Yesterday I have got an email from a young man called Jimmy, who told me, that he has had encounters with an grey alien. He described me the alien according to these aliens, that have been often mentioned by abducted people, but we let him talk for himself…

“I always have asked me, if extra-terrestrial life do exist and I have to report two experiences, that my mother and I have made…:

My mother has recently suffered a stroke, that has left her unable to communicate, so I cannot ask her anything concerning her story, but I will try.

My mother’s story:

My mother was in the garden out in the back yard at the house I used to live at and suddenly a grey metallic disc appeared from the sky, just above the bay near our house. The disc hovered down closer to the ground and a small part of it began to open and unfold out onto hovering steps and a short grey creature dressed in a grey jumpsuit with huge black eyes stepped out of the craft.


On this next point I honestly never was clear on whether this creature communicated mentally or verbally or just motioned at her to step forward, but she claims that she knew, that it wanted her to come with it and step into the disk. Though she became very fearful and said no and the creature reentered the disc and left.

Now follows my story:

I was about seven years old and was laying in my parents bed while my parents and other relatives were celebrating something in the kitchen in the adjoining room.

All of a sudden a short grey creature ‘phases’ through the wall and steps into the bedroom!

I remember feeling an intense curiosity. Where this creature had phased in from, there was a slanted driveway on the exterior, but it had phased through the wall in a walking motion as if it had come in directly perpendicular to the ground rather than slanted at an angle as would be the case if it had phased in through the driveway.

The creature stepped forward into the room and I watched it in curiosity as my mind filled with questions.

‘What was it? Where did it come from? How could it walk through walls? How could it float?’

It looked exactly like a typical ‘grey alien’, short, grey skin, large black almond shaped eyes, and slits for a nose

One of the questions I thought was: “Who are you?”

All of a sudden this thing told me: “The Doctor”.

I thought: “OK, that’s not so bad, doctors help people.”

We began to engage in a conversation which I do not remember verbatim. We were not speaking verbally, however, it was some sort of telepathic communication.

The grey stepped forward and around to me near the bed, took my right arm and placed tiny metallic looking pieces on my skin. These tiny pieces floated around each other and reconfigured into a tiny looking laser cutting tool. Then a laser beam shot out onto my skin and a square cavity was formed in my arm and opened up with metallic pincers that protruded from the tiny laser.

The Doctor then placed a small crystal or rock looking thing into the cavity and the same laser device sealed and cauterized the wound. There was no pain.

As it placed this thing into my arm I remember asking: “What is this?”

The Doctor’s response was: “It’s okay. This is to help you.”

It let go of my arm and I remember feeling light headed.

I believe that I may have fallen asleep or passed out at that point.

I awoke, what seemed to be a few minutes later, but several hours had passed according to the clock. I also felt like time was ‘missing’ or ‘wrong’ somehow. It was a strange feeling that I just couldn’t shake.

I exited the bedroom and tried to tell family members what happened, but no one believed me.

So there you have it. I honestly believe in extraterrestrial life, because I believe my mother has met ‘them’ and I may have met one of them as well.

I did a google image search for ‘grey alien’ and picked the closest looking image from all that I saw (see picture above).

My opinion is, that if you whether or not believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial life, but I do believe extraterrestrial beings are real, because I believe my mother’s story, that she encountered a ‘grey’ and I believe I encountered a ‘grey’ at seven years old.”

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