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Aliens appears in a Mall in Miami through a Portal

It’s going really viral at the moment: Aliens appeared through a portal in a Miami mall on January 1, 2024 and there was a huge police presence…

Suddenly the power went out in 61,000 houses in Florida, Miami! Minutes later, a huge police presence appears with 70 patrol cars and 300 police officers. The airport was immediately closed, flights were canceled and the entire area around the large, well-known mall “Bayside Market Place” was secured. Nobody was allowed to go near the mall anymore.

miami aliens mallAbsolute chaos. Sirens wailing, cars honking. Cars collided, people ran around in panic. Hundreds of police ran around with guns drawn. Many of the police hid behind their patrol cars. Shots were heard in the mall. Black helicopters suddenly appeared in the air… What was going on here?

The residents asked the police what this huge police presence meant, but the only answer was: “We’re not allowed to say that!”


The police met the panicked people running out of the mall in survival mode, pulled them aside and immediately confiscated cameras and cell phones. The security camera footage in the mall was also later confiscated.

Coincidentally, Donald Trump was also in Miami. He was immediately taken to a security room and was not allowed to leave. He wrote in a public message on Twitter or Social Truth: “What’s going on in Miami? Something’s going on! I’ll clear it up.”

The recording devices used by residents who filmed this big event from their balconies can now be discovered in abundance on YouTube. Some captured a giant 10-foot-tall shadow walking in front of the mall. Unfortunately the recording is very bad.

Witnesses from the Miami Mall

Sosa.Pippen on Tiktok explained in a video that he and his girlfriend were at the mall at this time. They heard the sound of fireworks and screams from many people. Panic broke out and everyone ran towards the exit in survival mode. Some shouted: “Aliens came through a portal. They are over three meters tall!”

Everyone ran towards the exit and no one had the courage to take out their cell phone and film it, explains Sosa.Pippen in his video. He also mentioned that some tried to film something, but their cell phones didn’t work. It seemed like there was an EMP pulse after the aliens showed up. There was talk of more than three aliens. Later he even heard pistol shots.

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