meters away from these creatures. Everyone there wanted to distance themselves from these creatures. They were very big and scary. The whole situation was strange. They just stood there, we stood there and looked at each other. They were clearly noticeable. These beings were aware of our presence. They looked at us, at the crowd of people… Then they started moving with their long legs. We started running! My brother said: Let’s go! He grabbed my shoulder because we were petrified with fear.
I know many of you will be asking: Where is the proof? I have no proof. When I saw these creatures, I was really scared. I didn’t think to take out my phone and film these creatures! I couldn’t move because of fear. I was shocked.
It’s very different when you see something paranormal than something normal, like a fight. Then you know what it is and you can take part in it, film it or whatever. You can assess the situation, but what happened with these creatures was something completely different. This was something paranormal. You can’t even estimate it. Your instinct doesn’t tell you: Hey, grab your phone and film… but rather you just want to keep yourself and your family safe. That’s all! Your instinct tells you: What is this? I’ve never seen anything like it! Can I or my family get hurt?
When we escaped from the mall, there were police outside everywhere and they wanted to see everyone’s cell phones. We showed our cell phones and because there was nothing on them, they gave them back to us and we were able to leave right away. But I saw that some cell phones were confiscated. Maybe these witnesses can come forward, or anyone who had the courage to make a film. Please contact me.
The police asked us what we had seen. We told them what we had seen. They make note of it. However, the police couldn’t stop and search everyone; some simply ran away. They couldn’t catch everyone. These creatures then came out of the main entrance and went onto the street. Maybe someone filmed that. You can see in a photo how the creatures are walking around in front of the mall. They still seemed to be covered in a wave that seemed somehow liquid. To me it seemed like an interdimensional thing. I can’t explain it better.
The police said it was just teenagers, but that’s not true, it was something much bigger! It seemed to me that the police already had a strategy for such an incident. They surrounded one of the creatures. They screamed at the creature as if to say: You don’t belong here!”

The testimony that the witness released on video does not seem like he is lying. The details are too precise. Some accuse the witness of constantly looking to the left and that this was a sign of lying, but I suspect that he was taking notes so that he wouldn’t forget anything and that he kept looking there so that he wouldn’t forget anything. Maybe someone from his family was sitting there watching him record the video. In any case, he didn’t read his words. What he described makes it seem as if he was doing it from his memory.

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He continues: “I’m still processing it all, including my family. It feels strange. Somehow we also know that we have experienced something big and rare, it’s something special. Even if many people now think I’m crazy .”
The investigative journalist Dr. J. is convinced that these could be aliens, interdimensionals or time travelers, but certainly not humans or young people. One of his witnesses explained: “I know everyone was in survival mode and just wanted to get away, but I still took out my phone and wanted to film… but the phone was spinning! I couldn’t record anything! Many people won’t be able to believe this and will think that I’m lying, but I can assure you that my cell phone was messing around. It did not work! And even if the cell phone had worked, many would definitely say that the video is fake.”

The investgative Journalist Dr. Jay explains

Dr. J. explains: “I am convinced that these beings, or someone else, triggered an EMP pulse so that electronic devices no longer work. And everyone who came rushing out of the mall was immediately searched for cell phones and cameras. They looked at cell phones to see who had filmed something. Anyone who had nothing on their cell phone could leave immediately. We don’t know whether the cell phones were confiscated or whether the recording had to be deleted on the spot.”

Another witness explained: “When we came out of the mall, the police had set up a barrier and wouldn’t let anyone through unless they showed their cell phone first. They looked at the photos to see whether anyone had recorded anything of the incident or not. And anyone who recorded something had their cell phone confiscated. All surveillance cameras from all stores were also confiscated. I don’t think the Miami police acted on their own initiative, but rather received orders from the people in the black helicopters. They just followed instructions. So maybe the new MJ12 or someone who has the say in such incidents. And I know that the people who saw it or even filmed it were threatened not to talk about it. That’s why no one has any videos of the incident, whether from 30 or 2 meters away. “

Another witness says: “So I saw one of these aliens. At first I thought it was one of those street artists. He was grayish and had huge eyes. I noticed that none of the people standing around him didn’t notice him. That surprised me because I could see him. And then, from one moment to the next, people could suddenly see him and panic broke out.”

Another witness reports: “One of these aliens then walked around in the mall and another outside on the street in front of the mall. Both looked quite similar, they were about 3 meters tall, slim, grayish, with long arms and large black eyes. Everything was full of police cars and several black helicopters were over the mall. We all saw them clearly. “It couldn’t have been a mall shootout because there’s always been a shootout and no one suddenly said there were aliens present.”

A Police Officer is a Witness of Miami Mall Aliens Incidence

The following testimony from a young man who is the son of a police officer in Miami is also very interesting. He called his father in front of the camera and asked him:

“Dad, what was going on at the Miami Mall?”
And the father replied: “I’m not allowed to talk about that!”
“You are kidding me. You can tell me!”
“No, I’m not allowed to.”
“And why were there so many police cars?”
“I’m not allowed to talk about that either.”

The Youtube influencer Layah Heilpern was there

Then there is an English tourist named Layah Heilpern, influencer, Bitcoin fan and patriot on YouTube with a large number of followers, who was vacationing in Miami and happened to be near the mall for the event. She says the following:

“I was literally threatened by the police and they told me not to say anything about what happened in the mall. But I’m someone who is for free speech and that’s why I’ll tell you now what I noticed: I was driving through Miami with a friend late in the evening. As we got near the mall, we saw hundreds of police cars cordoning off the entire area around the mall. We could hear the sirens a mile ahead. I have known Miami very well for 3 years and I have never experienced anything like this! I was sure there was a terrorist attack; I couldn’t explain the contingent any other way. I was very scared. I asked the police what was going on, but no one wanted to say anything. Then there was someone there who said that a strange creature had been seen there and that’s why many people panicked. I didn’t believe a word! Then I went to a woman who was standing somewhere else and thought I would ask her. And she was clearly in shock and she said that she had seen something that was like a movie because she saw an alien! I found this very exciting, took out my cell phone and wanted to film the witness statements. But then a police officer immediately came running and forbade me to film it! They snatched my cell phone away from me and deleted the few seconds that I had just recorded of the one witness! Then as I walked back to my car I saw a helicopter in the air. How come? And the police later claimed that there were no helicopters on site. Then more helicopters appeared. They then all turned on their headlights and used them to scan the area. And in one of the headlights I saw something that almost freaked me out! There was a figure and it wasn’t human! I ran back into the car and drove off. And at that moment the electricity in the entire area turned off! I’ve seen it! All the lights went out! And all this for a few kids who were playing with fireworks? That makes no sense at all!”

The Aliens looked like in the Movie Xenomorph?

Miami Mall ALiens Witness ReportsA witness who saw the alien said that the creature reminded her of the alien from the 1970s film “Xenomorph.” It looked pretty similar to that.

Another witness, Ashton Forbes, said: “I have just been literally interrogated by the police for several days! Look at me, I’m completely exhausted and exhausted. I didn’t think the Miami Police Department would do something like that. I was there in the mall! They were actually aliens! The very first question from the police was: What did you see? And I say we, with me were my two cousins ​​and a friend. Anyway, I was there! I’m telling you all: I was there! Everyone there saw it. The police told me not to talk about it. But I do not care. I want the truth to come out. They said I shouldn’t talk about it publicly on any blog, on any social media channel or anywhere else! There were three aliens! We filmed it, but they arrested us and took the cell phones and deleted everything.”

Natia says this: “I was standing in the mall and suddenly everyone ran towards the inside of the mall. I immediately grabbed my phone and wanted to film it, but I looked up and then saw this 3m tall creature. It wasn’t completely clear and it moved to the side. It looked, I guess, like a figure moving between two realities. It was here and yet not here. And then three more of them showed up. They looked like they were trying to enter our reality, but somehow it didn’t completely work. However, we could all see them. It felt like a thousand cops came from everywhere. They walked us to the exit and asked everyone for our cell phones. They cordoned off everything around the aliens. But someone took a recording! He lives in Miami and is from Orlando. He was also at the mall. We stay pretty cool, but also run towards the exit. I said to him: Are you sure you took the recording? And he answered: yes, I did. And now, a few days later, he’s still afraid to release it. Maybe I can still convince him.”

Another statement: “These aliens didn’t seem like they would during an invasion. They seemed a little disoriented to me. They walked around there and just looked, that was all. They did not attack anyone or threaten anyone. They didn’t seem like aliens to me, but like interdimensional beings from another world.”

Teenagers with a Spirit Box were responsible for the Alien Portal?

A man reports in great detail something very strange and provides a new perspective on this event:

Miami Mall ALiens Witness Reports“I was standing on the first floor of the mall and looking down at the people. There were some young people with a backpack. They pulled out what looked like a DVD player from the backpack. I then heard one of them say: Now plug this thing in! Once they plugged it in, it started! Suddenly a glow appeared from something in the middle. It flickered and grew, and soon it was twice the size of a human. It glowed and vibrated. People came over and tried to put out the glow with water. I cannot explain or describe what I saw. At least it looked like a round gate. And suddenly I saw an arm coming out of this light, then a leg… then several beings came out of this portal. The young people filmed it, I saw it, and for me they were responsible for this portal into another dimension. Everyone suddenly shouted, turned around and people ran away. Suddenly someone started shooting from the opposite side on the 1st floor. He shot at the aliens.”

Now this sounds like the series “Stranger Things” or the “Goonies” or “Ghostbusters“, in which young people tried out an experiment and opened a portal to another dimension. Some suspect this is a device called the “Spirit Box” which is even available on Amazon for just under $200. But the devices offered on Amazon are not as big as a DVD player, but maybe a fifth of it. Therefore, the Spirit Box is probably not exactly what those teenagers took out of their backpack at the mall.

Another statement: “I was at the mall with my wife. We then saw some young people arguing with each other. One of them then lit fireworks and there was a bang. Some then thought a shooting had started, but it was just the fireworks. Yes, and suddenly these figures appeared. Dark, very solid figures, not human. I swear they weren’t people! I got goosebumps all over my body. It’s 2024 and something is going on here, I’m telling you! It was so crazy, we didn’t know what we were seeing. It was something never seen before. Go ahead and pass on your knowledge, what you have seen. Don’t let that stop you. Post your video if you have one. This was real and everyone should know it because others want to suppress and hide it all. Don’t listen to the mainstream media! They want to cover it up.”

Alien Mall Witness kept cool

And another witness statement: “I saw this creature. It was 2-3 meters tall. So maybe 2.50 meters or a little more. These beings shone so much that they outshone some of the people nearby. The creatures were very massive with muscles or fat, I don’t know. Less than 30 seconds later, someone screamed loudly. Then more and more people screamed and people started running. Part of me wanted to just run away, but another part wanted to see what people were running from. I thought, should I really run away, I’m not fit enough to run that fast anymore. I want to know what’s going on here. So I ran in the opposite direction. I kept asking people: What’s going on here? Then I saw another creature. It had some kind of shield over its head. I don’t know it. Then the larger creature made a strange growling noise and that’s when I got scared. I ran to the exit and the police were already there. They shouted: Get down! Get down! And I thought, I’m just running away, I’m not going to lie on the ground now! And then the police shot over our heads at the aliens. I turned around and saw that these aliens were almost directly behind us. Then we made it outside and there were what felt like thousands of police officers standing there! I didn’t see any helicopters or anything, but a lot of police and patrol cars. We then walked across the street to a restaurant. We sat there and I wondered if I had imagined it all. I even ordered some food while I tried to make sense of it all. We wanted some normality.”

The weird Story of the Witness Sosa Pippen

Also very interesting is the witness Sosa Pippen (see part 1). He stated: “I was at the Bayside Marketplace mall with my girlfriend. Everyone was panicking and running wild. I was brave enough to look around. There I saw several huge black shadows. However, they were solid and came from a direction where it looked like they were chasing us, but they could suddenly disperse and reappear a few meters away. So they came closer to us. Then we started running really fast. Suddenly we heard gunshots, or at least what sounded like them. Then there were police officers and everyone was directed to the exit. And you ask if I filmed that? When all this shit happened, no one thought to film it.”

The interesting thing about Sosa Pippen is that he had the most traffic for his witness report. But a few days later, he deleted his video and posted a new statement, claiming he made the whole thing up and was just trying to piss people off. At another point, however, he said again that the MIBs (Men in Black) were with him and threatened him. What is true is still unclear.

Dr. Jay makes his Conclusion

Dr. J. further explains: “There was no spaceship or anything nearby, but there was electrical interference according to the airport control center. There are now many parties that are trying to trivialize everything and claim that there were just a few teenagers who were fighting and playing with fireworks. But that’s not true! That’s why so many people now doubt it. But the police can’t answer the question: If it was just a few teenagers arguing in the mall, why the huge contingent of police cars and the cordoning off of the airport so that no planes were allowed to land or take off and the black helicopters that were obviously not there Miami Police heard? It is even disputed that the flights were not canceled and that this is all nonsense, but there are people who often use apps to track air traffic and have even taken screenshots of how half the airspace around Miami was suddenly empty! So there was a lie here too. And all because of teenagers? Nobody can tell me that! Also, with all the hundreds of cameras, police dashcams, cell phones, surveillance cameras, etc., there is not a single video that shows the aliens… but also not the teenagers.”

It is also interesting that some witness statements gave different information about the appearance of the aliens. In most cases they were black, 3 m tall, with long legs and large black eyes and a very inconspicuous mouth and nose. However, some described it as grayish, others as white, up to the one statement in which the woman explained that it looked like the alien from the film of the same name or the film “Xenomorph”.

The GPS Coordinates of the secret Underground Base in Antarctca revealed?

These differences may have been due to the fact that, according to some witnesses, these aliens were surrounded by a kind of field that fluidly wavered and seemed to protect them, but could also somehow change their appearance. In addition, there is probably also a person’s ability to view the sighting of a paranormal event with a certain bias, in the way that we know from films. Another statement came from a woman whose girlfriend was in the mall at the time and told her the following: “I was in the mall and suddenly some kind of portal opened and these aliens came out of there out of nowhere. I then entered the coordinates on Google Maps and then swapped them…”

GPS Coordinates of Miami Aliens and the Secret Antarctica Station

I then did a test and found the following:

GPS coordinates of Bayside Mall in Miami:
25.778644005399467, -80.18677234727078

Result, as soon as you mix up the coordinates:
-80.18677234727078, 25.778644005399467

Then suddenly you end up in the middle of nowhere in Antarctica!

Very insightful and extremely interesting information! Because aliens are certainly not perfect and simply wanted to visit an underground base in Antarctica, perhaps as usual, but entered the coordinates the other way around. So was it a simple mix-up with a horrendous impact? Because now we know the exact coordinates of the secret and underground Antarctic base.

Of course, if you look on Google Maps, you will only find a white, extremely boring area at this coordinate. The ideal location for a secret base and anyone who uses Google Maps will never want to search anything there. Especially since you can certainly assume that the big hobby censor Google would never tell you where any secret base is. But the Miami Mall Aliens have definitely taken over this.

Maybe the aliens just wanted to go into the underground base and announce their New Year’s wishes and drunkenly swapped the coordinates. Jokes aside, it’s a very strange coincidence that when these coordinates are swapped, they show a boring point in the middle of Antarctica. The likelihood that swapping the coordinates will lead to Antarctica and not some point in India, Africa, Australia, England, China, Russia or any other country is damn slim.

After asking a pilot about the coordinates of the Miami airport, which is not too far from the mall, he explained that it had happened to many pilots that they had entered the coordinates the wrong way around and always joked that now would fly to Antarctica. Therefore, the theory that these aliens simply made a mistake is not so far-fetched.

Now we are waiting for more videos and photos that someone from the local police might have been able to hide. You can be excited.

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