For Spiritual Beginners: What is Telepathy? What is clairvoyance?

For Spiritual Beginners: What is Telepathy? What is clairvoyance?

For Spiritual Beginners: What is Telepathy? What is clairvoyance? What is Telekinesis? And what is teleportation? Here you will find many PSI skills explained…

Paranormal abilities, also known as psi phenomena, describe the ability to obtain information or influence events without using known sensory perceptions or physical processes.

Listing of many PSI abilities

  • Telepathy: Mind reading or thought transference
  • Remote Viewing: Looking at distant places using a partial consciousness projection
  • Clairvoyance: Obtaining information about events or people that cannot be perceived through the normal senses
  • Clairaudience and distant hearing: listening to distant places or other dimensions with the inner ear
  • Precognition: future prediction, the foreknowledge of certain future events
  • Telekinesis: moving objects with the power of will (also psychokinesis)
  • Levitation: By making your physical body weightless and floating
  • Psychometry: The mental reading of objects and their owners
  • Pyrokinesis: Mental manipulation of fire
  • Delocalization (teleportation): The de- and rematerialization of the physical body to any location
  • Aeronia: The ability to mentally detect any illness in a person
  • Aligiony: Understanding all spoken languages ​​in the world
  • Astral Projection: The detachment of an energetic body from the physical body
  • Empathy: Feeling and directly understanding other personalities
  • Seeing aura: You can see a colored aura around a person and draw conclusions about their state of mind, mood or intentions
  • Channeling: Establishing a telepathic connection to the deceased or supposedly higher entities
    Invisibility: The art of being physically invisible to everyone around you or not standing out in any way and being constantly overlooked
  • Mind Control: Being able to mentally influence other people
  • Regeneration: Accelerated healing of one’s own body or the bodies of others
  • Shapeshifting: Taking on the physical appearance of other people or beings (see Shape Shifting)
  • Stop time: Stop or greatly slow down time
  • Retrocognition: Re-experiencing past events in the history of the world or a person
  • Superstrength: The exertion of superhuman strength that is independent of physical stature
  • Time travel: traveling mentally or physically in time
  • Weather control: You can influence the weather directly
  • See through walls: You can see through all objects
  • Manifestation: The art of manifesting objects of all kinds through mental power
  • Psychomanty: The art to ask closed questions to the higher self with an answer of yes or no

Scientific controversy

The existence of paranormal abilities remains scientifically controversial. Although there are some studies that provide evidence of PSI phenomena, the results are often not reproducible and methodologically questionable. However, many covert agencies are secretly researching the training of such PSI skills, such as the American CIA or the Russian KGB as well as some parapsychological institutes worldwide.

Skeptics argue:

  • Lack of Evidence: There is no clear and reproducible evidence for the existence of paranormal abilities.
  • Methodological problems: Many studies on PSI phenomena are methodologically deficient and prone to sources of error.
  • Illusionists: These claim to have paranormal abilities but use sophisticated sleight of hand.
  • Fraud: There have been many cases of fraud in the past when investigating paranormal abilities (for the sake of receiving payment).

Proponents argue:

  • There are some studies that provide evidence of PSI phenomena, although these are not always reproducible.
  • New paradigm: PSI phenomena may require a new paradigm in science that goes beyond the boundaries of the known worldview.
  • Unexplained Phenomena: There are many phenomena that science cannot explain, e.g. B. the near-death experience.
  • Agencies: CIA, KGB and parapsychological institutes have a lot of reports and evidence about the existence of paranormal abilities.

Research and Development

Research into PSI phenomena is a niche area of ​​science. However, there are some institutes and universities that specialize in the study of these phenomena.

How do you learn PSI skills?

This question is asked frequently and there are many practices for this. Russia is conducting extensive research into telekinesis, also in order to use it on a large scale, for example to defend against attacking enemies. The USA is largely researching remote viewing to spy on distant places. In India, learning levitation and manifesting any objects is preferred.

Techniques come in many forms, most with little to no success. Various techniques that are often discovered are based on learning abilities such as telepathy, astral projection, dream control and telekinesis.
Consciousness-expanding substances have also occasionally been able to temporarily activate one or another PSI ability. However, this disappeared after the substance took effect.

As a literary recommendation: “Lucid dreaming, astral travel and the pineal gland”.

The future of PSI research

  • Improved Methods: The development of new and improved methods could improve paranormal research.
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration: Collaboration between scientists from different disciplines could lead to a better understanding of PSI phenomena.
  • Opening up science: A more open and unbiased attitude in science could encourage research into paranormal abilities.
  • Spiritual practices: There are some spiritual practices, for example in Asia or the East, that have practically represented paranormal abilities (see levitation or teleportation). Spiritual dissociation is also a technique that can train these PSI abilities.

Why is hardly anyone researching it?

The existence of paranormal abilities remains an unsolved mystery. Science faces the challenge of researching these phenomena and proving their validity. However, the wealth of evidence that exists clearly shows that these PSI abilities exist. The reports on this amount to millions and can no longer be ignored by classical natural science.

For many proponents, the ignorance of the natural sciences towards the research of paranormal abilities and the suppression of evidence are based on the motive of intentionally keeping such psi abilities secret so that the “normal citizen” does not practice them and thus gain an advantage. Who wants to deal with someone who has mastered teleportation, teleports himself to a politician and then abandons him in Antarctica? Just to give an example.

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