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The Cholesterol Scam – Libido, Sunlight, Cholesterol and Vitamin D

As soon as sunlight with its UV radiation hits a person’s skin, cholesterol is converted to vitamin D, but there is still the cholesterol scam…

Cholesterol and vitamin D are vital precursors for endogenous testosterone synthesis. They are critically important for both men and women. The sun enhances libido and vitamin D levels by over 200% in both sexes.

But how did it happen that the pharmaceutical industries and doctors started demonizing cholesterol, putting up values and measurements that excessive cholesterol endangered the heart and liver?


The pharmaceutical industry pulled out all the stops to prove it. For example, they presented the artist Alice Brickner, who had created a work of art in which blood vessels were seen to be full of deposits, thus clogging them.

Interestingly, these deposits consist of only 0.1% cholesterol. However, this was forgotten to be mentioned.

This was followed by hundreds of studies that were suddenly supposed to prove that cholesterol was harmful.

Professor Walter Hartenbach was one of the first to recognize this profitable pharmaceutical fraud and cholesterol scam. He also immediately explained why cholesterol is important for vitamin building and for cell repair in the body.

Do we have to worry about high cholesterol levels?

According to Professor Walter Hartenbach, not at all. On the contrary, the more cholesterol you have, the better cell repair and libido function.

“Only about 8 percent of cholesterol circulates in the blood, the remaining 92 percent is stored in cells. There it helps maintain cholesterol and cellular function, plus it strengthens mitochondria and also cell walls. This contributes to healthy and orderly cell growth. In addition, cholesterol is also the basic substance for the stress hormone cortisol. This activates glucose and potassium in the body, which in turn control all our physical and mental activities. The hormone mobilizes glucose from protein depots and serves as our energy.”

The opposite can only be claimed by an agenda that cares about people getting sicker rather than healthier and, most importantly, about humanity not reproducing as fast. Where would we get if the “8 billion” people doubled in number over the next few years? Provided that this number is correct at all, because it is obvious that it is a) impossible to record the complete mankind almost correctly in its number, b) nor is it possible to estimate this number on the basis of statist(ics).

The pharmaceutical industry, which always keeps its doctors and physicians up to date with brainwashing technology, explained that there is an evil and a good cholesterol and that it is only the “evil” that matters to them.

Yes, I agree that it is only the bad that matters to them, but there is no such thing as bad cholesterol. There are two distinctions, according to the dependent pharmaceutical studies, the LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol. But even this difference does not exist at all, because they are one and the same cholesterol with the same properties.

Cholesterol is important for the human body

Professor Hartenbach was able to prove through independent studies that cortisol also balances the potassium and sodium in the blood and in the cell. It is precisely this process that maintains cardiovascular function. Also, this process provides the ability to stop bleeding and thus slows down cell proliferation. Not to mention libido, because cholesterol is the basis for female and male sex hormones. Those who have too little cholesterol have less and less desire for sex in the long run, until impotence occurs after many years. Thus it led the first true facts to the cholesterol scam. Interesting!

High cholesterol values are unhealthy?

Too low Cholesterin values provide besides for potency loss, infertility, damage of the bone system by calcification, lowering of the vitality and to sleep disturbances. In addition, it then no longer promotes bile acid, which would be necessary for digestion, as well as prevents bone strengthening.

In Africa there is the Massai tribe. They eat only meat and 3 liters of sheep’s milk every day. Researchers found that each of this tribe was bursting with health.

Professor George Mann, who studied the tribe and conducted countless tests, found that not one of them ever had any heart or liver problems. Thus, he dubbed the “too-high-measures-of-cholesterol” as the pharmaceutical and cholesterol scam of the century.

Dr. Anthony Chaffee

Dr. Chaffee is currently a consultant neurosurgeon in Perth, Australia, and also works in a private functional medicine practice treating patients with obesity and chronic diseases. He is credited with successfully reversing several diseases and reducing or even eliminating the need for medications in thousands of people. He has also seen through the cholesterol scam.

Dr. Chaffee argues, “The so-called ‘chronic diseases’ of modern medicine are actually not diseases per se, but are in fact poisonings and malnutrition: toxic accumulations of an alien diet and a lack of proper, species-specific nutrition. In other words: We eat too many plants and not enough meat.”

Dr. Anthony Chaffee, who is bursting with health and looks like an Adonis, his wife is no less attractive, explains that the exclusive (!) diet of steak and meat is the healthiest thing he can imagine – and has been practicing this for many years. He added that he has not once gotten sick since then. He also reports that eating only greens for decades accumulates the toxic defenses of plants in general and is responsible for most of the diseases of civilization.

And what contains a lot of Cholesterol?

A lot of cholesterol includes eggs, milk and the meat of ruminants. Very interesting that out of nowhere an agenda was spread in the world that exactly these foods were highly unhealthy.

Also Bill Gates, with his artificial meat, who suddenly appeared and promoted it to the world, and Al Gore, who was behind it and started “health campaigns” to promote this big story, are highly fond of eating the best steak you can get in the world – at all the big conferences, meetings and conventions of WHO, WEF, UN, UNO, etc.

Is there a collusion or how did this agenda come about? Once you think about it, it’s pretty simple: the elite want to make believe that the population of the earth is way too high and this needs to be cut back.

The upshot of all this, apparently, is that the very foods that contain the most cholesterol are being demonized. Even more, milk, eggs, and meat contain the most vitamins and nutrients you can possibly get.

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