Elon Musk says: We are living in a computer simulation

Do we live in a computer simulation that has been installed 10,000 years ago by a technologically highly developed extraterrestrial species? The scientist, inventor and visionary, Elon Musk, came to this conviction! The idea that the human lives in a computer simulation is not new. Movies like “The Matrix” or some book authors have also pointed out the same. The book titled “World on the Wire” (also known as “Simulacron-3”) by Daniel F. Galouye from 1964, which was filmed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder in 1973, is probably one of the oldest references to computer simulated everyday life…

Elon Musk, in his last television interview, said that the human might be a character in a very sophisticated civilization-building computer game. Last week at the Recode’s Code Conference in California, Musk introduced the story of our own computer games as an example.

You should think about forty years back in time about the ping-pong game on the TV with the simplest black-and-white graphics, we all loved! Only two bars that moved around on the screen and kicked a square ball from one side to the other. Nowadays, we already have computer games that have an almost photoreal graphic, and we have to look twice to see whether these are movie shots or computer-programmed figures.


Millions of people play these games online and spend weeks or even months in endless fun. Now imagine, what has happened in the last forty years of development and what could be another 40 or 80 or even 160 years. So it could actually be possible in the near future to create a supercomputer, which simulates a complete reality, like our everyday life. The graphics would be so realistic that they could no longer be distinguished from everyday life. If, therefore, an alien civilization lives in the infinite expanse of the universe, which is 1000 years ahead of our technology and plays secretly with the thoughts and feelings of people, it would be quite conceivable.

In the movie “Welt am Draht” (engl.: World on Wire) or the cover with the title “13th Floor” such games already exist. You can put on a helmet and then download yourself in one of the games and take over any figure that is for example sitting in the supermarket at the cash desk or enters a French bar.

Also in the series “Star Trek” there is a so-called “Holodeck“, a 50 square meter space, which suddenly generates a huge world, in which you are able to walk around miles-wide at any desired time.

Reincarnation, as understood by the spiritual side, could simply just be a change of the game character. How can we, as people who have just climbed down from the trees in evolutionary terms know, know if our everyday reality is not a holographic real-time simulation that has been entered under the condition of not remembering the entrance into the game? After all, humanity knows almost nothing about a existence outside the earth.

“We should be glad, if it really is like that, because as soon as civilizations cease to evolve, a crushing event emerges that extinguishes it. Therefore, we should hope, that this is a simulation…” says Musk.


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